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Tech Revolution STEM Summer Programs in Cambridge, MA

Ages 6 to 14

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Build Serious Skills in
Game Design
Video Production
Digital Art
Graphic Design
STEM & Medicine
& More!

2024 Boston – Cambridge MA Summer STEM Programs For Kids & Teens

Tech Revolution Summer Programs in Cambridge, MA – Coming Soon!

Award-Winning Summer Programs. #1 In STEM.
Ages 6-14

We Are Creating A Tech Revolution.

30+ Cutting-Edge Summer Programs. Proprietary Expert Curricula. Talented Instructors. Dynamic Programming. Hands-On Experiential Learning. Prestigious Locations. Friends, Teamwork & Fun. Skills for Life. The Hottest Topics in Tech. Success Starts Here.

Only at Tech Revolution®

The World’s #1 Tech Summer Enrichment Program. Tech Revolution was developed by a leadership team with educational backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Columbia University, Cornell University, Brandeis University, UCLA Graduate School of Educational Leadership, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and more. Our mission is to provide a best-in-class experience in summer enrichment and prepare our students for the future. Tech Revolution is filled with the hottest topics in tech, and we offer a unique experience that prioritizes experiential, hands-on learning, serious skill building, exciting weekly events, and tons of fun that is found only at Tech Revolution. Join us this summer for weekly courses in Robotics, Coding, Game Design, Minecraft, Roblox, Content Creation for YouTube, Digital Art, Spy Tech, STEM & Medicine, and much more! Our proprietary curricula is student-focused for every level, so whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or advanced students in a particular subject area, you’ll learn new skills each week and have a blast. With a staff to student ratio of approximately 1:4 to 1:8, we offer the premier Boston-area summer experience for ages 6 to 14.

Success Starts Here. Tech Revolution’s 30+ cutting-edge courses offer the hottest topics in tech where you can learn valuable, in-demand skills, discover a passion, and prepare yourself for success now and in the future. You can design your own Minecraft worlds, build and code games in Roblox, program and battle robots, create your own website, work with artificial intelligence, design custom Converse & Vans sneakers, compete in national Minecraft and Roblox tournaments, code in Scratch, Python, and Java, build apps, explore STEM & Medicine, create content for YouTube, 3D model and print miniature spaceships, learn digital citizenship, and so much more! These summer programs offered in Massachusetts are single-purpose, educational-based programs where activities that focus on STEM Education take place in the classroom. The programs do not contain recreational activities or field trips, are not licensed by the State of Massachusetts or the Local Board of Health, and do not comply with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Regular Hours: Students can enroll for 1 or more weeks. Regular hours are from 9:00am to 3:00pm.
Early Arrival: Early arrival is available from 8:00am to 9:00am.
Extended Hours: Extended Day is available from 3:00pm to 5:45pm.
Private Lessons: Optional, 45-minute private lessons are offered before and after regular hours from 8:00am to 8:45am and 3:00pm to 3:45pm.

Love What You Do. At Tech Revolution, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from over 30 cutting-edge courses and work with some of the most exciting topics in STEM, all on a prestigious campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You’ll specialize in one course each week, fully immersing yourself in the subject matter of your choice. Tech Revolution’s unique, academy-style model, in conjunction with our top-tier instructors and proprietary curricula, allows you to build skills, create awesome projects, and prepare for success in life. You’ll benefit from our highly-talented instructors (we hire less than 3% of applicants) and lots of personalized attention. We also build in break times for socialization, outdoor time, and fun. This holistic approach promotes an optimal balance of learning, friendship, and fun, all of which are an essential part of the Tech Revolution experience.

We’ll Give You The Tools to Succeed in STEM and in Life

Lavner Education’s We Champion Your Champion™ Initiative. At camp, we are committed to providing life-changing experiences that help our students build self-confidence, all while inspiring a love and passion for learning. Our We Champion Your Champion™ initiative is woven into the fabric of our summer camps throughout the country to create a powerful experience that our students can use to succeed at camp and in life.

All Players Welcome. At Tech Revolution, we are committed to changing the game by empowering students and staff – our players – of all backgrounds. We embrace the diversity of our students and staff, and use this as a catalyst to develop life-changing experiences that are cutting edge, representative, and fun. We encourage and value each player, as we create unique opportunities for advancement in the fields of EdTech. The experiences, knowledge, and innovation created by a diverse community of students and staff is unmatched. We are changing the game by ensuring that all players are welcome.

