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STEM & Medicine

Ages 10-14

2021 Fall STEM & Medicine Virtual Camps for Kids Available Worldwide at Tech Revolution!

Calling all future medical professionals!

STEM plays a huge role in the research, development, and practice of medicine. From understanding how viruses attach to cells at a microscopic level to better learn how to fight them, to 3D modeling and printing prosthetics that help change lives, there’s lots of science, technology, engineering, and math that goes into modern medicine. Whether you’re using math to model the potential impact of a pandemic or learning about the technology behind mRNA vaccines, you will have to call upon a number of STEM disciplines to achieve the best possible results and help the most people.

In this camp, you will be immersed in interesting disciplines and given the chance to explore the fascinating advancements and latest technology in the world of medicine. Hands-on activities will help you to put concepts into practice. You’ll get to 3D model a prosthetic, perform a simulated surgery, write code, and more. 

If you would like to dip your feet into the world of medicine and learn more about the contributions of STEM in this industry, join this course!

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