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Virtual Space Academy - Machines & Exploration

Grades 2-7

2020 Online Space Classes for Kids Available Worldwide at Tech Revolution!

Your Mission Awaits.

Shoot for the stars! Join Tech Revolution’s Space Academy to take a deep dive into the world of space, rockets, launches and more! Join us for space missions that provide both a ton of fun and an introduction to space related concepts in physics, rocketry, astronomy and math. Activities include Rocket Launch Simulations, 3D Modeling a Space Rover, Exploring Space through Roblox, Create a Space Inspired Design for a Custom hoodie, and Building a Virtual Spaceship!

Best User Experience: Our courses require a stable internet connection. Students may also want to use headphones if their device is not located in a quiet space. You may want your child to use a virtual background when logged into Zoom if you would like to block out the view of your child’s actual background – this is compatible with a wide variety of computers.

Compatible Devices: Windows PC, Mac

Please allow approximately 2-4 weeks to receive your 3D Printed Rover and Custom Hoodie in the mail!

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40+ Virtual Fall Tech Courses


Save $150/Session Until October 1st!