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Digital Art Classes - Drawing, Painting, Cartooning & Anime

Ages 7-12

2021 Online Digital Art Classes for Kids and Teens Available Worldwide at Tech Revolution!

Welcome to the Exciting World of Digital Art!

 Join us to learn how to create beautiful pieces of art using a digital platform. Sketch, draw, paint, shadow, style, and much more!

In class, you can use your trackpad, mouse, or stylus (optional) to draw a portrait, sketch a city skyline, paint a water color of your favorite fruit, illustrate your own anime figures, create a short story with illustrations and text, paint landscapes, and much more. Learn lots of tips and tricks from our instructors, and learn the art of creating shadowing, textures, 2D/3D objects, spacing, utilizing color, and much more! With hundreds of types of pencils, colored pencils, pain brushes and more, you can explore tons of options when creating your stunning images.

During the last class of the session, you will present your favorite pieces of art at our virtual art show! 

In addition, you can pick your favorite piece from the course and we will print it, frame it, and mail it to your home!

Please allow approximately 2-4 weeks to receive your framed piece of art in the mail!

Compatible Devices: Windows PC, Mac.

Optional: Computer Drawing Pad with Stylus.

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