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50+ Subjects in English Literacy, Math, Science, STEM, Coding, Minecraft, Roblox, SAT/ACT & More.

The Best Tutors: Recruited from Ivy League/Top-Tier Schools like Stanford, Penn, and More!

Your #1 Source For Premier Online Learning.

“My son and daughter have really enjoyed their virtual learning with Lavner. Our 7-year-old especially loves math and is so bored with the asynchronous math work from his school; if he sees one more worksheet review he will scream. The virtual learning with Lavner has been so different from what they experience in school — everything is live, it showed them both how fun online learning can be, and the instructors are awesome. Our son learned new math skills and tricks, played fun math games, and most importantly regained his love of math. It was far and away the highlight of his day. We are so thankful that Lavner Education is offering these live online programs that are both fun and educational for our kids!” – Gail S., Philadelphia

Success Starts Here.
Learn Tech
Learn Coding
Learn Reading
Learn Math
Learn Web Design
Learn Minecraft
Learn Roblox
Learn YouTube
Learn Design
Learn Chess
Learn SAT Math
Learn SAT Verbal
Learn ACT Math
Learn ACT Verbal

The World’s #1 Online Tutoring Academy. Ivy League & Top-Tier Tutors. Proprietary Curricula. Private Lessons & Small Group Classes.

Your Premier Source For Online Learning.

Exclusively at Lavner Education.

Live 1-on-1 Instruction | Top-Notch Curricula | Personalized Attention | Learn From Anywhere | Perfect Solution for Parents & Kids

The World Leader In STEM Education.  Lavner IQ was created by a leadership team with educational backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Princeton University and more. Our leadership team has developed cutting-edge curricula designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced participants. With live 1-on-1 instruction from trusted, year-round Lavner Education tutors, participants should expect to see a huge increase in their knowledge, skills, work product, test scores and self confidence!  Get the best education from the best instructors…and have fun too!

Educational Consultations with Ivy League Educators.  At the start of each membership, families will receive a free 30 minute educational consultation with one of our Educational Specialists. This consultation will help us get to know you and set your child up for success!

Fun Fact!  Did you know that the Lavner Education Team is obsessed with providing the best educational experiences for our students and campers?!  Dissatisfied with the current online tutoring programs offered in the market, Lavner Education decided to create Lavner IQ, the world leader in online tutoring. We are helping kids excel, find a passion for learning, and offering cutting-edge opportunities all year… we are redefining the education landscape. Join our growing community of online learners, and give your child the opportunity to learn, succeed, and have fun.

30 Subject Areas in Tech & Lots More.  Get cutting-edge 1-on-1 instruction from our expert tutors in Math, Writing, Coding, Game Design, Minecraft, Roblox, Scratch, Python, Java, C++, SAT Math/Verbal, ACT Math/Verbal, The College Essay, Homework Help, and more. If you have a specific request for a subject that is not listed, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you!

SAT/ACT Test Prep – Each Section Developed by a Lavner Education Team Member who received a perfect score.  We understand that your SAT/ACT performance and college admissions may be one of the most important investments in your life. We want to help you succeed. Our proprietary test prep curricula and teaching methods are developed by our team of educational specialists who collectively hold scores of 98%+ on the SAT/ACT. Our test prep tutors also scored in the 98% or better on the SAT/ACT. Learn from the best. Success Starts Here.

Maximum Convenience for Parents & Kids.  Our online tutoring provides the perfect solution for parents – keep kids learning at a high level and give parents a chance to take a break. Lavner Education’s online tutoring options can be taken virtually anywhere, which offers maximum convenience. Tutoring is available in English and is open to students from around the world.

A Great Investment In Your Child.  Through custom-tailored tutoring sessions, participants gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to put them on a path towards success. Our wide variety of tutoring options and commitment to personal attention offers many unique opportunities for our students to succeed in STEM and test prep. If you would like assistance planning your child’s learning experience, we are always happy to help! Just call our educational specialists at 888.854.2267, send us an email, or chat with us online. Each membership comes with a free 30 minute educational consultation.

Your Future Starts Here.  Our wide variety of subject matter gives students some of the most important areas in tech, the opportunity to take their skills to new heights, and learn the types of in-demand skills that can help them now and in the future. With our Virtual Learning Platform, tutoring sessions can be done from the convenience of a home, parent’s office, or anywhere else with an internet connection!

Join Our Growing Community of Online Learners!

Success Membership – $249/month:  Includes 4 one-hour lessons per month + a one-time 30-minute video consultation with our educational specialist. Choose from lessons in 30+ subjects in STEM, Math, Science, English, and more!  

College Test Prep Membership – $449/month:  Includes 4 one-hour SAT/ACT Test Prep sessions per month for an individual child + a one-time 30-minute video consultation with our educational specialist.  

Individual Lessons Without A Membership: $79/hr (STEM) and $149/hr (Test Prep). Contact Info@lavnereducation.com for details.


