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Game Changers – Ages 11 to 14

Game Changers – Ages 11 to 14

Campers can enroll for one or multiple weeks of camp, as our curriculum is created to ensure that campers progress throughout camp, whether they attend for one week or more!

The Game Changers select one Major and one Minor each week from a wide range of course offerings listed below.  At camp, Game Changers are further separated by age and skill level (i.e. beginner, intermediate, advanced), and cutting-edge curriculum is created to challenge them and improve their skills in these subject areas.  Game Changers are provided the tools to progress within our curriculum, and are able to choose courses for one week or multiple weeks.




(Ages 11 to 14)

Select 1 Major Each Week!

Artificial Intelligence ~ Intelligent Robots & Computer Programs:

Artificial Intelligence is the NOW and the FUTURE – Be at the forefront of this new and evolving technology!  In this major, You have the chance to work with intelligent robots and computer programs.  With our robots, YOU can choose to use Python as your programming language and write more complex programs.  We explore the Voice Command Program, Conversational Speech program, Intelligence Quiz program and many more.  For even more AI fun and exploration, learn the Vertical Programming approach with 3D visualization and increased complexity and customization.  Work with, train, and customize your robot, and complete tasks and challenges!  Additionally, you will also learn about various computer programs that use AI, like the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” program that learns your tendencies and can improve its performance against you over time!
Products Used: Cozmo, Chip, Computer Programs using AI
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Discover Artificial Intelligence, Train Robots, Work On Conversational Speech With Robots, Code With Python To Enhance Your Robot’s Capabilities, Learn Computer Programs Using AI, Work In A Team And Participate In Action-Packed Challenges, And Discover How You Can Change The World With AI!

Robotics & Engineering with VEX® IQ:

VEX® IQ offers the NEXT LEVEL of HANDS-ON LEARNING in Robotics! VEX® IQ allows campers to build more complex robots with more motors (12 ports!), advanced gears and pulley systems, better sensors, and enhanced controllability. These robots also make use of both a vertical programing language similar to Scratch, and RobotC, the standard for educational robotics and competitions. Some important concepts learned through hands-on experience are force and motion, design and problem solving, mechanical advantage, gear ratios, circumference and arcs, pulley systems, and teamwork! Campers are divided into teams and complete numerous projects such as the Clawbot IQ, Armbot IQ, V-Rex, Ike, Linq, Slick, Allie, Stretch, Kiwi Drive Bot, Quadruped, Speed Build Bot and more! Campers utilize their robots to complete assigned challenges, and compete in a camp-held Robotics Tournament at the end of each week!
Product Used:  VEX® IQ
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Learn To Use VEX®, Apply STEM Principles, High-Level Programming, Hands-On Learning, Fun And Exciting Challenges!

Elite Skills in Minecraft™ with Java™ Programming:

Take your Minecraft™ Skills to the MAX by learning how to code mods using Java™ and create a Minecraft™ Engine using 3D Graphics Programming.  For mods, make sure to bring NEW cool ideas for food, tools, and recipes!  Time to Rev up a Minecraft™ Style Engine… By using 3D Graphics Programming via Java, learn how to create a 3D environment, control player movement and vision, and place blocks with customizable textures around your world.  With this coding project, you will learn how to create the same type of Engine that powers Minecraft™!  Additionally, and throughout the week, test your survival skills where you are tasked with the mission to build a sustainable community on a deserted island – difficult terrain and conditions, advanced Redstone needed, and collaborate with teammates to succeed in game play! Tournament events take place every Friday!  This major is for intermediate and advanced minecrafters!
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesProgramming Mods Using Java, Learn How To Code A Minecraft Style Engine Using Java, Advanced Survival Skills, Multi-Player And Team Play, And Tournament Competitions On Friday!

National Minecraft™ Tournament Week:

Offered exclusively the week of August 6-10, this major gives campers the opportunity to learn and develop Minecraft skills for event and tournament play, with tournaments taking place each day.  Each morning, campers practice skill development, followed by tournaments and events.  Events include Building Competitions (create detailed structures, utilize redstone), Arena Competitions (PVP (player vs. player) and TVT (team vs. team) – conquer the arena), Mini-Games (parkour, spleef, capture the flag and more…), and Survival Challenges (survive, gather resources, build a colony)!
On Monday through Wednesday, local tournaments are held within camp, and National tournaments take place on Thursday and Friday.
***Please Note: Game Changers will compete in our older age division, which includes more challenging tournament events.

Valuable Learning OpportunitiesSkills Development For Competitions, Building & Engineering, Working In A Team To Achieve Success, Exciting Redstone Projects, Action-Packed Events And Tournaments, And Compete Locally And Nationally!

