Private Lessons at Camp

Private Lessons at Camp

Improve YOUR Skills with Private Instruction!

So many of our campers are passionate about the specialty programs they are participating in and want to improve and develop the skills taught throughout camp.  Private lessons are a great way to do this!

Private lessons are offered at many of our specialty day camps.  You may book an AM lesson from 8:00am to 8:45am or PM lesson from 3:45pm to 4:30pm.

If your child is registered for a private lesson before camp, early arrival coverage is included in the cost of the private lesson on that day.  If your child is registered for a private lesson after camp, extended day coverage until 6:00pm is NOT included in the cost for the private lesson on that day.  

  • Lessons are offered in the subject matter of your child’s camp and tailored to your child’s ability level.
  • Private lessons are only offered to campers in attendance during that camp week.
  • All lessons should be booked via online registration.  Spots are limited!

Lessons are available in select specialty subjects, which include:

Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Robotics EV3®, Robotics with VEX®, Robotics Camp with Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality Camp with Game Design, 3D Innovation & Design with Minecraft™, Elite Skills in Minecraft™ with Java™ Programming, Video Game Design with Apps, Game Design & Programming with GameMaker®, Video Game Design with RPG Maker™, Programming with Scratch, Programming with Python™, Programming with Java™, Digital Movie Production Camp For YouTube, Fashion Design, Hand Sewing, Jewelry Design, Creative Writing Camp,  Spanish Immersion, and Magic.

One-on-one private instruction is an excellent way for our campers to learn at their own pace, gain a better understanding and mastery of the skills and subject material, and enhance your child’s experience at camp. Our instructors are friendly and supportive and they understand that every camper learns at his or her own pace. Our private lessons are designed to be hands-on and very focused, which enables the instructor and camper to concentrate on improving both strengths and weaknesses. Lessons are tailored to the specific camper, and in some instances, campers may use the private lessons to go above and beyond the camp curriculum in an educational and informative manner with the help of the instructor. Private lessons are optional, and are within the subject matter of the camp your child is attending that week.

Don’t miss out on reserving a private lesson, as they are limited and are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis! Campers have the option to purchase more than one private lesson per week, and each lesson builds upon the progress made at camp and in previous lessons.

In addition to being a great supplement to the camp week, private lessons are convenient! Lessons occur at the camper’s location either before camp (during Early Arrival) or after camp (during Extended Day).

Private lessons can be booked on during online registration, or by contacting our office via email at [email protected]  If you already registered online and want to add lessons, you can log back into your account and add them to your camp registration.

In order to book private lessons for your child, your child must attend camp that week.



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