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2017 Philadelphia Sports Camps, Main Line Sports Camp, and Lower Gwynedd Sports Camp!

Sports Camp Description:

(Ages 6 to 12)

Do YOU want to play lots of sports this summer and develop your athletic talents in many areas?

If so, join us at one of our Philadelphia Area sports camps at Waldron Mercy Academy (Merion Station, PA) or Gwynedd Mercy Academy (Lower Gwynedd, PA).

For kids who love sports, being on a teams, developing skills, and plenty of friendly competition, Super Sports Camp is fun, team-oriented, and action packed!                      

At camp, we focus on exposing our campers to a wide variety of sports, drills, and games.  Campers work on skills and compete in traditional sports like Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball/Newcomb, Badminton, Track & Field and more!   Campers will also engage in fun and less traditional athletics (but childhood favorites) like Capture the Flag, Run the Bases, Wall Ball, Stick Ball, Frisbee Golf, and more…

All activities are approached with a focus on developing skill sets, exercising, teamwork, and excellent sportsmanship.

A mix of sports are played each day, and a variety of activities will help build campers’ hand eye coordination, fitness, strength, knowledge of sports rules, strategy and lots more!

In addition to drills and games, special events at Sports Camp include:

The Incredible Relay Race  –  Participate in a big relay race with a variety of obstacles and challenges.

Free Throw Shoot Out  –  Test your free throw skills and develop your shooting techniques and levels of concentration.

World Cup Penalty Shootout – High Excitement Soccer Shootout.  Take the penalty kicks and/or be a designated goalie.

Home Run Derby –  Put your skills to the text and hit lots of home runs for you team.

Badminton Mania – Partake in this exciting racquet sport competition which is great for improving your hand-eye coordination and footwork.

Frisbee Golf Expedition – Like golf, but use a frisbee to hit your targets and count your throws each hole.

VolleyBall/Newcomb Tournament – Lots of Volley Ball and Newcomb Games inspire teamwork, communications and excitement.

Friday Color War – End of camp competition incorporating a variety of sports events from the week!

and lots more… curriculum varies each week, so campers can attend for one week or multiple weeks.

Footwear:  Athletic sneakers are encouraged, but closed-to sneakers with shoelaces are required.  *Campers may bring cleats and shin-guards to camp.

All Campers receive a Lavner Camps t-shirt! 

Our Sports Camp locations include Waldron Mercy Academy – 513 Montgomery Avenue, Merion Station PA 19066.

See you this summer on the courts and fields!

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