Coding & Apps with Python™:

For beginners and intermediates.
As you may know, awesome sites like YouTube®, Instagram™, and Dropbox™ are coded in Python™…  Now is YOUR chance to learn how to code in Python™… with a focus on cool apps and projects!
So what can you create? D
uring the week, you will code at least one smaller project like a Fortune Telling Genie, Gaming Tips Provider, Virtual Calendar, Baby Namer, Spy Decoder, Mini Calculator, or a Homework Helper, and one larger project like a text based Choose Your Own Adventure Game with graphical features! Additionally, learn about Artificial Intelligence in Coding, Graphical Programming, and Much More! At the end of the week, leave with two cool projects to show family and friends!
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Code With A Professional Programming Language, Develop Critical Thinking Skills, Create Two Awesome Projects, Use Multi-Layered Planning, Explore Programs Using Artificial Intelligence, Learn Text Based And Graphical Programming, And  Showcase YOUR Projects At Camp!

Computer Programming with Java™:

Java Programmers Needed! The Tech Industry has millions of amazing jobs waiting for computer programmers… Get YOUR start and hone your skills at Tech R3volution!  You will learn about the logic, planning, and calculations that go into building Java™ programs.  By the end of the session, the goal is to have an understanding of the Java™ language and a better grasp of computer languages as a whole.
So, what are the HOT NEW PROJECTS FOR 2018 at camp? Some coding projects include → 
A Code Writing App, A Code Breaking App, A Silly Name Generator, A Pong Game with Artificial Intelligence, Choose Your Own Adventure Game with graphics and dialogue, A Homework Helper, A Fortune Telling Genie App, A Scratch Crafting Reference Guide for Minecraft™, and lots More!  Also, add graphical programming for beautifully stylized projects!
At our Java major, learn valuable skills in Java, and maybe parlay it into an awesome job as a computer programmer, game developer, engineer, and more!

Valuable Learning OpportunitiesGain Industry Skills, Learn Transferable Coding Logic, Think In Complex Terms, Explore Artificial Intelligence, Create Cool Projects, And Set Yourself Up For Your Future!

Advanced Game Design with GameMaker™:

In this high-level Video Game Design major, YOU can create at least two games using the uber-powerful GameMaker™ Platform!  GameMaker™ Studio software caters to everyone from entry-level novices to game development professionals. You will incorporate professional looking graphics and learn how to write code to power your game.  Some games may include Veggie Chops, Dash Games, Off Road Trucking, Fantasy Adventures, Spaces Battles… or your own game!  At the end of the week, leave with two beautiful, action-packed games to play and enjoy during the year!  Campers beta test games throughout the week and present at a Friday Showcase!
Programs: GameMaker™ Studio
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesWork with Amazing Graphics, Gain Valuable Coding Experience, Use Professional Level Software, Make Beautiful Final Projects, And Present At A Friday Showcase!

Virtual Reality Game Design:

Learn one of the most cutting-edge technologies to hit the market: Game Design and Virtual Experiences! This major focuses on developing VR Games meant for use on Oculus and VR Cardboard/Phone. You will use Unity to create a cinematically beautiful game focusing on one of the following genres of YOUR choice: (1) A Flying Game –  Fly through space around aliens and asteroids to get to the next planet, (2) A Maze Game – an incredible top-down-view game that uses a combination of head tracking and button input to guide your hero to safety, without being destroyed by the obstacles and bosses it may face, or (3) A 360 Arena Game – Create an arena full of challenges and events that test your speed, skill, and hand-eye coordination!  Learn many features in Unity that make VR Game creation complex, challenging, and fun. Also, examine through hands-on practice how VR can change the world, and how you can contribute to the advancement of VR use and enjoyment! Showcase Your work at the end of week!
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Stay Ahead Of The Curve, Use Cutting-Edge VR Technology, Gain Hands-On Learning, Design Aesthetic Environments And Games, Have Fun With New Technology, Ideate Life Changing Inventions Powered By VR, And Present At Our Gaming Party!
Please note, only campers ages 13 and up may use the Oculus headset. For campers younger than 13, other VR options are available through our VR Cardboard/Phone system.
Due to the fast paced changes in VR technology, this camp description is subject to change.

