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CIT Program for Ages 13 to 16

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Our Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Leadership Program is for energetic and motivated teenagers (ages 13 to 16) interested in learning and developing leadership skills working with children in a camp setting. This program is designed so that CITs develop leadership skills through direct supervision, regular conferences with their instructors/onsite director, and a hands-on experience engaging with campers. The goals of this program are to provide teens with training and skills to become effective leaders, improve self-confidence, learn public speaking skills in a group setting, assist children in a camp environment, and excel at handling responsibility at camp. This program prepares teens for future work experience, motivates them to be effective role models resulting in a fun and productive summer, allows them to select the specialty camps they would like to participate in, and is a great résumé builder!

General Information

Thank you for your interest in the CIT Leadership Program! Click on the headings to the right to access camp information by topic. We highly recommend that you read the camp descriptions on our website. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our camp specialists at Info@lavnercamps.com888.854.CAMP (2267), or the website chat in the bottom right.

Consent Form

You may register for the CIT Leadership Program online by selecting your location (either from the dropdown menu in the box above or by clicking on CIT Tuition) and clicking “Enroll Now!”.  When registering for the CIT Leadership Program, you must complete the consent form that must be signed by the parent and/or legal guardian of the CIT.  If you do not complete our consent form but send your child to camp, this will be considered as implied consent to the terms and conditions listed in our consent form.  If you are having trouble accessing online enrollment, you must print the consent form and scan/email it to Info@lavnercamps.com prior to starting your CIT camp schedule.  The consent form constitutes the entire agreement and no section of the consent form may be waived by any other writings or methods of communication.

Camp Medical Form

Families must complete and submit the medical form provided below or provide us with the health form that was submitted to your child’s school for their current school year.  Please upload your health form to your online account or scan/email your form to Info@lavnercamps.com, prior to your child’s first scheduled day of camp.


Payment Options

Payment is accepted via credit card or cash.

There is a one-time $40 registration fee per child for the 2022 calendar year.

If enrolling prior to March 1, 2022, you have the following payment options:

•  In Full: Pay tuition in full at enrollment.
•  50/50: Pay 50% at enrollment, 50% on March 1, 2022.
•  $100 Down Per Week: Pay $100 per week at enrollment, and the balance in equal monthly installments through April, 2022.
• Customized: Contact our registration team for a customized payment plan.

•  Selecting an option other than Pay In Full will schedule automatic payments for the remaining balance.
•  Payments are applied equally to each camp week and cannot be transferred from one week of camp to another.
•  Payments made by cash should be dropped off at our year-round office at the time of enrollment, and a receipt will be provided.

Tax Benefits

You may qualify for tax benefits through the Child and Dependent Care Credit for camp. Don’t forget to check with your accountant to see if you qualify!

Cancellation Policy

Acceptance into the CIT Leadership Program is binding and all tuition, including the Registration Fee, is non-refundable.

We do not provide make up days or refunds for missed days of camp or “no shows” regardless of any reason.

CIT Handbook

The CIT Handbook will be distributed at CIT Orientation. The CIT Handbook includes detailed information that will help CITs prepare for camp and feel confident prior to their first day.  Some topics include information on child development, how CITs differ from instructors, general expectations of CITs, how to make the most out of the CIT program, a typical daily camp schedule, and more…

Optional Lunch Program

CITs may sign up for our catered lunch program, or can bring their own nut-free lunch from home.

If signing your CIT up for our catered lunch program, please do so in your online account by the Friday prior to your child’s upcoming camp week.  If you need to add any of these options during the camp week, please send your request directly to Info@lavnercamps.com and we will do our best to accommodate you (and will charge your credit card on file).

Lunch menus will be available on the specific camp location pages in the Spring.

If your child does not bring a lunch to camp and is not signed up for our lunch program, we will purchase lunch for your child that day and bill the method of payment in your account (i.e. charge your credit card on file).

Nut-Aware Camp

For the safety of our campers, we are a Nut-Aware camp.  Please do not send any nut products to camp with your child.  While we are a “Nut-Aware” camp, we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment.

