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Preparing for the Future: Skills Your Child Needs in the 21st Century

The rapid rise and evolution of technology has made it more important than ever for kids and teens to begin expanding their skills early on. But how do you balance teaching your children crucial 21st-century skills without taking away their freedom to be kids?

Fortunately, summer camps like Lavner Education focus on helping your child learn new and in-demand skills through intentional learning experiences. In this article, we’ll cover the skills your child needs to learn in the 21st century and how specific programs make learning them possible and enjoyable. 

Critical Thinking

One of the most crucial skills your child should develop is critical thinking. May professions require strong critical thinking skills, and summer camps like Lavner are an excellent and immersive way to obtain these skills. 

Critical thinking skills give your child the ability to distinguish between important and irrelevant information when attempting to solve a problem or communicate effectively with others. In a world where innovation is a key factor of success, critical thinking is a non-negotiable skill. 

Lavner Summer Camp programs are an excellent way to help your child develop these critical thinking skills. For example, computer skills and coding courses help children learn how to break down complex programs into smaller, more manageable chunks and how they all work together to paint a bigger picture. 

In learning how to fix broken code and program features on websites and apps, kids learn about the troubleshooting process and how to find logical solutions to a problem. 

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is as important as media literacy and information literacy.

Digital literacy is an important skill that helps children produce and utilize technology at a deeper level than just using it. This lets your child adapt, program, and create new technology to keep up with advancements. 

The best way to help your child sharpen their digital literacy skills is by enrolling them in immersive summer camp programs like the ones offered at Lavner Education and Camp Tech Revolution. Courses focusing on coding, robotics, and computer skills serve as a great first step.

Other programs like game design are an exciting way to get your kids interested in technology. These courses combine video games with essential computer skills like coding and graphic design for a new approach to learning about technology.  

More About The Different Types Of Literacy:

  • Media Literacy: Media literacy enables children to critically assess news and distinguish relevant information from misinformation. This means being able to come to logical and fact-based conclusions, another important skill to know when navigating through life.
  • Information Literacy: Information literacy reinforces the basics of the scientific method, and teaches kids about what information is plausible, and what seems exaggerated, and how to substantiate claims. Information literacy is an important skill to have for any child wanting to enter the STEM and medicine fields.


Many kids are resilient which contributes to another must-have skill in the 21st century: problem-solving.

Learning new things will come with its challenges, and it’s beneficial to learn how to push through challenges in order to succeed. As adults, we understand that not everything comes easily, and the way we develop new skills is through trial and error, but this may not be as apparent to children.

Lavner Education offers amazing hands-on programs like robotics that inspire children to find ways to fit parts together and get them to work in tandem to create a functioning robot, which is a great way to learn problem-solving skills. Additionally, robotics takes coding, which further implements problem-solving skills into the mix. 

Creativity and Self-expression

It’s unfortunate that sometimes, creativity can be put on the back burner in favor of productivity. But, creativity and self-expression are great skills for your child to practice if they want to be prepared for the future. 

Creativity goes beyond helping kids become more artistic; it encourages and rewards curiosity that can cross over into other areas like coding and robotics. 

Tech Art camps like the ones offered by Lavner Education use visual arts, performing arts, and digital arts to encourage kids to express themselves and make connections between different concepts—a great skill to supplement critical thinking. 

If you’re looking for a unique way to inspire your child’s creativity, Lavner Education also offers an incredible School Of Magic Camp that uses STEM skills like physics and chemistry to perform fun magic tricks.

This ties back to critical thinking, helping children understand the science behind how these illusions work without taking any of the fun out of it!


While technical skills are essential to being prepared for life in the 21st century, it is just as important for your child to learn about empathy when interacting with others. 

These lessons in empathy can come naturally in summer camps like the ones offered by Lavner Education. There are tons of summer camps offered that encourage kids to work on projects together and build effective communication skills. 

Even courses like chess are a great way to teach children about sportsmanship, empathy, and communication.

Help Your Child Learn Crucial 21st Century Skills With Lavner Education

There’s no better way to help your child develop the necessary 21st-century skills than by making it as enjoyable and memorable as possible. When you enroll your child in a summer camp program like the ones we offer at Lavner Education, you can make the process more engaging, super fun and not overwhelming.

Browse our catalog of courses today and see how Lavner Camps and Camp Tech Revolution can help your child learn skills that will help them keep up with —and even create—new technology in the 21st century.

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