Pioneers – Age 5

Pioneers – Age 5


Camp Activities for The Pioneers:

*Pioneers are grouped by age and ability within their division.

*Campers may request to be grouped together.

*The level of each activity also varies upon the age and ability of each group.



Lots of New Activities for Summer 2017!

Circle Time: Campers begin each day with Circle Time because it helps our Pioneers “start the day right,” build friendships, and fosters community learning. During this structured time, campers review the camp day, play “team-building” games, sing songs, have show and tell, discuss themes and events at camp, and form bonds with their instructors and bunkmates.

Aquatics ~ Instructional & Free Swim: All 5 year-old Pioneers partake in instructional & free swim with our certified lifeguards. During swim, our lifeguards focus on pool safety & rules, basic stroke fundamentals, proper breathing techniques, and strive to make swimming a camp highlight! Swim levels are tested during the first swim period of the week.


Water Zone: Our Pioneers cool off by entering our awesome Water Zone, which includes sprinklers, slides, and sometimes, whacky water balloons. Campers love the Water Zone and can’t wait to jump right in!

Super Sports: A mix of instruction and games, Super Sports is a fun way to introduce our Pioneers to different sports. Whether learning tennis, basketball, soccer, wiffle ball, kickball, or playing fun games like Sharks & Minnows, Around the World, or Duck Duck Goose, our instructors ensure that our little ones are having fun, learning about teamwork, and building confidence!

Outdoorsy Fun for Everyone: Whether it’s growing a “mini” garden, having a picnic,  collecting and studying rocks, creating huge bubbles, creating an outdoor play, or playing parachute games….there is enough outdoorsy fun for everyone!

Art Adventures: Coloring, building, painting, molding, drawing, and much more! Pioneers use art to express themselves in many creative and colorful ways. Best of all, they get to take home many of their projects!  Past favorites included camp murals, customized bird houses, pet portraits and more!

Card Making:  Pioneers get the chance to design and color their own greeting card with a personalized message for someone special!  Whether it’s a birthday card for a friend, an “I Love You” card for a parent or grand parent, or a card for a pet, Pioneers learn to express their feelings through their very own handmade cards!

Little Engineers: Hands-on, stimulating, and fun! Carefully planned materials and activities are offered to improve learning development and encourage imagination. Most activities are group based, promoting collaboration and team play, and the end results are cool projects campers can be proud of.  Some examples include building towers, bridges, and cities with trains, trucks, and cars!

Make Some Music: Whether it’s singing childhood classics or playing musical instruments, music makes the camp experience magical! Our Pioneers enjoy the fun of adding music to their day at camp and sharing their musical talents with other campers.

Fun with Math: Pioneers engage in exciting math games that help improve their math skills! These interactive activities are designed to help campers gain confidence by introducing them to basic mathematics and prepare them for the upcoming school year.

Next Generation Tech: It is never too early to learn tech skills! Pioneers have the chance to acquire essential computer skills; whether learning basic typing, design, or how to properly care for the technology equipment.  Pioneers also have the chance to get “hands on” with Robotics and experience the very basics of game design.

Imagination Station: In Imagination Station, campers engage in imaginative play where they can express creativity, free thinking, and problem solving. Campers may create skits, a sand castle, re-design an old pair of shoes, an imaginary food market, forts and more!

Sensational Science: Why is the sky blue?  This is the type of question we hope to answer for our Pioneers at camp.  In addition, various types of science are introduced through cool interactive activities like making tornado bottles, taking nature walks, looking through microscopes, and exploring gravity in action during ball drops and tosses. Chemistry, biology, and physics are just a few of the scientific disciplines that our Pioneers encounter!

Puppetry Theater: Pioneers make their own puppets and work with friends to create their own puppet show! From puppet design to developing imaginative storylines and actually performing their shows, campers are involved in every aspect!  Our campers love this activity and we can see their confidence and self-expression shine through each performance!

French Immersion: Bonjour!  Pioneers get immersed in the beautiful French language and culture through listening, speaking, song and dance.  This is a perfect age for children to begin learning a new language!

Brain Games: Children learn through play! Brain games are a powerful educational tool that teaches campers to solve problems, develop timing and fine motor skills, improve math & language ability, learn the principles of cause and effect, trial error, and so much more.  Brain Games are carefully selected for the Pioneers’ specific age and cognitive development.

Story Time: Pioneers love listening to their instructors read in animated fashion classic stories and other favorites! This activity provides our little ones with a structured time to take a break from their busy day at camp and relax. Many new stories are on the bookshelf for Summer 2017! *Campers are welcome to bring in their favorite story from home to share with their friends at camp.

Weekly Themes & Special Events: New and exciting weekly themes & special events are in store for Summer 2017!