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Spy Tech

Ages 7-12

2022 Spy Tech Classes for Kids Available Worldwide at Tech Revolution!

Welcome To The World’s Leading Spy Tech Academy. New action-packed missions for 2022!

Attention Agents:

Immerse yourself in the world of spy technology at one of the World’s Leading Spy Academies. In this action-packed course, take your technology skills to the next level by participating in exciting spy missions throughout the session. Agents will need to fly virtual drones, create surveillance systems, encrypt messages, and much more! Each new topic is utilized for a spy mission, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that enhances skills in technology, leadership, and more! Are you up to the challenge?

Your Mission Awaits:

Pilot Drones and Spy Planes: Agents carry out missions with our spy plane simulator, and perform secret operations using a virtual drone!
Forensic Science: Agents will learn about running an investigation using forensic science to complete exciting missions.
Spy Mode: Agents hone in on their spy skills by utilizing Minecraft and Roblox for spy games and activities such as infiltrating a fortress, retrieving secret documents, and securing a secret spy lab. Agents face challenges in an all new, custom-built spy world and utilize high-tech mods meant just for spies.
Roblox Spy Skills: Test your spy skills in games with other campers like Capture The Flag, iSpy, Hide and Seek, and much more. Discover spy tactics that will you use to accomplish your missions. Have fun tons of fun with group missions!
Robotics Systems: Agents must design and build a robot that can complete a given mission! Missions vary so you may build an investigation bot, a surveillance bot, a guard bot, a secret message bot, or more!
Encryption via Ciphers: Get experience using codes and create your own cipher. Experienced students can even learn how to program a cipher using Scratch or Python! These encryptions will be utilized in the field to send messages to fellow agents.

Valuable Learning Opportunities include gaining exposure to data analysis, logical thinking, high-tech collaboration, Morse Code, and spy skills using Scratch and/or Python Coding!


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