Testimonials from Camp Families

Testimonials from Camp Families

We receive tons of great feedback and testimonials from campers, parents, and industry professionals every year.  We truly appreciate the support and are very passionate about providing the best summer camp experiences available for your child.  Here is a sample of some of the testimonials about our camps:


“Best Camp Ever!” – Pepper, G. Camper


“I made some of my best friends at Lavner Camps” – Jennifer S., Camper


“I love Lavner Camps!” – Taylor M., Camper


“Lavner Camps is creative, unique, well run, and the kids love them!  They are on the cutting edge of summer camps.” – Lower Merion Teacher


“The instructors were dynamic and the whole camp atmosphere is very friendly.  We were very pleased with the experience.” –  Sarah H., Camp Parent


Lavner Camps is the best camp around and you get a lot of value for the price of tuition. My kids get a lot of attention from the instructors and improve each week.  Everyone is really friendly and welcoming.  I highly recommend Lavner Camps.”  – Robert S., Camp Parent


“The variety of camps offered by Lavner Camps is incredible.  My kids love attending and trying different types of camps in sports and tech.”  –  Andrea S., Camp Parent


“He loved both weeks so much that I heard words that are magic to a working parent’s ears ‘I can’t wait to go back next year!” – Regina B., Camp Parent


“Camp directors and staff are passionate about camp.” – Robert W., Camp Parent


“Lavner Camps makes a positive difference for a lot of kids.” – Yasmine B., Camp Parent


“Lavner Camps is a fresh approach to camp.  The campers are totally energized.” – Pamela G., Camp Parent


“The camp office is highly responsive and extremely friendly” – Jeffrey A., Grandparent of Camper


* If you would like a reference from another camp family… just ask!  You can email your request to [email protected] 

*Our camps have also been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, WHYY, PBS, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Los Angeles Times, TechnicallyPhilly.com, and much more…



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