Why Lavner IQ?

Lavner IQ Prepares Kids For Success:

We are a World Leader in STEM Education.  Our Tutoring Program is backed by Lavner Education, a world leader in STEM education. Sign up today to see why our students are so successful.

Our in-house experts work year-round to develop innovative and cutting-edge curricula that are used in private lessons. Our tutors utilize our proprietary curriculum to ignite a passion for learning in your child! 

We offer high end tutoring at a great value.  We want your dollars to see dividends in your child’s enjoyment, improvement of skill sets, and success in school & beyond! 

Our talented tutors are passionate about teaching, knowledgeable in the subject matter, boast excellent credentials, and are highly responsible. 

Excellent communication with our tutees and parents.  We want to communicate with you during the tutoring process. That’s why our tutors include parents in the process by sending out a summary after each session. Parents can be part of the tutoring process, too. 

Cutting-edge technology is used to ensure that our tutors effectively communicate and interact with tutees. 

It starts at the top! Our CEO Justin Lavner is extremely hands-on and passionate about offering our families the best educational opportunities. Justin leads by example. He has his BA from the University of Pennsylvania, JD from Villanova Law School, and is a member of the Wharton Executive MBA Program’s 47th class.

30+ Subject Areas for Private Lessons

Math – All Levels

Grade School Math, Middle School Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Sharpen your skills and get specialized tutoring in any level of math. We can customize your lessons just for you. Subjects can range from multiplication and division techniques to calculus, trigonometry, or statistics. We make sure to adapt lessons to the student’s needs and use different methods to help students find the problem solving techniques that work best for them. Ages 7 to 18.

Science – All Levels

Grade School Science, Middle School Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Whatever it is you’re learning in science, we can help you understand it better, get you ready for tests and quizzes, get you through lab reports, and help you develop hypotheses for projects and science fairs. We will customize your lessons just for you. Ages 7 to 18.

Writing – All Levels

Learn writing skills that will help you succeed in school and life! Our tutors help students master the writing process from start to end, thereby building their confidence and helping give them the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond. From understanding basic mechanics, to finding your creativity, to cracking complex writing assignments, our tutors are well-equipped to help you succeed! Ages 8 to 16.

Homework Help

We work with students one on one in the subject of their choice to make sure they can complete their homework and fully understand the subject. Our instructors can also go above and beyond the homework material and help the student understand the bigger picture of where the lesson fits into the subject as a whole. This kind of lesson is great for helping students catch up in school if they feel overwhelmed, or even to get ahead of the curve! Students learn to build good study habits, and gain in understanding and confidence. Learning is fun when you are succeeding! Recommended for Ages 7 to 18.

Coding with Scratch

Scratch is a great tool to learn coding basics. You can also work with Scratch to program more complex games and projects as well. We’ll help you get started or improve on the skills you already have. Learn programming concepts such as loops, variables, and coding logic, and incorporate them into your own minigames! Ages 7 to 11. 

Game Design with Fusion 2.5

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 makes creating arcade/platform style video games possible and we can help you learn the skills to become a game designer! We’ll teach you how to design your own minigames like Asteroids, Space Invaders, or Pong, or if you’re a little more advanced we can help you make RPGs. You can make games for your PC or create Apps and take your games on the go. There are so many possibilities. Ages 7 to 11. 


Improve your skills in Minecraft! We’ll work with you in personalized lessons where you can learn and improve in topics such as PvP, survival, creative design skills, and command blocks. You can also learn how to make cool devices with redstone like automatic doors, roller coasters, traps, automated farms, and much more. Ages 7 to 13.


Learn to build your very own games in Roblox! We’ll teach you how to use terrain tools and build objects in Roblox Studio. You can also learn how to program items and blocks to use as tools, set traps, or give yourself boosts. Want to learn new skills and build the ultimate obby? We can teach you this too! Ages 7 to 13. 

Coding with Python

Get started or improve your skills in Python, one of the most widely used programming languages in the world! Learn important programming concepts such as variables, loops, conditionals, and functions. Or if you are more advanced, learn to use graphics and program fun games like snake, pong, or your very own RPG! Ages 9 to 16. 

Coding with Java

Get started and/or level up your skills in Java™, the programming software used on billions of devices worldwide. Beginners will get familiar with the syntax of Java and learn core components of programming, such as variables, conditionals, and loops. More advanced campers will learn how to program graphical programs such as pong, platformers, or tower defenses from the ground up. Ages 10 to 16. 

Coding with C++

Increase your programming skills and learn to use C++. Beginners will cover core programming concepts such as variables, loops, conditionals, and functions. Intermediate and advanced students will learn more advanced concepts like pointers and memory management and can create cool graphical projects and games! Ages 10 to 16. 

