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Creative Writing

Ages 10-14

2022 Creative Writing Classes for Kids Available Worldwide!

For The Aspiring Novelist.

Set in the format of a writing workshop, students focus on developing and writing their own fictional short stories. Before writing, students have the opportunity to read and discuss popular short stories, and share inspirational topics and story ideas with the group.

So what should YOU write about?  To avoid “writer’s block,” we will have lots of story prompts (ideas) for you to work with, or which can serve to inspire you to create your own ideas.  You can also come to the course with ideas already in mind.

Once students have their short story ideas, pre-writing will continue by researching the topic, outlining the story, setting the scenes in detail, and developing characters.

Once ready, students then develop a rough draft. Workshops are held during class each day for readings and constructive feedback/suggestions, and the instructor guides the students every day.

After lots of writing, workshopping, and revising, students will have a short story piece that they can be proud of (and even continue to work on after the course ends!).

Compatible Devices: Windows PC, Mac, or Chromebook recommended, iPad and Android tablet compatible.

In-Person Course (Seattle STEM Center): Devices will be provided.

Virtual Course Best User Experience: Our courses require a stable internet connection. students may also want to use headphones if their device is not located in a quiet space. You may want your child to use a virtual background when logged into Zoom if you would like to block out the view of your child’s actual background – this is compatible with a wide variety of computers.



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