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#1 in Summer Enrichment Camps

Lavner Camps.  Our Story.  We believe that a great camp experience can enrich a child’s life and get them on a wonderful journey of happiness and success. We also believe that camp should inspire kids to learn, work towards goals, and have tons of fun.

Lavner Camps, a Game Changer in the Education Industry, is a family owned/operated camp organization founded and led by brothers Justin and Michael Lavner. Justin and Michael each have 30+ years of experience in the camp industry – as campers, instructors, directors, speakers, owners, visionaries, and thought leaders.

Lavner Camps is a Place with a Purpose – Where imaginations take flight, interests are discovered, skill sets are improved, friendships are made, and campers can soar… We encourage our campers to dream big, and empower them with the confidence and skills to shoot for the stars. Lavner Camps offers 60+ Summer Enrichment Camps at 25+ locations at top universities and private schools throughout the United States, with many incredible camp offerings for ages 6 to 14.

With a passion for inspiring kids and teens, igniting passion and potential, and for championing your champion, Justin and Michael, along with the Lavner Camps Team, work to develop and inspire the many leaders, contributors, creators, inventors, athletes, and game changers of today and tomorrow. Justin and Michael, who visit many Lavner Camps locations throughout the country during each summer, also know one key thing – some of the best inspirations come from our many amazing campers – through ideas, words, smiles, the magical “ah-hah” moments of learning, project creations, presentations, and inspirational breakthroughs, small and big alike.

Justin and Michael set forth to redefine summer camp by creating Summer Enrichment Programs in Sports, Technology & The Arts that focus on cutting-edge camps with top-notch curricula (developed by in-house experts), high quality summer staff, the industry’s best summer camp leadership team with backgrounds from University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Penn Engineering, Columbia University, Cornell University, Brandeis University, UCLA Graduate School of Educational Leadership, Harvard Graduate School of Education and more, a commitment to camp safety as #1 (ACA accreditation), a dynamic camp culture full of learning and excitement, excellent customer service, and a best in class experience for the many campers and camp families who participate each summer throughout the United States.

Lavner Camps is the Gold Standard for excellence in Summer Enrichment Camps. Our Award-Winning Summer Camps are developed by in-house experts in our Sports, Technology, and Arts departments. The camps allow campers to focus on anywhere from 1-2 areas of interest each week, where schedules can be customized by week throughout the summer, and multiple weeks of attendance at any camp allow for further progression within our curricula. By specializing weekly in highly focused subject matter, campers gain tons of hands-on experience and real-world skills, and the investment in your child compounds. We have grown from 1 camp location to 25+ camp locations at top-notch schools – we credit the hard work, dedication, and creativity of our team members, the excellence of our product, and the happiness of our 1,000’s of camp families who love Lavner Camps and spread the word!

The Lavner Camps philosophy is to offer the best camp experiences available through Summer Enrichment Camps that build the skills of our kids in the fast paced society of our today and tomorrow…and to always value our campers and camp families as #1. This drives everything we do. Lavner Camps has grown organically from 1 camp location to 25+ locations, and as leaders in the industry, all through creative vision, camp excellence, and by valuing everyone within the Lavner Camps community. Each camper and camp family is treated like family at Lavner Camps. Lavner Camps thrives in providing a top notch service where campers can learn, make friends, and have fun.

We believe that summer camps should be a high priority investment in your child. Summer break can range between 8-11 weeks per year, a substantial window of time that can create learning loss, or if utilized correctly, a whole new opportunity to excel, make new friends, and thrive in an awesome camp community. Lavner Camps offers a great opportunity for our campers to explore many different areas of interest, and learn the latest in Sports, Tech, and The Arts, with curricula geared for today’s fast pace, ever changing world. At Lavner Camps, campers can immerse themselves in areas of interest for fun, a hobby, or as an entrée into a professional career. Lavner Camps maximizes your investment by delivering dynamic camp experiences that return value through education, skill development, confidence building, friendship, overall happiness, and memories for a lifetime. This was always our vision, and it has become an amazing reality!

Would Justin and Michael have attended and loved Lavner Camps as kids? The answer is a resounding Yes! The Lavner brothers are very involved in the vision, development, approval process, and executional delivery of each camp, and there is a standard of excellence for everything Lavner Camps. During the school year, Justin and Michael get their hands on the curricula for new camps, and make sure the learning value and coolness factor is top notch! Whether it’s for the camper trying to make his middle school tennis team, a tech savvy camper who finds her voice by presenting her coding project to a group for the first time, an 11 year old gamer learning the coding skills to create the next big app, a minecrafter creating a video compilation for YouTube that will teach and inspire other minecrafters, a film camper bringing her story to life, a 7 yr old theater camper nailing her lines in her first ever performance, a culinary arts camper learning how to cook chicken soup for his Grandmom, or the many other campers who will come forth, learn, and grow…these camps are for you!