Lavner Camps Apparel

2 Free CIT t-shirts:  Every CIT receives two CIT t-shirts.

Additional Lavner Camps apparel is available for purchase at any time at the Lavner Camps Store!

Behavioral Policy

Lavner Education reserves the absolute right to dismiss a CIT without refund for any behavior (1) that threatens or endangers the welfare and/or the safety of any camper, instructor, or any other person involved with the camp, (2) is disruptive to the overall camp environment, which interferes with the beneficial use and enjoyment by campers and staff, and/or (3) for any form of bullying of other campers or disrespectful behavior to camp authority.

Lavner Education emphasizes a safe, fun, and healthy camp environment that fosters learning and friendship, and appropriate camp behavior is essential to a great overall experience for everyone involved.  It is imperative that every camper, CIT, and staff member feels included, safe, and part of our camp community.

Personal Property Policy

Campers may bring personal items/equipment to camp, but Lavner Education is not responsible or liable for any personal equipment that is lost, stolen, or broken.

Camper Electronic Device Policy

Campers are not permitted to use cell phones, personal computers, or any other electronic devices that connect to the internet while at camp except for camp owned computers used for camp purposes.  “While at camp” pertains to all times that a camper is on location at camp.   If you would like to get in touch with your child during the camp day, please contact our onsite camp director.  The onsite camp director’s contact information (name, phone, and email) will be placed on the Lavner Camps Welcome Board at the sign in location.  During the camp week, you may also contact our central office (Info@lavnercamps.com or 888-854-2267) to obtain the contact information for the onsite director.  Additionally, if your child would like to contact you during the camp day, he/she may contact you through the camp director or camp instructor.

New and Amended Camp Policies & Camp Descriptions

To ensure a safe and productive camp environment, Lavner Education reserves the right to add or amend camp policies at any time.  All current policies can be found at www.lavnercamps.com in real time.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have!

Office: 888.854.CAMP (2267)

Email: Info@lavnercamps.com

Web Chat!

The Enrollment Process

Teenagers ages 13-16 who enroll in the CIT Program must go through a video prep session prior to the summer. The prep session will go over things like what to expect during the summer, expectations of the program, and their interest in joining the CIT Program. It is at this time that CITs also select their specific camps of interest for each week of their CIT experience (from camps with a starting age of 6, 7, or 8).

The prep sessions are meant to be a friendly and positive experience.

CITs may participate in 3 or more weeks of camp, but the minimum required participation is 3 weeks, which do not have to be consecutive.

CITs are invited to attend our orientation and training session in Suburban Philadelphia (Date and Time TBA), where they will become CPR certified and First Aid trained. At orientation, CITs receive their CIT Packet, the CIT Handbook, two special CIT t-shirts, a journal for writing their daily entries, and a gift bag! Upon completion of training, our CITs are ready to embark on a great summer experience!

CIT Tuition

Select a location above to view the weekly tuition for the CIT Program at your camp location!

Promotions, including but not limited to any limited time promotions on our website and the additional sibling discount, do not apply to the CIT Leadership Program. Families are eligible for our Referral Program and Flexible Payment Options.
Please visit our promotion page for full details. 

Orientation & Leadership Training

Location: Suburban Philadelphia

Date & Times: TBA

What Happens at Orientation?

(1) General Orientation

(2) Review of the CIT Handbook and Packet

(3) Meeting central office staff, summer staff, and other CITs!

(4) Training for Camp

(5) CPR Certification and First Aid Training

(6) Leadership activities

(7) Lunch and snack included!

(8) Lavner Camps gift bag!

CITs are asked to attend an orientation prior to their first scheduled day of camp.  At orientation, CITs will become CPR Certified and First Aid trained, meet other CITs and staff, train in their areas, review the CIT Handbook, review different situations that may arise at camp and how to handle them and discuss leadership skills.

