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2019 Robotics Camps in Philadelphia PA, Main Line PA, Lower Gwynedd PA, Cherry Hill NJ, Princeton NJ, Montclair NJ, NYC Manhattan, Long Island NY, Wilmington DE, Washington DC & St. Louis MO!


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Ages 6 to 12 – Space is Limited, Register Now!

Robotics camp offers a great mix of experiential, hands-on learning through building, coding, problem-solving, and more!

Lots of NEW Robots & Challenges at our 2019 Robotics Camps!

At our Robotics Camps, campers use LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 to learn the fundamentals of building a wide variety of robots. By learning important principles, campers acquire the ability to create robots from their imagination, in addition to following instructions for specific robots provided by LEGO® and independent websites. The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 product line allows for hundreds of possibilities of robots, new ideas, and projects. Campers also learn how to program robots to move and use sensors, control their robots using remote control capabilities, explore wireless control, and work in teams!

In addition to building and programming, campers also learn about the history of robotics, its current importance, and how it can change the future of lives for generations to come. Campers also utilize math, logic, and critical thinking skills through building, programming, the use of trial and error, and measuring time, speed, and distance during challenges.

This camp is great for one or multiple weeks. If attending multiple weeks of Robotics Camp, campers will move up in curriculum and work with new robots.

Campers who attended Robotics Camp in previous summers will also work on all new robots this year and move up in curriculum!

Campers are divided into three levels at Robotics Camp:

Level 1 is for campers who are beginners, either trying robotics for the first time or entering with minimal experience (Approx. 1-2 camp weeks): Campers in this level use LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 to learn the basics of robotics, build and program at least two robots during the week, and use them to complete challenges. Campers can work with a selection of robots like the TANKBOT, SHOOTERBOT, ROBOGATOR, HUMANOID, TRACK3R, R3PTER, ELEPHANT, ARCH3RFISH, BALL SHOOTER, BUMPER CAR, CASTER BOT, CATAPULT, CLAW STRIKER, LAWN MOWER, DOLPHIN, EXPLORER, LLAMA, PUPPY, SPIDER, RATTLESNAKE, STAIRCLIMBER, ZNAP and a free build robot (build creatively without instructions) for ROBOWARS. Level 1 campers also learn about organizing pieces, the functionality of the brick, motors, wires, wheels and axles, and the engineering and physics behind how these pieces work. Campers also engage in trial and error to achieve desired results, promote the sustainability of energy by caring properly for pieces and using rechargeable battery packs, and improve their skills in controlling robots for the successful completion of challenges!

Level 2 is for campers who are at the intermediate level (Appx. 3-6 previous camp weeks): These campers use LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 to build, program, and control robots like the, SPIK3R, EV3RSTORM, and GRIPP3R. A selection of bonus robots include the COLOR SORTER, MINDCUB3R, BANNER PRINT3R, BOBB3E, DINOR3X, ELECTRIC GUITAR, EV3D4, EV3GAME, EV3MEG, KRAZ3, Mr. B3AM, RAC3TRUCK, ROBODOZ3R, WACK3M, and more!

Campers can also partially or fully invent their own design, build, and program a robot without instructions to complete certain tasks. These robots may include using multiple bricks and additional pieces, and come with even tougher challenges. Level 2 campers learn to think like an engineer by building robots with more difficult instructions and steps, mastering higher level challenges, and creating robots without instructions that are their own design! Level 2 campers explore concepts in sustainability and efficiency regarding the functionality of their robots, and also how robots can change the world by making daily tasks easier, and by making large, global contributions in a variety of industries.

Level 3 is for campers who have at least six weeks of Robotics Camp experience, or at least 150 hours of robotics. These campers use LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 to build, program, and control robots of their own creation. These robots must perform tasks that are for practical use, either effective as is or a representative scaled down model for a robot that would be much larger in real life. Campers are asked to identify society’s’ needs and what type of robots can fulfill these needs, and implement their own designs and concepts. Some examples may include: A Recycling Robot, A Cleaning Robot, A Robotic Pet, A Self Driving Car, A Paper Shredder, A Game-Playing Robot, A Personal Assistant, or A Robot that can draw.

Campers at all levels participate in a camp tournament called ROBOWARS. This all-camp tournament takes place on Friday each week. All groups build a robot that battles head-to-head in a tournament setting through a variety of matches and challenges. For many campers, ROBOWARS is the highlight of their entire summer!

In ROBOWARS, robots are either pre-programmed, or controlled by computer or tablet via USB or Bluetooth®!


Valuable Learning Opportunities:

Hands-On Building: Build awesome robots and machines! Connect pieces, gears, and motors to build remote controlled and autonomous robots!

Learning & Refining Coding Skills: Program your robot using an easy to learn drag and drop programming app that teaches the fundamentals of programming logic. Work with sensors, loops, conditionals and more to code sophisticated robot behavoirs!

Working In A Team: Work in a small robotics team of 2-4 campers to build, program, and pilot your robot. Share ideas and learn together!

Testing Your Skills In Challenges, Creative Builds, And ROBOWARS: Put everything you learned throughout the week to the test in Robowars! Design and test your robot to prepare and then program and control it to solve challenges, win races, and battle other robots!


Please Note: AM-only and PM-only campers may only build/program 1-2 robots per week due to the time constraints of attending a half-day session. AM-only campers may not participate in ROBOWARS which is scheduled for the PM session on Friday (however, our staff may be able to schedule an AM ROBOWARS event as well if time allows and campers are ready).

Please provide your child’s experience level on your registration form in the “additional comments section” if your child attended Robotics Camp with us in previous summers.

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