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2019 Video Game Design and Programming Camps in Philadelphia PA, Main Line PA, Lower Gwynedd PA, Cherry Hill NJ, Princeton NJ, Montclair NJ, NYC Manhattan, Long Island NY, Wilmington DE, Washington DC, Towson MD, St. Louis MO & Los Angeles CA!

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Ages 9 to 13 – Space is Limited, Register Now!

Design Games Like a Pro!

In Video Game Design Camp with GameMaker™, campers create incredible games with AWESOME graphics and learn to implement computer programming. Campers go through the process of creating a video game – brainstorming, planning, character design, level design, programming, user interface design and much more!

The GameMaker™ Studio software caters to everyone from entry-level novices all the way up to game development professionals. In addition to professional quality development, GameMakerTM allows campers to create fully functional prototypes for beta testing before publishing a final game at the end of the week!

After learning the Graphical User Interface in GameMaker™: Studio, campers begin to plan their game by crafting a storyline and developing characters using the advanced, built-in, digital painting software. Once their characters are created, campers learn about level design and lay out floor plans with an easy-to-use, efficient, tiling technique that allows for excellent control and precision. Once the basic visuals are established, campers begin to program the character movement and interactions within their game.

Campers have the option to write their own code to power their game, or to utilize the easier drag and drop programming.

Offering a vast database of game design concepts, and sharp graphics, GameMaker™ is a great step towards professional level design and an even bigger step to top-level creativity and innovation!

Some Projects May Include:

Arcade-Style Asteroids Space Game: Create a solar system with lots of floating asteroids, aliens, gravity, and drag. With your very own custom spaceship, survive an ever changing landscape while battling to protect earth! Turn the clock back for a super fun and retro style Arcade game! This style of game was a favorite for many of our camp parents when they were kids!

Adventure Games: Design a platform game with side/top-down scrolling capabilities that allow a player to explore an epic world with adventurous plots, challenges, and storylines. Campers can focus on character and landscape development, add text/dialogue, and feature multiple levels. Campers will explore the power of coding when creating this type of game. 2D Platformer games included!

Dash Games: Create a side scrolling, jump based platform game that challenges the player’s skills and reaction time. Campers get to create their own courses, obstacles, and concepts. This game is heavily coding based where player movement is programmed accounting for gravity.

Valuable Learning Opportunities:

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics: The visuals in GameMaker™ are exceptional. Create beautiful games with an incredible look, feel, and appeal to many types of gamers.

Professional Level Software: Use what the pros use! This software is powerful, and can be complex and intimidating. That’s where we come in. Our curriculum is specially designed to make the software easy to understand so that you can make awesome games! With effort there is reward, and the camper projects created in our GameMaker™ camps are incredible!

Valuable Coding Experience: Whether it’s through drag and drop or by using the code writing tools in GameMaker™, you WILL gain lots of experience in coding. This is an important part of game design and a truly valuable addition to the camp experience.

The Game Design Industry: If You are interested in the Game Design Industry, and may want to be a professional game designer or do it on the side as a hobby, this camp is a great place to get your start, see what game design is all about, and hone your skill set.

Impress Your Family and Friends: You will leave with a copy of your work at the end of camp! Just wait until your family and friends see the professional style games you’ve created!

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•  Camp Projects on CD.
•  GameMaker Game Design – Certificate of Excellence.
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This camp is for beginners and intermediates.

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2019 Summer Camps

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