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3D Modeling & 3D Printing

Ages 8-12

2022 3D Printing & 3D Modeling Classes for Kids and Teens Available at Tech Revolution!

Inventors Wanted.

Join us on the forefront of one of technology’s fastest growing trends… 3D Printing and Modeling!

Welcome explorers! In our 3D Printing course, join us in our Journey to to Mars and help complete exciting missions each week!

With a technology that allows us to create and print prototypes wherever a 3D Printer can be plugged in, this industry is changing the world we live in and will have a huge impact on the future! We are already seeing amazing new developments in the medical field (prosthetics), car industry (designing/printing cars and parts), aerospace technology, and the purchasing/printing of products for home use, just to name a few…

Using cutting-edge 3D printers, our students have the opportunity to model prototypes, mod existing designs, and print them in 3D! Kids learn about scalability and how designs can be easily uploaded and printed for mass consumption.

Join us on our 2022 Space Mission to Mars…

Create a replacement part for our ship: If something goes wrong on our journey while we are far away from help, we may need to improvise and print up a piece to fix our ship!
Design a shelter for mars: Once we land on Mars, we’ll have to adapt to the environment. Model a print an efficient house to live in on Mars.
Develop a Space Buggy: Our mission is about more than just landing on Mars; once there, we’ll need to move about to conduct experiments and survey the planet. Design and print a space buggy to help us move around the new planet!

Students also learn about the 3D Printer itself, and how to operate, clean, and care for the machine.

Warning for Projects: Projects created by students in this course may be small in size, and may therefore pose a risk of choking or other harm. These projects must be kept out of the reach of small children or anyone who has the tendency to put inedible objects in their mouth. All projects are created for the use of our students ages 7 & up.


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