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Lua Coding in Roblox

Ages 9-12

2021 Roblox Coding Courses available worldwide at Camp Tech Revolution Online!

Become a top-notch Roblox game designer. 

Utilize the amazing tools of Roblox Studio to create your own custom games! In this course, we focus on programming and creating games using Roblox Studio and the programming language Lua. Lua is a high-level programming language that we can use to bring features of our games to life, such as traps, doors, drawbridges, and more!

Our students learn primarily through creating their own custom games like platformers, obbys (short for obstacle course), and racing games. When you join this course, you can express your creativity and game design skills while learning about programming, game development, and trial and error style testing.

Engage in exciting and fun game competitions where you can learn strategies and teamwork, and compete in friendly tournaments… The excitement is off the charts!

Valuable Learning Opportunities: Create your own awesome games, Learn programming, Become a game developer.

Best User Experience: Our classes require a stable internet connection. Students may also want to use headphones if their device is not located in a quiet space. You may want your child to use a virtual background when logged into Zoom if you would like to block out the view of your child’s actual background – this is compatible with a wide variety of computers.

Compatible Devices: Windows PC, Mac

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