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Graphic Design - Custom Socks & Hoodies Included

Grades 3-8

2020 Online Graphic Design Classes for Kids and Teens with Custom Socks & Hoodies Included. Available Worldwide at Tech Revolution!

Create the Next Big Brand.

Students express their creativity and learn practical and technical computer skills by launching their very own brand and apparel line! Using graphic design software, students complement their creativity with the proper technical skills to produce designs that communicate messages and leave lasting visual impressions. Students create their own custom designs for a pair of custom socks and a hoodie! 

Valuable Learning Opportunities include gaining knowledge of typography, pure design elements like colors, shapes, and images, as well as design skills to organize and convey information, strengthen conceptual skills, and produce clean and effective work product.

Compatible Devices: Windows PC, Mac

Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your custom items in the mail.

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40+ Virtual Fall Tech Courses


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