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Tech Stocks, Crypto & Blockchain

Ages 10-14

2021 Fall Tech Stocks Virtual Camps for Kids Available Worldwide at Tech Revolution!

Join us to learn about some of the most exciting tech stocks on the market like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, Tesla, and more! Explore the world of Bitcoin, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and other investments that are recorded using Blockchain technology during this exciting week of camp. 

Tech Stocks:
Learn how to analyze a company’s financials, study historical performance, and calculate P/E ratios, earnings per share, dividends, and valuations. Use $100,000 of “play money” on and buy/sell stock with the goal of selling for a profit. Also, learn about strategies for holding longer term investments, the historical performance of tech stocks over time (including bubbles), and collaborate with fellow campers to envision the future.

Bitcoin & NFTs:
Learn about the game-changing technology of Blockchain and the investments that rely on it. Why is Bitcoin so volatile, what value does it hold, and what drives the market? Some sports memorabilia and digital art NFTs are selling for millions of dollars. Why is this, and what makes these NFTs so valuable?

Get ready for lots of learning, trading competitions (for fun), and meeting new friends! 

Valuable Learning Opportunities: Learn About The Stock Market, Study Tech Stocks, Gain Understanding Of The Tech Industry, Learn Technical Trading Practices, Track Your Own Stocks, Simulate Real-World Experiences, Gain understanding in hot topics like Crypto, NFTs, and Blockchain, and Participate In Our Stock Challenge!

*No prior knowledge is needed to participate. This camp is for educational purposes only, and does not offer financial and/or investment advice.

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