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2019 Minecraft Camps in Philadelphia PA, Main Line PA, Lower Gwynedd PA, Bucks County PA, Cherry Hill NJ, Princeton NJ, Montclair NJ, NYC Manhattan, Long Island NY, Wilmington DE, Washington DC, Towson MD, St. Louis MO, Nashville TN & Los Angeles CA!


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3D Minecraft™ Camp Description:

Ages 7 to 12 – Space is Limited, Register Now!

Join us to stretch your imagination, work in an exciting multiplayer environment, and have a blast at one of the world’s leading Minecraft™ camps!

Exciting New Curricula, Projects & Tournaments for 2019!

This camp is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced campers with separate curricula for all three levels. Campers may attend one week or multiple weeks, and move up in curricula each week!

At Minecraft™ Camp, campers can utilize their own creativity, learn and improve their skills, and work individually or collaboratively in the same virtual world (on our own private servers) at this awesome and unique computer camp!

In addition to designing and building, we take camper experiences far beyond by teaching lessons in Installing and using mods, survival & scratch crafting recipes, customizing Minecraft™ maps, utilizing redstone & electrical circuits, game design, working with multiplayer servers, and building competition skills in weekly Minecraft™ tournaments!

Our own servers allow campers to work together on the same projects, creating fun and dynamic group interaction!

Using Minecraft™ as a learning tool, campers utilize various Minecraft skills to customize and create their own epic worlds! Campers learn how to build their own landscapes and explore the benefits and challenges of various biomes, and how to “craft” their own items for survival and decoration. Campers also use an inventory of blocks and various resources to literally “mine” and “craft” projects like famous monuments, flying cities, train stations, spy hideouts with secret entrances, ancient civilizations, alien colonies, wild west towns, or structures of their own choosing!

*Projects can include the construction of a train system, roller coaster, trapdoor/tunnel, aerial paths, and waterways allowing all players strategic access to tour and travel the entire environment for observation, work efficiency, and gameplay. Teleporting is also an option! Campers can create worlds that encompass gameplay and a storyline.

Campers may choose to work with other campers or on their own, but group participation is highly encouraged. By working in the same world with multiple players, campers assume different roles (builder, architect, resource gatherer, electrical engineer, protector, team leader etc…) where communication and fulfilling one’s project responsibilities are very important to achieving the group’s collective goals. Campers may also decide to act individually as builders and then connect their structures with the rest of the team in a later phase of the overall project.

From a social standpoint, campers learn teamwork, cooperation, and the importance of sharing and implementing ideas, and fulfilling a variety of roles in the completion of bigger projects while working face to face.

Campers also engage in weekly tournaments on Fridays! The excitement is off the charts!

Valuable Learning Opportunities:

Building & Engineering: Campers learn how to design and construct projects throughout camp. Some important concepts include building to scale, mining materials, strategic planning and mapping, developing access points, choosing a palette and materials, designing with shape and form in mind, and much more…

Learn How To Install Mods: Learn how to install Mods with our in-class tutorial! Demonstrations using our step-by-step tutorial take place during camp and teach you the ins and outs of this exciting feature. Typically, one main lesson and an additional review period later in the week are conducted. Mods add tremendously to the “creativity factor” since campers can modify their player, tools, scenery, structures, interactions and much more! What’s even more exciting… all NEW mods for 2019!

Customizing Maps: Campers can learn about customizing maps and biomes in Minecraft™. Essentially, instead of just using the map that Minecraft automatically generates for you, now you can customize it to your specifications!

Survival & Scratch Crafting Recipes: Improve skills in survival mode and learn how to craft items that will help you survive, sustain, and prosper! Survival worlds vary based upon your level of experience.

Improve Your Skills with lessons in Redstone: Learn about creating electrical circuits using Redstone. These concepts help campers to create features like functioning doors, garage doors, trap doors, security systems, sliding bookcases, traps, electrical fireplaces, fireworks and more that operate at the push of a button or flip of a lever. New Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Redstone projects are available.

Game Design & Mini-Games: Depending upon experience level, campers may learn about and implement game design within their Minecraft world.

MultiPlayer Servers: Campers learn about multiplayer servers through working on them at camp and collaborating with other team members when working in the same world, at the same time!

Friday Tournament Competitions: One of the highlights of camp! Test out your skills in our Friday tournaments.


This camp is open to campers who are beginners, intermediates, and advanced in Minecraft™.  Campers are grouped based upon age and ability, and group requests can be made prior to camp.

Campers are required to arrive with their own Minecraft™ Java Edition account for a PC. If your child does not have a Minecraft™ account, it can be purchased at Minecraft.net. Once this account is purchased, campers will have access to their account for life, according to Minecraft.net. Campers can bring in a USB flash drive on their last day of camp to copy their projects for use at home.

Campers may register for one week or multiple weeks, as projects vary from week to week.

Why do we require a Minecraft Account for PC/Mac?

In order for all campers to play together on the same servers, they must be on the same platform. While Minecraft is also great on gaming consoles and mobile devices, PC is by far the most common, and using it allows us to delve deeper in areas such as mods and multiplayer. Please make sure your child arrives to camp with his/her Minecraft Java Edition for PC/Mac username and password.

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*We are one of the World’s Leading Minecraft Camps but independent from Minecraft.net, Mojang, AB., and/or Microsoft.

*We take camper experiences way beyond by teaching lessons in Implementing Mods, Survival & Scratch Crafting Recipes, Customizing Minecraft™ Maps, utilizing Redstone & Electrical Circuits, game design, working with multiplayer servers, and building competition skills in weekly Minecraft™ tournaments! The functionality of our servers for multiplayer use is dependent upon internet connectivity. Our servers have successfully undergone testing prior to the summer at each location. Although rare, during camp, it is possible that external factors may cause an interruption in connectivity. If this occurs, campers will work on projects in single player mode and/or engage in other Minecraft™ learning experiences while connectivity is being restored. Rest assured, there are many Minecraft™ activities that supplement learning and are super fun!

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Minecraft Camp is also offered at Camp Tech Revolution in Los Angeles (UCLA), Berkeley (UC Berkeley), San Francisco (SFSU), Long Island (NYIT), Chicago (Lake Forest College) and West Chester PA (WCU).

2019 Summer Camps

Specialty Camps
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