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Video Production for YouTube

Ages 8-12

2021 Online YouTube Classes for Kids and Teens Available Worldwide at Tech Revolution!

Create One-of-a-Kind YouTube®-Style Videos with your own script and Special Effects.

Utilizing the hands-on format of this course, students learn the skills they need to successfully create their very own videos. Sample topics include Minecraft™ Tutorials, Video Game Walkthroughs, Technology Unboxing, Product Reviews, How-To Videos, Fashion Videos, Travel Vlogs, Lifestyle Tips, and so much more! 

Valuable Learning Opportunities include identifying an audience, creating a brand, brainstorming a format, adding special effects, producing and editing engaging content, and creating one or more YouTube®-style videos.

Best User Experience: Our courses require a stable internet connection. Students may also want to use headphones if their device is not located in a quiet space. You may want your child to use a virtual background when logged into Zoom if you would like to block out the view of your child’s actual background – this is compatible with a wide variety of computers.

Compatible Devices: Windows PC, Mac

Important Details:

• Students should use their own props if they have a specific idea for a video project (e.g. unboxing, product reviews, toy interactions, fashion, etc.)
• Gaming videos featuring walkthroughs are allowed for Minecraft and Roblox.

• At Award-Winning Tech Revolution, our video production students can create at least one YouTube®-style video project, learn about YouTube® channels, work with green screens/special effects, build confidence and have fun. Please note, students will not create or use a YouTube® channel in class. It is up to the parent/legal guardian of the student to create an actual YouTube® channel outside of class if they choose to do so and this decision is independent of participation at Tech Revolution.

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