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2019 C++ Coding Camps in Philadelphia PA, Main Line PA, Lower Gwynedd PA, Bucks County PA, Cherry Hill NJ, Montclair NJ, NYC Manhattan, Long Island NY, Wilmington DE, Washington DC, Towson MD, St. Louis MO & Los Angeles CA!


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Programming with C++ Camp Description:

Ages 11 to 14 – Space is Limited, Register Now!

Brand new camp for Summer 2019!

Interested in learning advanced programming from the ground up? C++ is the perfect language!

This computer programming camp immerses campers in C++, one of the most extensively used programming languages ever created. C++ is used everywhere from video game engines and video editing software, to operating systems and office applications. Huge companies like Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Amazon all make use of C++ in their back-end systems.

Just like with other programming languages, campers will learn about loops, functions, objects, and programming logic – all of which are concepts that are shared across all Object Oriented Programming Languages such as Java and Python. So what makes C++ special?

In addition to learning general programming concepts, you’ll also learn about…

Memory management using pointers * Compilers, linkers, and loaders * Platform specific compiling * Size of data types * And much more!

During the camp week, C++ campers get to create at least one mini project and one main project.

So, what are the projects at camp?

Mini projects may include a Healthy Eating App, an Inspirational Quote Generator, a Fitness App, or a Foreign Language App.

Main Camp Projects may include a Choose your own adventure game, a side-scrolling game, a pong game, or one of countless others!

Using Visual Studio IDE, campers learn how to print text onto the computer screen, create conditional statements and loops, and receive input from the user. Campers will also learn core principles of programming including memory management and object-oriented programming concepts. These newly acquired skills allow campers to create a text-based action adventure game and other projects.

Valuable Learning Opportunities:

Endless Opportunities: Development opportunities with C++ are endless. C++ has a very large database with support from professional coders and developers throughout the world. Lots of software being used today involves C++, partly or entirely. So, you will never run out of choices or worry about what to do with your C++ skills once you start learning it.

C++ has Longevity: What comes with its long history is a large database of tool sets and customization across many popular platforms. The C++ knowledge base is vast and many questions that arise about C++ are easily answered.

C++ will teach you more about how computers work: When you learn C++, you don’t just learn programming, you learn things like how computers store variables in memory and the process of turning your code into a runnable program. Gain insight into how computers function!

A powerful language: C++ has been used to program things you use all the time like the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, Google, and Adobe Photoshop. Even the Java Virtual Machine (that Java programs run on) is written in C++!

Developing a Mind for Programming: A mastery in C++ requires lots of patience and self-discipline. As you learn how to code in C++ at camp, you learn to adjust yourself to the mindset of professional programmers and thinkers. However, this is camp, and there are always plenty of opportunities for socialization and fun!

Leading by Example: C++ incorporates best practices in using object oriented programming. As you code in C++, you gain skills in this area which are transferable to other programming languages like Python and Java™!

By the end of the session, campers improve their skills in C++, gain a better understanding of computer languages as a whole and leave camp with impressive projects!

Learning C++ gives our campers a leg up in the tech world and a better understanding of how many programs work from the backend.

Camp Take Homes!

•  Camp Projects.
•  Computer Programming – Certificate of Excellence.
•  Lavner Camps 2019 Special Edition T-Shirt.
•  Lavner Camps Stylized Lanyard.

No prior programming experience is required, but previous background in Scratch or another programming language and a basic understanding of Algebra is encouraged.

Campers will program using pre-installed software on Lavner computers. Campers are shown how to install Visual Studio IDE and continue their coding projects at home.

Please have your child bring a USB drive to camp on Friday to copy all project files.

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C++ Coding Camp is also offered at Camp Tech Revolution in Los Angeles (UCLA), Berkeley (UC Berkeley), San Francisco (SFSU), Manhattan (The Cathedral School), Long Island (NYIT), Miami (Carrollton), Chicago (Lake Forest College) and West Chester PA (WCU).

2019 Summer Camps

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