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2019  Video Game Design Camps in Philadelphia PA, Main Line PA, Lower Gwynedd PA, Cherry Hill NJ, Princeton NJ, Montclair NJ, NYC Manhattan, Long Island NY, Washington DC, Towson MD, St. Louis MO & Los Angeles CA!


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Ages 6 to 10 – Space is Limited, Register Now!

Many AWESOME New Games & Projects for Summer 2019!

At Video Game Design Camp, campers use the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 program to create their own video games for use on computers, and learn how to create game Apps that are compatible with PC computers and Android™ and/or iOS devices.   Known as one of the best computers camps available, aspiring game designers come away with added skills, knowledge, awesome projects, and lots of accomplishments!

At this popular Computer Camp, no previous experience is necessary, however more complicated projects are offered to campers based upon their age and ability.

Starting with a blank screen, campers place objects, scenery, a scoreboard, and number of lives.  They then use the events editor to program how objects behave in this environment. The games and Apps are then expanded to multiple frames and levels, resulting in a complete multi-level arcade and/or platform game/App.

In addition to using objects and scenery from Fusion 2.5, campers can design their own, or manipulate the design of objects within the Fusion 2.5 library.  Campers learn not only programming logic, but also about animation and design.

Multi-level decision-making teaches campers to consider the game as a whole, beyond just a single frame, and encourages vision and planning. Our campers improve their thinking skills and utilize their creativity, all while becoming game designers!

Level 1 is for beginners with little or no experience.  Within the first week, campers create their own games of Brick Breaker, Arcade-Style Space Invaders, one App, and possibly a platform adventure game if time permits.  Upon returning for a second week of camp, campers can create a platform game with scrolling capabilities for game options like Space Adventures, Jungle Escapes, Race Cars, Snowboarding Sports, Laser Domes, Historical Exploration, or a game of their choice, in addition to creating an App!  Through our camp curriculum, campers are amazed at how quickly they can learn to make their own games and Apps starting with just a blank screen! While working through a tutorial to utilize programming and design concepts, campers are given vast creative license while creating their own features and storylines along the way. Campers create at least one Video Game and one App during each week of camp.

Level 2 is for campers who have completed at least two full weeks of camp, or are coming into camp with strong experience in game design.  Expanding on the ability to create a basic platform game, campers can create games with scrolling like Multi-Player Diving games, Adventure Games over Alien Colonies, Under-Water Missions, Choose Your Own Adventure Games, Math Quizzes, Language Learning Games, Olympic Sports, and much more, while incorporating scrolling, artificial intelligence, and other high level features.  App creation in Level 2 focuses on touch features, swiping movements, and creating apps with more adventure and flashier animation!

Level 3 is for campers who have completed at least four full weeks of camp, and/or have 100 programming hours (appx. 4 weeks of camp) in Fusion 2.5.  Platform games are similar to the games created by the intermediate group, but Level 3 campers are encouraged to complete more total levels, create a more complicated storyline, execute with a higher caliber of design, custom design players and enemies, and implement more complicated movement by enemies, especially bosses of levels.

Valuable Learning Opportunities:

Get Your Start in Game Design:  This camp is a perfect starting point for aspiring game designers, as Fusion is intuitive for entry level learners using our curriculum.

You Can Get Fancy:  Fusion is a very powerful platform with lots of capabilities and features, and our Intermediate and Advanced Game Designers can create complex games that can wow even the avid gamer!

Don’t Just Play Games, Create Them:  In Summary, this is WHY we created Game Design Camp.  We want to teach campers how to be proactive learners where they learn how to MAKE games.  The educational component and learning opportunities involved in game design far exceed just playing video games on the couch, and we think parents agree!

Code, Code, Code:  In addition to designing, coding is a very important part of game designs.  For Gamers who want to learn Game Design, they also get the educational component of coding, which is huge!

Apps, Too:  In addition to designing games for computers, campers also learn how to create an App for the phone.  This added experience gives campers the opportunity to learn game design for multiple platforms, and enhances a variety of skill sets.

Many Game Design Options:  Game Design with Fusion is a great place to start out as a beginner, and/or even develop games/apps as an intermediate or advanced camper. Just as importantly, this camp helps you develop skills to transition into other areas of game design represented in our other amazing game design camps using GameMaker, RPG Maker™, and Virtual Reality Software!

• If your child creates an App for Android™, you can upload the app to your Android™ at home or the parent can bring in their Android™ on Friday at pick up time for uploading.

• If your child is creating an App for an iOS device, this file will be saved to a CD and you will need to submit it to Apple’s App Store where publishing is subject to their approval.

• Campers may sign up for one week or multiple weeks, as campers are always engaged in new material by advancing in our curriculum. Camper projects are exported for use on PCs. If your child would like his or her project exported into XCode for use on a Mac at home, please let the instructor know!

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•  Camp Projects on CD.
•  Game Design – Certificate of Excellence.
•  Lavner Camps 2019 Special Edition T-Shirt.
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