Augmented Reality Game Design:

Make the next Pokémon GO!
Just think, what happens when you fuse Game Design and your own real world environment? How will you react when the main character you created in your video game is running on top of your kitchen table and jumping for gold coins floating in the air? Sign up for our Augmented Reality Game Design major and learn how to use Unity with Vuforia to make these incredible games and apps.
The games are awesome, and you can make apps too… Apps where you can (1) be a Magician and make options appear/disappear out of thin air, (2) be an interior designer and create and stage actual rooms with digital furniture, (3) detect the difference between counterfeit money and real money!  The options are limitless… bring your imagination, vision, and talents to create the NEXT great app powered by Augmented Reality! Beta test throughout the week, and present them at our end of week showcase!  
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Discover The Fundamentals Of Augmented Reality, Combine Game Play & Real-World Environments, Learn Coding, Work with Games/Apps, Be Creative – Execute On Your Vision, Immerse In Cutting-Edge Technology, Be An Inventor, Beta Test And Showcase Your Work!

3D Printing, Modeling & Space Inventions:

How can 3D Printing change the world?  In this Major, campers explore the scalability and impact 3D Printing can have, and hone in on designing a product that can create positive change! Using Autodesk 123D, campers learn how to design 3D models for print, and invent a tool for astronauts in space.  In addition, working with pre-designed models, campers learn how to modify them for their unique specifications.  Campers leave camp with at least two printed projects and all design files!
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Be An Inventor, Explore Scalability, Work With 3D Modeling, Learn 3D Printing Processes, Design For Astronauts, Learn The Process of Refining Prototypes, Showcase And Present To The Camp!




Select 1 Major Each Week!

Spy Technology & Surveillance:

Agent 007… You Next Mission is here… This action-packed course teaches YOU about the history of international spies, their tactics, and how modern-day technology has transformed the industry. Learn spy tactics and work with spy technology using drones/drone simulators, spy bots, Surveillance and Redstone traps in Minecraft™, Encryption/Decryption with Ciphers via Python, and Morse Code.  On Friday, campers engage in Spy Competitions! Fast-Paced, Exciting, and Fun, combine many different areas of technology to improve your Spy skills and accomplish Your Mission!
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesSpy History, Drones, Spy Capabilities Via Robotics, Spy Simulations In Minecraft™, Encryption/Decryption, And Spy Challenges.

Please Note: At UCLA, we only use digital drone simulators due to campus restrictions. 

Model Rocketry:

All systems ready for Take Off… In this minor, YOU get to build and design model rockets and engage in exciting launches!  Learn aspects of Aerospace Engineering that factor into the build of a rocket, the launch, and the aerodynamics of flight. Build your own rockets, customize them for optimal flight, and work with trial and error. Take your learning to NEW heights, and have a blast!
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesAerospace Engineering, Building, Customization, Trial & Error, And Launching Model Rockets.

Please Note:  For Campers at UCLA – Due to restrictions on UCLA’s campus and off campus, campers will learn how to build a model rocket but will not launch the rocket at camp.  These campers will also get to do an additional activity of 3D Modeling and Printing a small replica of a rocket in place of the launch.

Digital Music Production:  

Do YOU want to make your own digital music tracks? Learn and develop the skills to create incredible music using Music Maker Jam and Pro Tools® First. Work with hundreds of musical options in an innovative experience where you can drop tracks like a pro. Create, Mix, and produce songs in a variety of genres – house, country, hip hop, classical and more… and yes, you can be a songwriter too! Can’t fit six different large instruments in the car on the way to camp? We’ve got you covered. For this minor, let’s go digital, and do BIG things! Studio jam sessions take place during the week, and campers drop their final tracks on Friday at our Music R3volution Showcase! Leave camp with your work and continue to create music at home!
Programs: Music Maker Jam and Pro Tools First
Valuable Learning Opportunities:  Create Music Digitally, Explore Multiple Genres Of Music, Learn Loops And Sound Customizations, Work On Songwriting, Collaborate In Jam Sessions, And Perform On Friday!

Digital Movie Making for YouTube® ~ Create Your Own Minecraft™ Channel:

Do you want to be a YouTube® caster, have your own Minecraft™ YouTube® Channel, and vlog like a pro?! If so, this minor will help you take your skills to the next level!  Learn many aspects of the digital movie production industry – ideating and creating content, researching, scripting, filming, screen captures, special effects, strategies to promote your channel, gaining likes and shares, and lots more!  Gain experience with Windows Story Remix and OBS Studio software – we’ll even provide them with a headset for their show! Some project ideas include Let’s Plays, Walkthroughs, Mod Reviews, PvP tips, and How To’s! You can also collaborate on projects with other aspiring YouTubers.  Sound cool?  Not only is this minor super fun, you will gets lots of learning in too!
Valuable Learning Opportunities:  Concept Creation For A Minecraft™ YouTube® Channel, Production Meetings And Scripting, Acting, Filming, Learn Editing And Screen Capture Software, Create Special Effects,  Research/Present Topics Of Interest, And Collaborate With Other VLOG Enthusiasts At Camp!

