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Robotics Building & Engineering with LEGO® Mindstorms®

Ages 6-10

2022 LEGO Robotics Classes for Kids Available at Camp Tech Revolution!

Invent. Build. Code. Compete. Have Fun.

This is the ultimate robotics and coding experience. 

As one of the original creators of LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Camps, Tech Revolution offers an experience that goes far beyond a one day school program. 

Tons of NEW Robots & Challenges at our 2022 Robotics Classes!

Tech Revolution Robotics embodies engineering, coding, problem solving, and teamwork. Challenges and ROBOWARS make this course epic.

At our Robotics classes, students use LEGO® MINDSTORMS® to learn the fundamentals of robotics and engineering. By learning important principles, kids acquire the ability to create robots by following specific instructions and eventually by using their own creativity. They also learn how to remote control their robots, work in teams, and program robots to move and use sensors!

Students practice and utilize math, logic, and critical thinking skills through building, programming, the use of trial and error, and the measurement of time, speed, and distance during challenges.

Students of all levels participate in a tournament called ROBOWARS. Each group builds a robot that battles head-to-head in a tournament setting through a variety of matches and challenges. Robots are either pre-programmed, or controlled by computer or tablet via USB or Bluetooth®!


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