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2019 3D Printing Camps in Philadelphia PA, Main Line PA, Lower Gwynedd PA, Bucks County PA, Cherry Hill NJ, Princeton NJ, NYC Manhattan, Long Island NY, Washington DC, Towson MD, St. Louis MO & Los Angeles CA!


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Ages 7 to 12 – Space is Limited, Register Now!


Join us on the FOREFRONT of one of technology’s fastest growing trends… 3D Printing, Modeling & Modding!

Welcome Inventors! At 3D Printing Camp, join the Inventors Lab and help complete fast-paced missions each week!

With a technology that allows us to create and print prototypes wherever a 3D Printer can be plugged in, this industry is changing the world we live in and will have a huge impact on the future! We are already seeing amazing new developments in the medical field (prosthetics), car industry (designing/printing cars and parts), aerospace technology, and the purchasing/printing of products for home use, just to name a few…

Using cutting-edge 3D printers, our campers have the opportunity to model prototypes, mod existing designs, and print them in 3D!

Campers learn about scalability and how designs can be easily uploaded and printed for mass consumption. With this in mind, we ask campers to design two main projects and one additional, smaller project.

Some Example Projects Include:

A Unique Key Card To Your Inventors Lab: You just got to your high security Inventors Lab and realized you forgot your key at home. What’s worse is that you left your patented hovercraft on the charger and it might overheat. Luckily, you have your 3D Printer with you! Your challenge is to 3D model and print a replica of your key… and unplug the hovercraft before it overheats!

Design a spacecraft for NASA: Now that you have made it inside your inventors lab, it’s time to get to work. You have just received a special contract from NASA to design a spaceship for a mission to mars. Design a model of your ship to show to NASA. If you have extra time you can make an escape pod or observation drone to go with your ship!

Invent a New Animal or Ender Dragon for Minecraft: Now that your work for NASA is done, it’s time to have some fun! Your friend’s birthday is tomorrow and he loves minecraft. 3D Model and print your favorite object/resource, or create a totally new one that does not exist in Minecraft as a birthday present!

Campers also learn about the 3D Printer itself, and how to operate, clean, and care for the machine.

A Friday Showcase will take place around 2:45pm and campers will present their projects to the camp. Parents are welcome to attend!

Valuable Learning Opportunities:

Much More than just Printing: We are not just printing objects… we are conceptualizing, designing, customizing, modding, and optimizing!

Make An Impact: Any design for 3D Printing could go viral and make a difference to millions of people one day! With home and school 3D printers becoming more common, people could print your design all over the world.

Stay at the Forefront: 3D Printing is a blue ocean of untapped opportunities, and you can jump right in!

Have a Blast Inventing: When creating 3D models and printing prototypes, you are inventing! What’s more fun than creating and imagining with a group of friends at camp?

Showcase & Take Home: Our Friday showcase is your time to shine – show off your designs, discuss its benefits to society, and keep it – it’s yours!

Please note: Campers 3D model multiple projects each week, and take home at least one printed project (and a file with all of their designs.) Please have your child bring a USB drive to camp on Friday to copy all project files.

Footwear:  Closed-toe shoes/sneakers are required.

Camp Take Homes!

•  3D Printed Projects and Design Files!
•  3D Printing – Certificate of Excellence.
•  Lavner Camps 2019 Special Edition T-Shirt.
•  Lavner Camps Stylized Lanyard.

Please Note: Campers take projects created at 3D Printing Camp home and assume ownership of each project.

Warning for Projects: Projects created by campers at 3D Printing Camp may be small in size, and may therefore pose a risk of choking or other harm. These projects must be kept out of the reach of small children or anyone who has the tendency to put inedible objects in their mouth. All projects are created for the use of our campers ages 7 & up.

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3D Printing Camp is also offered at Camp Tech Revolution in Los Angeles (UCLA), Berkeley (UC Berkeley), San Francisco (SFSU), Long Island (NYIT), Chicago (Lake Forest College) and West Chester PA (WCU).

2019 Summer Camps

Specialty Camps
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