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2019 Elite Skills Minecraft Camps in Philadelphia PA, Main Line PA, Lower Gwynedd PA, Cherry Hill NJ, Princeton NJ, Montclair NJ, NYC Manhattan, Long Island NY, Wilmington DE, Washington DC, Towson MD, St. Louis MO & Los Angeles CA!


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Ages 11 to 14 – Space is Limited, Register Now!

This camp involves exciting Java™ programming in addition to Minecraft™ skill development and gameplay!

New Coding, New Projects, New Tournaments for 2019!

Are you a passionate Minecrafter who wants to learn advanced skills in Minecraft™ and gain exposure to programming mods in Java™? Do you want to explore 3D Graphics Programming, the type of Java™ code that powers Minecraft™, and learn how to code your own Minecraft™ style Engine? If so, let’s get started!

As one of the leading Minecraft™ Camps in the world, we offer Elite Skills Minecraft for campers with lots of Minecraft™ experience who want to delve deeper into advanced gameplay and the programming behind Minecraft™.

While working in single player and multiplayer, campers can take their skills to the next level and have a blast engaging in fun projects in a social setting. In multiplayer, students work in teams to complete projects and participate in adventures and competitions. Campers also learn how to program mods and create a Minecraft™ style Engine using Java™ (see below for description), use survival skills in difficult environments, scratch craft advanced items, utilize Redstone at a higher level, and participate in weekly Friday tournaments.

There are three main projects at camp:  Coding Mods, Creating a Minecraft™ Engine, and Team Survival in a Customized World full of challenges and hostile conditions.

1. Coding Mods using Java™ – Campers learn how to utilize Java™ to program their own mods.  Bring your ideas for new tools, foods, and recipes!

2. Creating a Minecraft™ Engine – By using 3D Graphics Programming, learn how to create a 3D environment, control player movement and vision, and place blocks with customizable textures around your world.  In essence, create the same type of Engine that powers Minecraft using Java™ Code!

3. Team Survival & Challenges – In our Survival Worlds, YOU can create things like shelters, transportation systems, surveillance devices, factories for food and resource production, automated farms, traps, and more while completing an advanced scavenger hunt that can grant you reign over the world!  Utilize Redstone to enhance your structures and survival capabilities, and also scratch craft items to help you along the way!

At the end of the week, campers test their skills in a Friday tournament and celebrate with a fantastic Fireworks Show!

Valuable Learning Opportunities:

Programming Mods Using Java: Campers learn and utilize Java™ to create mods that they can incorporate into their worlds. Once mods are created, they can be installed, exported, and shared with friends!

Learn How To Code a Minecraft Style Engine Using Java: Campers learn about 3D Graphics Programming and how to code the type of Engine that is used to power Minecraft™. A Game Engine is a software framework that provides the core functionality of the game – graphics, movement, vision, textures and more!

Using Survival Skills: Use and improve survival skills in difficult environments where terrain is challenging, hostile characters spawn, and items/tools must be crafted to build systems and structures that allow YOU to thrive!

Advanced Redstone Lessons: Campers can learn advanced Redstone techniques for creating systems like Fireworks shows, Vending machines, Automated Farms, Defenses, and more!

Scratch Craft Advanced and Obscure Items from Recipes: To survive in our challenging worlds, campers will need to craft the right items at the right times!

High Level Teamwork and Communication: Surviving in challenging worlds and difficult environments in Minecraft™ is exhilarating! Using our multiplayer servers, campers will need to communicate well and work together to build and sustain a thriving community!

Friday Tournament Competitions: High level tournaments give campers the chance to test out their skills by participating in our events like parkour, capture the flag, spleef, and king of the hill! Tournament events may be in single and/or multiplayer.


Campers should have a strong understanding of building, designing, the use of Redstone, installing mods (not programming mods using Java™) and customizing maps before participating in this camp.

Campers are required to arrive with their own Minecraft™ Java Edition account for a MAC/PC.

Camp Take Homes!

•  Camp Projects.
•  Elite Minecraft – Certificate of Excellence.
•  Lavner Camps 2019 Special Edition T-Shirt.
•  Lavner Camps Stylized Lanyard.

*We are one of the World’s Leading Minecraft Camps but independent from Minecraft.net, Mojang, AB., and/or Microsoft.

*We take camper experiences way beyond by teaching lessons in Coding Mods, Programming Game Engines, Advanced Redstone, and tournament play! Please note, The functionality of our servers for multiplayer use is dependent upon internet connectivity. Our servers have successfully undergone testing prior to the summer at each location. Although rare, during camp, it is possible that external factors may cause an interruption in connectivity. If this occurs, campers will work on projects in single player mode and/or engage in other Minecraft™ learning experiences while connectivity is being restored. Rest assured, there are many Minecraft™ activities that supplement learning and are super fun!

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