Lavner Camps is making a big impact, and we see the Lavner Camps footprint expanding every year with each camp family we touch, and each camp family that touches us. We want to thank the thousands of families who are a part of our community, who value high quality summer camp experiences, see the tremendous value of our summer enrichment camps for their children, and who help spread the word to family and friends. Your attendance, participation, and voice, make you a part of Lavner Camps.  The journey continues.


At Lavner Camps, Directors Justin & Michael Lavner and Team “eat, sleep, and breathe” camp, and strive to offer the best summer camps and year-round programs available!


Justin Lavner

Founder & CEO

Justin Lavner, Founder and CEO, received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and J.D. from Villanova University School of Law. Justin played as high as 2nd singles and 1st doubles for the University of Pennsylvania’s Division I Men’s Tennis Team, helping lead the team to a national ranking his junior and senior year. After completing a junior, college, and professional level tennis career that allowed him to play nationally and internationally, Justin decided to focus his efforts on his calling – a career that would positively impact the lives of children throughout the US and internationally. Justin attended summer camps from ages 4 to 15, and it was summer camp fun that he looked forward to most each year. However, in creating his own brand of summer camps, and drawing upon his experiences as a former Ivy League Student-Athlete, Justin sought to combine fun and exciting summer camp opportunities with cutting-edge learning and a focus on skill development. As the founder and active CEO of Lavner Camps, Justin brings his passion for developing and providing incredible summer camp experiences to thousands of happy campers and families each summer. Always looking to improve, and continue to make a POSITIVE impact on the lives of our youth, Justin and his incredibly talented team work hard year round to develop and offer the highest quality camps and programs available. Justin and Lavner Camps have garnered exciting media coverage about the camps from The Philadelphia Inquirer, Los Angeles Times, 6ABC, CBS3, NBC10, FOX29, WHYY, Wharton Radio, and more…but, most importantly, Lavner Camps receives tons of incredible letters, emails, and phone calls from camp families with children who established more self-confidence, discovered a passion, built real-world skills, made lifelong friends, and experienced genuine happiness through attending Lavner Camps. Justin hosted the radio show “The Business of Sports” on 860AM radio, and passed on a TV show offered to him in order to dedicate all of his professional time to Lavner Camps and the many children who benefit from these experiences each year.


Michael Lavner

COO & Executive Director

Michael Lavner, COO, graduated from Brandeis University (cum laude) with a Bachelor of Arts and earned a J.D. from Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law. In 2003, Michael was inducted into the Elite Students of America in recognition of his outstanding academic merit. As a member of this prestigious society, Michael was invited to participate in leadership conferences throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Michael attended and graduated from Germantown Academy, where he made school athletic history as being the only 6th grader to ever play a match for the Boys’ Varsity Tennis Team, which he captained in his senior year. Playing for Team USA Basketball, Michael won a gold medal at the Pan-American games held in Santiago, Chile, and also competed in many national basketball tournaments throughout his youth. Michael and his brother, Justin, were privileged to serve as co-hosts of “The Justin & Mike Sports Show” on 610AM Philadelphia Sports Radio. This program provided a stimulating opportunity to discuss and explore the power and influence of sports through insightful interviews and memorable accounts with nationally and locally renowned guests. Michael attended summer camps from ages 3 to 14, and understands the importance of providing dynamic and diverse programs, which have produced incredible memories, friendships, and have played an instrumental role in shaping his life. During his junior year in college, Michael lived abroad as an exchange student in Rome with an Italian family. This experience provided wonderful opportunities as Michael traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, and, in addition, acquired a particular knowledge and appreciation of various international programs and interests. Passionate about making children’s lives better, Michael’s focus is to provide cutting-edge and meaningful experiences at Lavner Camps that the next generation of campers can have and cherish for a lifetime!


Our full-time Leadership Team includes high-level professionals with backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Cornell University, Brandeis University, Villanova University, EMU, UM – School of Education, Columbia University, UCLA Graduate School of Educational Leadership, Harvard University Graduate School of Education and more!

Our Year Round team includes many high level professionals who bring a variety of talents and expertise to Lavner Camps. Our Year Round Office comprises a full time sports department, tech team, creative arts division, and more! The incredibly talented Lavner Camps Team consists of visionaries, specialists, and educators who work hard all year – fully committed to offering the best camps and programs available. We also employ an excellent summer staff, where our summer employment positions are highly sought after. Lead summer staff include industry professionals, professors, teachers, graduate students, undergraduate students, and rising college students. Lavner Camps hires less than 5% of applicants for summer positions! At Lavner Camps, we are truly passionate about offering the best summer camp experiences for our campers and camp families! We can’t wait to see you this summer! All camps and programs are owned, developed and operated by Lavner Camps & Programs, Inc.


HR Director BA from Columbia University

Ezra oversees the Human Resources Department at Lavner Camps and spends his days filling our summer camps with staff who will provide fun, skill-building, and memorable experiences for our campers. He brings with him years of experience hiring staff and managing summer programs in both PA and NY, and he is most looking forward to “visiting our camps in action this summer and seeing all our amazing staff and campers!”


