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Cultivating Self-Confidence in Kids: Why It Matters

Cultivating Self-Confidence in Kids: Why It Matters

Rita F. Pierson once posed a thought-provoking question: “How powerful would our world be if we had kids who were not afraid to take risks, who were not afraid to think, and who had a champion?” This inquiry sets the stage for our discussion on the vital role self-confidence plays in the development of our children.

Pearson describes “champions” as adults who push kids to be the best they can be without giving up on them. Our kids will shape the future, and confidence is the tool they need to do so. 

Summer camps have long been an excellent way for children to build essential life skills, and in this piece, we’re covering the importance of building self-confidence at summer camp and how Lavner Education can help your child achieve this. 

Why Is Camp Such A Great Place For Kids To Build Self-Confidence?

We want your child to enjoy their time at summer camp, and in most cases, this requires a level of participation that can be difficult for kids who may be on the reserved side. 

The confidence your child will build at summer camp can help them get the most from their experience in the following ways:

Self-Confidence Fosters Independence

A confident child is an independent child.

Don’t worry, parents—while that may sound scary, independence is what opens up your child’s imagination and motivation to participate in activities critical to their development. Whether that’s learning coding or video production, confidence is key to the learning process.

Building Self-Confidence Helps Development

There’s no shortage of activities that will have your child breaking a sweat at summer camp, but if they lack confidence, they may tend to sit out more often. Self-confidence allows kids to play to their heart’s content without worries and lets them get the best from the physical activities available to them. 

Confident Kids Can Build New Relationships

Self-confidence makes it easier for kids to make friends, and there’s no better place to build new relationships than at a summer camp.

Courses like YouTube Camp Content Creators can help kids come out of their shells and build up their confidence, which makes it easier for them to start new friendships.

Confidence Encourages Team Work

A lack of confidence can make it difficult for a child to work together with other kids on the various summer camp projects.

As children begin to build this self-confidence during their time at camp, they’ll not only feel more comfortable participating in activities, but they’ll start picking up skills that promote teamwork. 

Courses like the LEGO Camp Builders Workshop and Spy Tech Camp are great ways to promote this sense of teamwork. 

How Lavner Helps Kids Build Self-Confidence at Camp

Now that you know why it’s important for kids to develop self-confidence at summer camp, how do you ensure your child gets the support they need to start their journey?

Our Champions at Lavner Education:

Connect With Your Campers 

New experiences as a child can be overwhelming, to say the least. 

While summer camp comes with various exciting activities and learning opportunities, meeting new friends and instructors can be intimidating for a child. 

Our champions make it their mission to learn your child’s name and interests the day they arrive so they can settle in quicker and feel more comfortable about interacting with them. The safer they feel, the more confident they will be to enjoy their programs!

Set SMART Goals With Your Campers

When campers can see progress, they become more confident and excited to participate in summer camp activities.

We set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound)  goals with your camper so they get the most enjoyment from their experience and are less likely to feel frustrated while working on longer or more complex projects. 

Celebrate Camper Accomplishments

Kids need encouragement; it’s what helps them feel motivated to learn new things.

At Lavner, our staff celebrates your camper’s achievements—no matter how small they may seem—because it’s these milestones that make completing larger projects possible. 

This is especially true for children who are looking to join tech courses at Camp Tech Revolution. Each step toward creating STEM projects is a learning experience that helps build fundamental skills your child will value for years to come. 

Believe In Your Campers

Just like you believe in your child, so do our staff.

Our Lavner Summer Camp programs are designed to challenge your child so that they gain meaningful skills they can use to continue exploring fields of interest. Our staff are always there to encourage your child and help them push through obstacles without taking away from their experience.

We believe that practice makes perfect, and we’ll always relay that message to our campers.. our champions! 

Encourage Presentations

Technical skills are important, but so are people skills.

From showcasing the creations they build in our Robotics Summer Camps to framed pieces they create in our Digital Art Camp, our campers are encouraged to present their projects to their peers and instructors to help them build self-confidence and sharpen their people skills. 

Remind Campers of the Value of Summer Camp

As a way to keep their spirits high and confidence growing, we always remind our campers about the value of summer camps. We want children to learn that this experience is more than just making new friends and having fun—though that is a big part of it!

It’s important to demonstrate how the skills these children learn at summer camps like Lavner’s will help them through their studies and when they grow up. 

Create A Positive Environment

Positivity is the path to progress.

We believe in narrating the good rather than calling out the bad. Our staff gives it their all when it comes to encouraging your child to be the best they can be—no matter what. 

On A Mission To Support The Next Generation

At Lavner Education, we are committed to providing your child with life-changing experiences.

Browse our catalog of courses today to see how our summer camps can help your child build the self-confidence they need to explore their curiosity and learn new STEM and creative skills that will pave the way for their dreams.

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