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2021 Promotions

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Check out all of our great promotions for 2021!

LIMITED TIME: Save $100-$150/course when registering for Winter Virtual Tech Courses!

All details regarding our promotions are listed below.

Promotion - Virtual Tech Camps

• Save $50/week when registering a child for our Virtual Summer Tech Camps.
• The $50/wk discount is included in the camp tuition listed on our camp calendar
• This promotion will not reduce the tuition of any camp week booked prior to this promotion.
• Promotions apply to full weeks of camp only.  This Promotion is tallied on a per-camper basis.
• This promotion only applies to Virtual Tech Camps.
• This promotion does not combine with any other promotions and/or discounts. The highest monetary discount at the time of enrollment will be applied.
• Promotions do not apply retroactively. Promotions are only available when live on our website and enrollment is completed at this time.
• Please email us with any questions!

Referral Program

•  Receive a $50 referral credit in your Lavner Camps’ Account for the next camp season (Summer 2021) for each “new family” you refer who enrolls and sends their child for at least one full week of summer camp during Summer 2020.
•  If you refer four (4) or more families, your referral fees increase from $50 per family to $100 per family!
•  A “New Family” is a family that has never enrolled a child for a Lavner Education summer camp, year-round program, or lesson.
•  The new family must list your name on the “referred by” line on their online camper enrollment form.  A new family can only list one referral source.
•  Two new families cannot refer each other – in this case, only one family can be awarded the referral fee.
•  To be eligible for a referral credit, you must also send a child to Lavner Camps in Summer 2020 for at least one full week.
•  Referrals are unlimited and are awarded in October 2020 in your Lavner Camps Account. This allows us to confirm that each referral attended camp.  You will be notified by email once your referral credit(s) are awarded!
•  The family tallying the most referrals for Summer 2020 will receive one (1) free week of camp at any of our day camps for Summer 2021!
•  Referral credits are not transferable and can only be used for Summer 2021 with a minimum booking of one full week (full days) of camp.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Plans Available

•  In Full: Pay tuition in full at enrollment.
•  $100 Down Per Week: Pay $100 per week at enrollment, and the balance 14 days before each camp week.

We also offer customized payment plans. Please email us if you have a special request.



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Save $100 On Virtual Winter Tech Courses!


2021 Virtual Winter Tech Courses (January 11 to March 7)
90 minute classes meet once per week for 8 weeks. 
Promotion Extended:
Enroll by January 17th

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