Onsite Director at Devon Preparatory School PhD awardee at the Department of Biology Education, Munich, Germany, MS/HS Science Teacher at Devon Preparatory School

“I am excited to work for Lavner Camps as an on-site Director at Devon Preparatory School. With my skills in organization and leadership, as well as my open and friendly character, I hope I am able to make the camp a safe and unique experience full of learning opportunities, hands-on activities and fun for all students and staff. I am especially looking forward to experiencing the students’ passions and different personalities and being part of helping them develop their skills in different specialty camps.”


Onsite Director at UCLA Doctoral Student at UCLA for Educational Leadership

“I am very excited about this summer’s Tech R3volution! It will offer our campers access to learn next-generation technology from knowledgeable and engaging instructors. Having the camp situated on UCLA’s beautiful campus will provide exposure to a college culture that will inspire our campers toward academic excellence.”


Onsite Director at Katz JCC Special Education/Math/Science Teacher, First Tech Challenge (FTC) and First Robotics Competition (FRC) lead mentor at Seneca High School

“I am excited to work at Lavner this summer because I get to work with a great staff to provide a safe and instructional experience for campers. The environment that Lavner Camps provides is incredibly comforting and fun. I can’t wait to implement the new things that Lavner Camps has added to the fantastic summer programs that they offer. But most importantly I am excited to work with the wonderfully creative and inspiring youth that enroll every year.


Operations & Logistics – National Office Wharton School of Business

“I am looking forward to another camp season! After being in business school, I am very excited to apply what I’ve learned at Lavner Camps. I’ll be working behind the scenes to make sure that everyone has the information, inventory, and logistical support they need for an amazing summer!”


Fashion Instructor at NYU Independent Designer – Featured in Women’s Essence Magazine

“Summer time, fun time, also a time to get creative through self expression. My favorite season to teach and immerse myself in all things art. As Creative Instructor at Lavner Camps, I get the opportunity to combine both of my passions while nurturing creative growth in my students as well as myself.”


Assistant Onsite Director at NYU Graduate Student in Game Design at New York University

“My name is Ryan Su, and I am a Graduate Student at NYU, studying Game Design. I am excited to share my love and enjoyment of game design with others this summer. It is my pleasure to work at Lavner, and I can’t wait to meet everyone!”


Assistant Director of HR and Operations BA from the University of Montana

Growing up in Montana, she spent her days participating in family activities like fishing, hiking, and camping. When she arrived to the east coast she brought with her a unique personality gained from the kind-hearted and humble interactions of the Big Sky Country. She has years of experience teaching and working with kids of all ages in Montana, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. She now spends her time seeking out and hiring incredible staff members that will perpetuate the Lavner Camps mission.


Culinary Arts Instructor – Philadelphia Area Locations Celebrity Chef, Winner of Chopped Jr., Top 3 Finish on The Great Food Truck Race (Food Network)

“I’m very excited for another fun summer of culinary arts with Lavner Camps. For me, creating memories in the kitchen while strengthening math & science skills is almost as rewarding as the delicious dishes we create each day.”


Onsite Director at Stuart Country Day School Visual Arts Educator

“My name is Lauren. I am a middle school art teacher, and this is my second summer spent with Lavner Camps! I’m excited to start this summer directing at Stuart Country Day School. It’s amazing how much the campers accomplish each week and how much I learn from them!”


Technology Instructor – Philadelphia Area Locations Computer Science Major at Washington University in St. Louis

“I’m a rising sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis, studying Computer Science, and I’ll be a Technology Instructor for Lavner Camps and Programs at locations in and around Malvern. As a child, I was incredibly interested in programming, but there wasn’t an easy way to get started, and I wasn’t able to take a class in programming until I was about to graduate high school. I am incredibly excited to spread that same passion that I have, and provide fun opportunities to learn outside of a classroom with Lavner Camps!”


Culinary Instructor – Philadelphia Area Locations Consumer Science Teacher and Culinary Visionary

“I love Culinary Camp. I have wonderful summers teaching inquisitive campers how to  prepare a variety of meals, both cooking and baking. They have tons of fun and learn how to make lots of delicious meals from recipes that are challenging and exciting.”


Filmmaking Camp Instructor at the University of Pennsylvania Independent Filmmaker

“This summer I’m super pumped to see what everyone likes and turn it into some kind of art! I cannot wait to make some great friends, funny videos, and see our campers reach their goals.”


Assistant Director of Technology Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania

In her free time, she enjoys curling (the winter sport played on ice with all the yelling).  When she’s not curling, Carly has a passion for STEM education, especially encouraging young women to explore STEM.  As a former teacher, Carly has always enjoyed working with kids, and she is thrilled to contribute to the Lavner’s technology camps.


Fashion Instructor at Stuart Country Day School BA Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Oxford University, Current Phd Art and Archaeology at Princeton University

“My name is Laura, and I will be a Sewing and Fashion Design camp instructor for Lavner Camps at Stuart Country Day School this summer. I taught myself to sew at an early age and have always enjoyed making costumes – from Victorian gowns to Disney princesses and Mary Poppins! I have always loved to create and am looking forward to sharing my skills with students this summer.”

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