Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our camp families ask us many great questions about our summer camps.  Below are a list of questions that are frequently asked.  If you have a question that is not listed, please send it our way!  


Question #1:  How much time do campers spend with their majors and minors?

Answer:  Campers will spend 22.5 hours/week in their major and 10 hours/week in their minor.

Question #2:  What are your instructor to camper ratios?

Answer:  It depends upon the camp, but typically our ratios are 1 instructor to 8 campers… or better!  We strive to create a camp environment where campers receive excellent supervision and high levels of attention during instructional periods.

Question #3:  Who are your instructors?

Answer:  Our instructors are the very best out of a large pool of qualified applicants we consider each year!  Typically, our Lead instructors consist of teachers, college professors, undergrad/grad students from excellent colleges/universities, and the occasional superstar student entering college in the fall.  Assistant instructors typically consist of accomplished rising seniors.  Our instructors are extremely knowledgeable in the subject area, passionate about working with kids, highly responsible, and all have cleared background checks.  Instructors go through a rigorous orientation prior to the summer camp season and have constant support from onsite camp directors and our central office.  We put them in a position to succeed… and they do!  We hire the best.  Hiring less than 8% of our applicants, we employ highly skilled instructors who are passionate about working with kids and teens.  We want only the best for our campers!

Question #4:  Do you have an on-site camp director?

Answer:  Yes!  At least one on-site camp director manages TECH R3VOLUTION™ at each location. The director is trained to make sure that daily operations at camp are running smoothly, and is also CPR Certified & First Aid trained.  Our camp director is available on-site to answer your questions, and is available by phone and email if you need to communicate with him/her during the day.  These positions are highly sought after, and we hire the best. Camp directors also work directly with our camp office, communicate on a daily basis, and offer great support to campers and instructors each day.  Our central office also employs regional directors who visit TECH R3VOLUTION™ each week to help ensure a high quality camp environment and excellent supervision!  Our camp directors are almost always teachers during the school year, and may also be our own full time employees or part time employees with excellent management skills.

Question #5:  Can campers attend any week of camp?

Answer:  Yes!  We group campers by age and ability, and run multiple levels of curriculum in each camp.  This allows for campers to attend camp with us at any time during the summer, even if they are beginners.  Our campers can sign up for any week and be placed appropriately in camp, and move up in curricula throughout the summer if selecting the same major or minor for more than one week.  This provides our camp families with maximum flexibility.

Question #6:  Do campers improve at camp?

Answer:  Yes!  Campers receive approximately a combined 32.5 hours of concentrated time in their major and minors.  With this amount of focused time, and with our cutting-edge curriculum and high level instructors, our campers are set up for success and can improve their skills substantially. They are also attending with other campers who share similar interests, which fosters learning through peer to peer interaction, creating an environment of collaboration and learning.

Question #7:  How do you keep camp fun?

Answer:  We hire fun and dynamic instructors!  Campers are also selecting the majors and minors that they want, so they already want to be there and are interested in the subject matter!  We also incorporate a number of breaks during the day with opportunities for recreation and socialization.  We offer a great balance of indoor and outdoor time, to make sure our campers have a chance to get fresh air, socialize, and play fun sports and games!

Question #8:  How do you create a safe camp environment?

Answer:  Camp safety is our number one goal.  We work hard all year long to make sure our camp safety is top notch.  TECH R3VOLUTION™ is operated by Lavner Camps, the leading specialty camp provider in the United States.  Lavner Camps is accredited by the American Camp Association (which has hundreds of guidelines for accreditation) in PA and NJ, and carries its standards to other states. We hire very responsible staff and hold onsite training – which includes a written test of our detailed handbook/procedures, which contains sections on promoting safety and supervision, the importance of constant communication between our office, staff, campers, and families, and ways to handle various emergencies that may potentially occur at camp.  We implement a behavioral policy that is strict but fair, and requires that all campers exude good behavior, do not engage in bullying, and contribute to a safe and welcoming camp environment.  We employ regional directors, and our camp locations are in communication with our central office on a daily basis. Your child is our #1 priority, which means that the safety of our campers is our top priority. 

Question #9:  Why should we choose Lavner Camps and Camp Tech Revolution?

Answer:  At Lavner Camps, you will “experience the difference!”  Our mission is to provide the best camp experience available… and we do. Here are some of the things that we offer to provide a great camp experience:

Attention to Safety

Top-Notch Camp Locations

Excellent Staff

Innovative Specialty Offerings

“Cutting Edge” curriculum

A camp office that believes in excellent customer service and communication with our camp families

Extremely high retention rate of campers and growing each year, especially through word-of-mouth referrals.

Incredible media coverage – local and national!

Expert Leadership Team – Camp Professionals who drive our mission of camp excellence full-time, and bring years of summer camp experience and educational backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Columbia University, Cornell University, Brandeis University, Villanova University, Drexel University,  EMU, and more!

A proven track record of thousands of campers who succeeded and love Lavner Camps!

and so much more…!


Additional Questions:  If you have any additional questions, please email us at [email protected], call our year-round office at 888.854.CAMP (2267), or send us a message on our website chat.  We welcome your questions and are happy to provide you with informative answers!



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