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Robotics & Engineering with VEX

Ages 10-14

2022 VEX Robotics Classes Available for Kids at Tech Revolution!

Serious Robotics.  Serious Fun.

Join us in Robotics with VEX® IQ for next level learning in Robotics.  This course is perfect for kids who already have experience with LEGO Mindstorms and are ready for the next step up, or those ages 10-14 who want to get their start in Robotics.

VEX® IQ allows students to build complex robots with tons of motors (12 ports!), advanced gears and pulley systems, high-tech sensors, and enhanced controllability. Additionally, VEX® IQ has large, flexible pieces that allow for the construction of bigger, more sophisticated robots.

Not only do VEX® IQ robots have advanced parts, they also make use of both a vertical programing language similar to Scratch, and ROBOTC, the standard for educational robotics and competitions. This gives students experience using the same programs used by middle school, high school, and even college robotics teams nationwide!

With complex parts and a higher level of coding, students are challenged to utilize strong building skills and truly develop their acuity for mechanics, engineering, and logical thinking.

Students learn important concepts through hands-on experience and lessons such as force and motion, design and problem solving, mechanical advantage, gear ratios, circumference and arcs, pulley systems, teamwork, and lots more…

Some robots students can build include the Clawbot IQ, Armbot IQ, V-Rex, Ike, Linq, Slick, Allie, Stretch, Kiwi Drive Bot, Quadrupled, and Speed Build Bot. Students utilize their robots to complete assigned challenges, and compete in a robotics tournament! Teamwork and collaboration are strongly emphasized!


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