YouTube Video Production

YouTube is a growing medium for art, music, and expressing your own ideas and thoughts. We can help you learn to plan and record your own YouTube videos. We can also teach you editing skills and how to add special effects using DaVinci Resolve, so you can make your videos more exciting for your viewers! Ages 7 to 13. 


Take your chess game to the next level. Lessons will cover customized topics such as opening theory and lines, tactics and positional training, end game techniques, and game reviews. Instruction is specialized to meet the student’s needs and work on specific issues to make sure they improve their game. We use computerized chess to teach you virtually. Do you think you can beat your instructor? Join us to find out…we are up for the challenge! Ages 7 to 16. 

Graphic Design

Want to improve your graphic design skills? In these lessons we can teach you design concepts such as color theory and using negative space to really improve your portfolio. We’ll also help you get more comfortable with vector graphics software, a necessary tool for any up and coming graphic designer. Create your very own logo and t-shirt design. Ages 7 to 15. 

Web Design

Designing your own website is a great way to put yourself out into the world from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re building a brand, advertising your skills, or just blogging your own thoughts, we can help you out! We can teach you how to set up your own WordPress website, design your layout, and even work with HTML coding to further customize it and make it your own. Ages 9 to 15. 

SAT/ACT Math & Verbal

We’re here to help you succeed. Our curriculum was developed by our educational team with collective scores in the 98th percentile in Math and Verbal on the SAT/ACT. We know that college acceptance is one of the most important things you can invest in during your lifetime. Our test prep lessons will cover how to solve the specific types of problems given on the SAT Math and SAT Verbal sections, tailored to your needs. We’ll also cover special techniques for problem solving and test taking that can increase your scores. This type of preparation will help you improve your scores and unlock your potential.  Our test prep tutors all scored in the 98th or higher percentile.  

SAT Math Subject Tests

Lessons cover material on the SAT Math subject tests including numbers and operations, algebra and functions, geometry, and data analysis. We also teach specialized problem-solving and test-taking skills covering a variety of topics. All lessons are customized to the student’s needs, to help you succeed and increase your test scores. Our test prep tutors scored a 34+ on the ACT (760 SAT Equivalent).

The College Essay

What’s your story? College essays are a core piece of the college admission puzzle. Lavner Education is here to help you craft a fabulous essay that tells your story and enhances your application. From brainstorming concepts to multiple rounds of editing and revisions, we will help you put your best foot forward and optimize your chances for success in the college admissions process.

Rescheduling Option

You may change your private lessons for free up until 24 hours before the lesson. Any cancellation of a lesson within 24 hours of the scheduled start time or no show is non-refundable.

What’s Included in a Tutoring Session?

Cutting-Edge Curricula.  Our tutors utilize curricula that are designed by our in-house experts.

Passionate Tutors.  All tutors are year-round Lavner Education employees, boast prestigious educational backgrounds, and have undergone rigorous training in order to provide the best tutoring experience available.

Progress Reports.  Parents receive a progress report at the end of each session which recaps what was accomplished and provides a preview of a future lesson.

A Lavner Online Tutoring Certificate of Excellence, Official T-shirt, and more!

Participants who complete at least 20 sessions will receive a customized T-shirt and certificate of excellence. Additional certificates and awards are distributed as participants continue to progress. 

Lots More…

Participants also get ahead and put themselves on a path for a lifetime of success with Lavner Online Tutoring.

Semi-Private and Private Group Lessons/Classes

Semi-Private lessons are available upon request- $90/hr ($45 per student).

Group lessons of 3-4 students are $40/hour per child. We require a minimum of 2 hours per class to ensure the best learning experience possible.

For private classes of 5 students or more, please contact us.

Email info@lavnereducation.com to book semi-private or private group lessons.

How Does Membership Work?


Success Membership – $249/Month: Includes 4 one-hour lessons per month + a one-time 30-minute video consultation with our educational specialist. Choose from lessons in 30+ subjects. Individual lessons (without a membership) can be booked for $79/lesson. Subscribe Now!

College Test Prep Membership – $449/Month: Includes 4 one-hour SAT/ACT Test tutoring sessions per month for an individual child + a one-time 30-minute video consultation with our educational specialist. Additional lessons can be booked for $149/lesson. Subscribe Now!

Additional Details:

  • Each membership is per student.
  • Membership is set for recurring auto-pay on the same day each month.
  • You can cancel at any time and will not be billed for the next month.
  • You can change your private lesson time for free up until 24 hours before the lesson. Any cancellation of a lesson within 24 hours of the scheduled start time or no show will not receive a makeup.

“I signed up my 5th and 6th graders for remote one on one instruction through Lavner during the quarantine. I felt that my children needed an extra challenge because remote schooling was mostly review. The Lavner instructors are fantastic and kept my children engaged and learning new technical skills beyond their grade level. After each session the instructors provide personalized follow up feedback on what was learned. I’m very pleased with the quality of this remote program.” – Jamie S., Bryn Mawr

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