In addition to orientation, and throughout the summer, CITs gain valuable leadership training and skills through hands-on participation in camp programs under the close supervision of our instructors. Our instructors provide informal constructive feedback to CITs throughout the week with the goal of training and developing these teens, and forming a “coaching” relationship.  CITs and lead instructors have at least one weekly “leadership conference” where they discuss the CITs’ participation, opportunities to improve and strengthen one’s leadership skills, and review the CITs journal entries and progress relative to their goals for the program.  These conferences are meant to be positive and friendly and are a great way for CITs to receive constructive coaching privately, with the goal of strengthening their leadership skills and enhancing their CIT camp experience.

For those unable to attend in person, a virtual orientation option will be available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our camp families ask us many great questions about our summer camps.  Below are a list of 10 questions that are frequently asked.  If you have a question that is not listed, please send it our way!  

Question #1:  Is Lavner Camps accredited?

Answer: Yes, we are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and seek to carry out standards to all of our other states!

Question #2:  What do CITs do at camp?

Answer:  Our CITs are encouraged to be very hands-on at camp!  CITs may help campers do things like roll dough for a homemade pizza, master dribbling techniques on the soccer field, demonstrate how to properly use a sewing machine, assist with learning lines for a play, help build a trap door in Minecraft™, strategize with campers to find items in a scavenger hunt, brainstorm ideas and story lines for comic books, gear up for Math Olympics, give presentations in camp to demonstrate a skill, help design a cool App, and much more!

Question #3:  Who are your instructors?

Answer:  Our instructors are high level and are the very best out of a great pool of applicants we consider each year – Each year, we hire less than 3% of our applicants.  Typically, our lead instructors consist of teachers, college professors, undergrad/grad students from excellent colleges/universities, and the occasional superstar student entering college in the fall.  Assistant instructors typically consist of accomplished rising seniors. Our instructors are extremely knowledgeable in the subject area, are passionate about working with kids, highly responsible, and all have cleared background checks.  Instructors go through a rigorous orientation prior to the summer camp season and have constant support from onsite camp directors and our central office.  We put them in a position to succeed… and they do!

Question #4:  Do you have an on-site camp director?

Answer:  Yes!  Most of our onsite directors are full time teachers during the school year.  Our on-site camp directors manage each camp location.  They are trained to make sure that the daily operations at camp are running smoothly. Camp directors are available onsite to answer your questions, and are available by phone and email if you need to communicate with them during the day.  You may also communicate with staff from our central office.  These positions are highly sought out, and we hire the best.  Camp directors also work directly with our camp office, communicate on a daily basis, and offer great support to campers and instructors each day.  Our year-round office also employs regional camp directors who visit various camp locations each week to help ensure a high quality camp environment!

Question #5:  Are CITs hands-on?

Answer:  Absolutely!  Under the supervision of our experienced staff, CITs are very hands-on in assisting campers with camp activities each day and contributing to the overall camp environment.

Question #6:  How do you group the CITs each week?

Answer:  CITs are grouped with campers based upon age and ability.  Typically, CITs are grouped with younger campers.

Question #7:  Do your CITs improve their leadership skills at camp?

Answer:  Yes!  CITs are provided numerous different ways to help develop and strengthen their leadership skills throughout the summer.  CITs attend an orientation where they focus on leadership qualities and meet other like minded, young leaders.  CITs are given a journal to write daily entries, and are encouraged to reflect upon their entries throughout the summer to assess their progress.  Leadership conferences occur at least once a week with the CITs lead instructor (and sometimes the camp director) to have an open discussion about the CITs experience, and ways to continue to improve and develop their leadership throughout the week and summer.  And what’s better than hands on experience?  Each day, CITs have access to hands-on experiences where they build leadership skills in a variety of ways.  Our CITs also learn by doing!  We strongly encourage our CITs to be very engaged throughout the week, from  helping campers build and program a robot from scratch, to public speaking and demonstrations to a group, to developing relationships with instructors and campers alike!

Question #8:  How do you keep camp fun?

