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Top STEM Careers in Demand: A Guide for Students

Rapidly evolving technology has shaped our world, and most things in our lives today rely on people who understand these intricate technologies and programs.

From software developers to cybersecurity experts, we’re looking at the top STEM careers that are in demand, and what your child needs to know to succeed in their pursuit of these crucial and rewarding professions. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We had to start this list off with the elephant in the room: AI.

For the younger ones who’ve grown up with smartphones, social media, and a love for tech, a career in AI/ML might just feel like the perfect fit. Plus, with a whopping 40% increase in demand for AI and ML jobs expected in the next four years, stepping into this STEM field seems like a really promising path.

What Your Child Needs To Learn:

Generally, to pursue a career in AI and ML, you’d typically aim for a bachelor’s degree and training in fields such as computer science, data science, or related areas.

Preparing your child for this field starts with enrolling them in courses that focus on machine learning and using AI tools

Software Development 

The apps and software we use today at home, school, and work are brought to you by software developers. In the tech world, there are usually two kinds of software developers — those who work on software systems and those who create applications. 

The first group, known as software systems developers, are those who build the whole systems that keep our computers up and running smoothly. 

Software application developers are creative minds who design computer applications like games or apps that people use.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 25% increase in job openings for software developers by 2032, so if your child is showing interest and potential in this field, it’s best to get them started on the learning necessary to succeed. 

What Your Child Needs To Learn:

To become a software developer, your child needs a firm understanding of math and science classes, as well as how to navigate computers. Additionally, summer camps that focus on coding will be essential to their learning.

Internships are another great way to break into the industry. 

UX/UI Design 

Let’s talk about user experience design and research. 

This field is all about making sure people who visit a website or use an app get the best experience possible from it. If your child is part of a UX design team one day, they’ll need to understand the unique needs of different groups of users and create solutions that work for everyone. 

Whether it’s big companies, healthcare providers, or just regular folks like us, the design of a user interface plays a huge role in how easy it is to use a product or service.

Jobs for UX designers are predicted to grow 16% by 2032.

What Your Child Needs To Learn:

To become a UX designer, your child will want to build a solid base in technology and design principles. This means getting the hang of design methods like user-centered design, graphic design, user interface design, and information architecture.

Also, they’ll need to dive into the different platforms and tech used to create engaging user experiences. This includes programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive web design.

Data Science

Data scientists use their creativity to analyze numbers and information to help solve complex problems across industries. They develop algorithms and models that support programs for machine learning.

Job opportunities for data scientists are expected to grow 35% by 2032, making it one of the most sought-after STEM careers. Your child will enjoy learning about data science if they like connecting the dots and solving problems. 

What Your Child Needs To Learn:

Data scientists need a strong understanding of mathematics, specifically in areas such as statistics. Additionally, your child will benefit from sharpening their problem-solving and computer skills. Valuable programming skills include learning Python.

Video Game Design

There is a good chance that your child enjoys playing video games. 

Luckily, there is more to gaming than just being a time-consuming hobby. Children with a fascination for video games can become game designers, another popular STEM career in a market that is estimated to hit $610.6 billion by 2032. 

What Your Child Needs To Learn:

To design video games, you should check out video game summer camps like Game Design Camp 101 with GDevelop, Game Design Academy with GameMaker, and Game Design Camp with Godot Engine. Luckily, STEM camps like Lavner Education have weekly game design camps that help children develop the skills and passion to excel in this area. Who knows, your child may just create the next big game. 


In today’s job market, and even more so in the future, one thing is certain: Cybersecurity jobs will be in incredibly high demand, regardless of the specific area or specialization. The rapid evolution of the cyber threat landscape, with new attacks and variants emerging practically every day, ensures the continuous need for cybersecurity expertise.

There is a projected job growth of 32% by 2032 for Information security analysts within the cybersecurity industry.

What Your Child Needs To Learn:

Those wanting to get into the cybersecurity field should have some sort of technological background by the time they become adults, such as (at the very minimum) either an Associate’s or Bachelor of Science Degree in computer science or some other closely related field. 

A Cybersecurity Summer Camp is the perfect way for your child to get an idea of what it takes to succeed in this rapidly growing field.

Get Started With Lavner Education

As more of our world continues to rely upon technology, it’s essential that more kids learn about the value of STEM. At Lavner Education, Camp Tech Revolution offers a wide range of camps tailored to teach your child about the different STEM fields and how they can turn their love for learning into a meaningful and rewarding career later in their lives. 

Check out our camps and reach out if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to help you find the right camps for your child.

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