Biotech & New Age Cars:

Studying the development of electric cars, campers learn how they are produced, how they work, and how they can benefit society.  Learning about cars that drive themselves, campers investigate concepts that may potentially change society as we know it!  At the end of the week, campers design the dimensions and functionality of a new type of car that is energy efficient, cost effective to build, and has curb appeal!
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesLearn A New Technology, Work With Physics, Identify Challenges – Create Solutions, Solve Real-World Problems, Be An Innovator, And Study A New Trend!

Graphic Design ~ Apparel & Customized T-Shirts:

YOU can create the NEXT BIG BRAND!

This is your chance to create your own clothing brand and produce two customized T-Shirts.  Learn the technical skills needed to create designs that communicate messages and leave lasting visual impressions.  Learn about typography, use pure design elements like colors, shapes, and images, and create clean and effective products.  Each week, create a logo and designs that can be placed on hats, t-shirts, hoodies, socks and more.  On Friday, showcase your portfolio to the camp!
Once your designs are complete on Friday, your instructor will upload them to our Central office and you will receive two of your printed t-shirts in the mail (please allow 10-14 business days)!
Valuable Learning Opportunities:  Ideate A Brand Concept, Create A Look And Feel, Learn Technical Design Skills, Combine Art And Technology, Be A Project Manager By Setting Goals And Deadlines, And Create YOUR Very Own Clothing Line!

Tech Stocks: The High Flyers:

Campers Learn about some of the most exciting tech stocks on the market like Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, and more.  Campers learn how to analyze a company’s financials, study historical performance, and calculate P/E ratios, earnings per share, dividends, and valuations.  Campers also receive $1,000,000.00 of “play money” on Monday for stock purchases throughout the week at our “R3VOLUTION Exchange,” with the goal of selling for a profit on Friday!
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Learn About The Stock Market, Study Tech Stocks, Gain Understanding Of The Tech Industry, Learn Technical Trading Practices, Track Your Own Stocks, Simulate Real-World Experiences, And Participate In Our Weekly Stock Challenge!

Game Design ~ Heroic RPG Games:

Welcome to the exciting world of game design in the Role Playing Game genre!  When creating an RPG game, YOU can customize a detailed landscape, creating an awesome backdrop for adventure and exploration with impressive graphics.  You can also create characters like heroes, neutral civilians, enemies, as well as items for survival and trade, elements of magic, random environmental events, a fantastic story line, and do all this while learning programming logic along the way!  Beta test your work with other campers and take your game to new heights!  Leave camp with your NEW RPG GAME and impress family and friends!
Program: RPG Maker® VX Ace
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Outline & Storyboard Concepts, Create An Enchanting Fantasy World, Customize Characters And StoryLines, Utilize Design, And Try A Niche!

Cyber Security and Cryptography:

With the amazing advances of technology and the world becoming more digital, there is a greater need for cyber security and digital protection. With a Cyber Security and Cryptography minor, you can learn how to keep information and websites secure. Learn about encryption and decryption and program your own cipher in Python or Scratch! Find out what makes passwords, websites, and networks secure. Campers will learn about topics such as firewalls, RSA encryption, and recent breaches. At the end of the week take home your own cipher program so you can send and receive secret messages to and from your family and friends!
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Encryption/Decryption With Ciphers, Preventing Cyber Attacks And Hacks, Password Security!

Sports Analytics with Java™ Coding:

Which player should be drafted in the first round? How much does home-field advantage really matter? Is it worth going for a touchdown on fourth and goal?  Why are so many teams increasing the amount of 3 pointers they shoot in a game? At our Sports Analytics Minor you will learn how to answer these kinds of questions and what it’s like to organize a team and evaluate players.
In addition, you will learn how to use the power of computer programming to code a Java™ program that assigns a Player Efficiency Rating using a model that you create yourself.  And yes, you can decide how to weight each statistical category based on your research and use of sports analytics! At least one week of prior experience in Java™ or Python™ is recommended.
Along with learning how to analyze stats and make theories and assertions, campers will participate in an All-Camp Fantasy Baseball League and put their skills to work!

Valuable Learning Opportunities: Be Your Own GM, Take Your PER Model Home, Compete In Fantasy Baseball, Improve Your Programming Skills, Have Fun With Other Sports Enthusiasts, And Take Home Your PER Model For Use All Year!

Please Note:  Although rare, some of the activities in the course descriptions above may be subject to change at the option of Lavner Camps due to various factors.

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