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All-Girls STEAM Course

Ages 8-12

2021 Fall STEAM Course for Girls Virtual Camps for Kids Available Worldwide at Tech Revolution!

Join us for an action-packed course of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math! With exciting and unique topics each day, girls will get exposure to a wide variety of STEAM learning. Check out our topics below!

(S) Science with Virtual Labs.
Experience the fun of hands-on learning using our virtual science labs and explore some of the most exciting topics in science today.

(T) The Future of Technology.
Have you ever thought about what 2050 will look like? How about 2450? Dive into the next generation ideas, inventions, and advancements, and learn about some of the exceptional women leading the charge in this space!

(E) Engineering A Cleaner World. Learn about the future of EV vehicles, the technology behind it, and how adopting this technology can help support climate change initiatives. Create a digital map of EV charging stations for your favorite city to help them go green, and present to the group! 

(A) The Key to 3D Art
Learn all about 3D Modeling! You’ve just come up with a game changing idea for the world’s technological future, and have the research to back it up. You need to lock everything up in a safe, but need to create a super stealth key that is impossible to copy. Your challenge is to 3D model a unique key for your safe: think specific color codes, ridges, and camouflage. We’ll 3D print your key and mail it to you from one of our secret locations! 

(M) The Power of Math
Harness the power of real-world math. Discover how math can be used to help you do things like start a business, understand the value of money over time, predict the weather, or identify the patterns behind hit songs. Math is an incredibly powerful tool, and when used the right way, it can help you unlock incredible discoveries and truly change your life!

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