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Pokémon with Strategies, Games & Competitions

Ages 6-8

2022 Pokémon Classes and Tournaments Available at Tech Revolution!

Become the Ultimate Pokémon Trainer!

Become the Ultimate Pokémon Trainer!

Discover the secrets of Pokémon while creating the ultimate team! Find out how to most effectively battle your friends so you can come out on top! Students will join in Pokémon card games using their own decks and online simulators, in addition to battling against AI and other students! Kids will also learn how to take their Pokémon battling skills to the next level by learning what Pokémon types and moves are effective against their opponents. Each session, students will learn new and improved ways to utilize their Pokémon team to its full potential.

Valuable Learning Opportunities include learning about the history of Pokémon including legendary Pokémon such as Mew, Groudon, Kyogre and more, exploring Pokémon types, move effectiveness, strategy, and counters, building skills in multiple dimensions of gameplay, diving into tournaments and competitions, and more! At the end of the course, students go home with boosted self-confidence and a deeper understanding of the popular game.

Students can also bring their favorite Pokémon cards to present!


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