A Great Investment In Your Child. Tech Revolution is an investment in your child. Through hands-on learning and top-notch experiences, your child will gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to put them on a path to success. We offer a wide variety of courses each week, allowing you the flexibility to customize and build the ultimate summer schedule for your child. If you would like our assistance in planning your child’s summer at Tech Revolution, we are always happy to help! Just call our educational specialists at 617.213.5005, send us an email, or chat with us online.

Super Fun Events. Summer is something your child eagerly looks forward to all year, so we believe it should be a super fun and memorable experience. Each week, we offer a variety of exciting activities in addition to the awesome educational topics covered in our courses. From talent shows to theme days to final project showcases, there’s definitely no shortage of smiles, laughter, and fun at Tech Revolution!

Lunch, Recess, and Snack Time. You may purchase a catered lunch through online registration or may pack a nut-free lunch. Students should bring their own nut-free snacks from home. Recess takes place outside if weather permits.

Registration Fee. There is a one-time $79 registration fee per child for the 2024 calendar year. This allows each child to register for our 2024 programs: summer programs, virtual school year courses, tournaments, private tutoring, and more.

2024 Flex Enrollment Policy. You can enroll with confidence at Tech Revolution. Click here to view our 2024 Enrollment Policy which outlines our policy for changes of weeks, cancellations, and more.

Terms & Conditions. By sending your child to Tech Revolution, you agree to our terms and conditions which can be viewed here.

The #1 Tech Summer Program
Discover A Passion.
Build Your Skills.
Unlock Your Potential.

Coming Summer 2024!

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    Why Tech Revolution?

    We Champion Your Champion.
    At Lavner Education, we help kids build their self-confidence. Whether it’s coding an app or building a robot, students have the opportunity to substantially improve their self-confidence by completing projects of their own!

    Kids Can Develop Their Own Interests.
    With over 50 different course offerings, we have something for everyone! Whether a child wants to become a game designer, computer programmer, or esports champion, our expert instructors and unbeatable curricula let allow them to grow in fields they are passionate about.

    Succeed Through Hands-On, Experiential Learning.
    Learn through doing. Our unique curricula and hands-on teaching methods give kids the opportunity to learn through doing. Our programs are designed by industry experts in education and our students improve their skills, learn a lot, and have fun!

    Our Programs Are Best in Class.
    We offer cutting-edge opportunities that are unique, educational, and exciting. Our year-round team works passionately all year to keep our curricula on the cutting edge, so students get access to the latest educational technologies and advancements.

    Family-Owned Organization and Founder Led.
    Lavner Education, a family-owned organization, cares deeply about providing a top-notch experience for its students and families.  Your success is our success.

    What’s Included at Tech Revolution?

    Staff to Child Ratio of 1:8 or Better.
    An approximate staff-to-child ratio of 1:4 to 1:8, together with multiple levels of curricula, ensures that all kids are able to grow at their own pace, are well supervised, and have fun.

    Cutting-Edge Curricula.
    Tech Revolution students have access to our cutting-edge curricula, all developed by our in-house experts.

    Premier Locations.
    Tech Revolution students attend our programs at premier private school and university locations.

    Passionate Instructors.
    We hire less than 3% of applicants.  We are devoted to staffing our programs with talented staff who are passionate about teaching and working with kids and teens.

    All the Equipment You Need for an Awesome Week.
    Tech Revolution provides the equipment needed to ensure an excellent learning environment where students have the tools for success.

    A Tech Revolution Certificate of Excellence, Official T-shirt, and more!
    Each child leaves with a Tech Revolution Certificate of Excellence, a Summer 2024 T-Shirt, and a VIP Lanyard. Most students also take home a final project (like a 3D-printed masterpiece or a new app). Children also leave with incredible memories, new friends, and vastly improved skills!

    Lots More…
    There are many more great things that happen at our programs. Join us at Tech Revolution for an awesome experience this summer and to find out more!

    Optional Add-Ons:
    We offer early arrival (8am to 9am) and extended day (3pm to 5:45pm) for families who need extra coverage or for kids who want to get even more of the Tech Revolution experience.  We offer a catered lunch program for those who do not wish to pack lunch from home. We even offer private lessons which allow students to go beyond what is offered in the course curriculum.

    Why is Tech Revolution #1 in Technology & STEM Programs?

    We have a constant and relentless commitment to providing the best technology courses possible, coupled with personalized attention and an emphasis on safety and fun. Our in-house experts, with educational backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Columbia University, University of Chicago and more, work year-round to develop top-notch curricula for our students. These curricula, in conjunction with talented and passionate course instructors, prestigious summer locations, and over 50 unique offerings, have allowed us to remain the global leader in STEM programs for kids.


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    “Best Camp Ever!” – Pepper G., Camper