Answer:  We hire fun and dynamic instructors!  CITs have also applied for this program, so they already want to be there!  We also incorporate a number of breaks during the day with opportunities for recreation and socialization.  On Fridays, there is typically a grand finale that campers work towards – e.g. a Bake Off, Robowars tournament, Tennis Olympics, Fashion Show, Beta testing video games and Minecraft™ worlds etc…  Just wait until you see all of our amazing campers!  They select the specialty camps they want to be in, and they bring a passion and energy each camp week that is remarkable and inspiring!

Question #9:  How do you create a safe camp environment?

Answer:  Camp safety is our number one goal.  We work hard all year long to make sure our camp safety is top notch.  We are accredited by the American Camp Association in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and seek to carry our standards to all of our states. In addition, we hire very responsible staff and train them, which includes a test of our detailed handbook/procedure guide, employ procedures that promote safety and supervision, and are in constant communication.  We also implement a behavioral policy that is strict but fair, and requires that all campers exude good behavior, do not engage in bullying, and contribute to a safe and welcoming camp environment. For Covid-19 protocol, please visit our Covid-19 Resource Page.

Question #10:  Why should we choose Lavner Camps?

Answer:  At Lavner Camps, we are one of the leading camp organizations in the United States, and you will experience the difference.  Our mission is to provide the best camp experience available… and we do.  Here are some of the things that we offer to provide a great camp experience:

Accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA)

Attention to Safety

Top-Notch Camp Locations

Excellent Staff

Innovative Specialty Camps

“Cutting Edge” curriculum

A camp office that believes in excellent customer service and communication with our camp families

Camp owners who are passionate and hands-on!

Extremely high retention rate of campers and growing each year, especially through word of mouth referrals.

Incredible media coverage – local and national!

A proven track record of thousands of campers who succeeded and love Lavner Camps!

and so much more…!

Additional Questions:  If you have any additional questions, please email us at Info@lavnercamps.com or call our office at (888) 854-2267.  We welcome your questions and are happy to provide you with informative answers!

From CIT to Tech Instructor

Under the supervision of our experienced staff, CITs assist campers with camp activities, help with organizing materials and supplies, think creatively, share ideas, and act as positive role models for campers.


to Become a CIT!


We are passionate about developing leadership skills in teens and we make every effort to ensure a great summer for our CITs where they can learn, develop, and build confidence in themselves.


We value safety, learning, friendship, fun, and excellent camp quality.


We offer a wide variety of uniquely specialized camps for our CITs to focus on a subject area of interest and improve.  There is something for everybody at Lavner Camps!


We offer innovative ways to put our CITs in a position to continue to develop their leadership skills and build their self-confidence.  We encourage hands-on participation, and our staff is always ready to provide constructive feedback.


We hire excellent staff who are passionate about teaching, knowledgeable in the subject matter, and are highly responsible.  We hire the best and we emphasize to our staff the importance of mentoring our CITs and being excellent role models for them.


We take pride in seeing YOU succeed!  We provide our CITs with the resources to improve skill sets, form new friendships, be positive role models for our campers, and be part of a great camp community.


Our locations are first-class.  CITs have an awesome camp experience on a beautiful, spacious, and inviting campus…with air conditioning!


Our communication with CITs is excellent.  We want to communicate with you to make sure that your CIT camp experience is a great one and you are on track to reach your goals and become better leaders. Reach out to us any time!


It starts at the top!  Our owners, Justin & Michael Lavner, are extremely hands-on and passionate about offering our CITs the best camp experiences possible.  Justin and Michael attended camp for many years as children, worked at camps, and eat, sleep, and breathe Lavner Camps!  In addition to Justin and Michael, wait until you meet our team.  Smart, sophisticated, dedicated, engaging, and caring camp professionals… We all take pride in providing YOU with a top notch experience at Lavner Camps.


Our camps are accredited by the American Camp Association, an organization that conducts on site visits to ensure camp quality and adherence to many importance camp standards, in PA & NJ and carry our practices to other states.  The ACA provides 400+ standards for camp safety and operation.  This helps to ensure safety and overall quality, which every camper, CIT, and staff member deserves.




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