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Virtual Tech Camps - The World's #1 Online STEM Camp!

15+ Live Online Spring Tech & STEM Camps

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Create The Next Great
Minecraft World
Roblox Obby
Among Us Strategy
Converse Style
Video Game
YouTube Hit
Python App
Scratch Game
Custom Brand
Anime Star

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    2021 Virtual Spring Break Online Tech Camps and STEM Camps for Kids in Minecraft, Harry Potter, Roblox, Among Us, YouTube Video Production, Coding, Graphic Design with Custom Converse Shoes Included, Graphic Design with Masks & Hoodies Included, Digital Art, and More!

    Spring Break Virtual Tech Camps. Available to Kids Worldwide. Take Camp Anywhere.

    Your Source For Premier Online Learning.

    Tech Revolution Online – Virtual Tech Camps. As Featured on Good Morning America and The Wall Street Journal.

    “I was blown away with how you pivoted to digital…I was a little worried how it would work virtually. There was nothing for me to worry about. The program is genius as were the teachers teaching it. Thanks for providing an educational experience with the highest quality of professionalism. We can’t wait for more!” – Sarah E., Los Angeles, CA

    Award-Winning Tech Camps. The World Leader In STEM Education.
    Boys & Girls • Grades 1-9
    Spring 2021: March 22-26, March 29 – April 2

    We Are Creating A Tech Revolution.

    15+ Cutting-Edge STEM Classes.  Proprietary Expert Curricula.  Ivy League/Top-Tier Instructors.  Live Instruction.  Dynamic Programming.  Hands-On Learning.  Maximum Convenience.  Socialize with New Friends.  Success Starts Here.

    Exclusively at Camp Tech Revolution Online.

    The World’s #1 Online STEM Academy… In-Demand Skills.  Socialization & Collaboration.  Success Starts Here!  Camp Tech Revolution Online was developed by a leadership team with educational backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Columbia University, Cornell University, Brandeis University, UCLA Graduate School of Educational Leadership, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and more. Camp Tech Revolution Online is filled with experiential, hands-on learning, collaboration, excitement, and cutting-edge topics in STEM. Tech Revolution’s proprietary curricula is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced campers in all age groups, so campers can progress each week. With a staff to camper ratio of 1:4 to 1:8, and live online instruction provided by our trusted, top-notch instructors, Camp Tech Revolution Online is the premier online tech camp experience for campers ages 6 to 14. If you’re a tech enthusiast, you belong here.  Scroll down to check out our 2021 Spring Break Camp Schedule!

    Our 15+ Virtual STEM Camps offer the best variety of subjects in tech! Our proprietary curricula, Ivy League/top-tier instructors, and educational approaches give our students the opportunity to discover a passion, master important concepts, and learn by doing. Our students boost their math and reading skills, build worlds with Redstone in Minecraft, design obbys and games in Roblox, create Video Games and Apps, learn game theory in Among Us, create custom Converse shoes, Hoodies & Masks, create digital art with a framed masterpiece, code in Scratch and Python, become YouTube Casters, learn Digital Citizenship, and so much more!

    Love What You Do. Our campers choose from 15+ STEM camps and work with some of the most cutting-edge topics in technology.  Campers specialize in one virtual STEAM camp each week (or two camps per week if you attend an AM camp and a PM camp), fully immersing themselves in the subject matter of their choice. This unique model, in conjunction with our live instruction and proprietary curriculum, positions our campers to learn a lot, create awesome projects, and truly build skills in areas they are passionate about. Campers benefit from our talented instructors (we hire less than 5% of applicants) and plenty of personalized attention. The combination of a high quality camp experience and doing what you love is a powerful formula for camper success.

    A Great Investment In Your Child.  Tech Revolution Online is an excellence investment in your child. Through experiential learning and top-notch experiences, our students gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to put them on a path for success. Tech Revolution Online offers lots of great courses all year, allowing you the flexibility to customize your child’s learning experience to help them grow. If you would like our assistance in planning your child’s Virtual School Year experience at Tech Revolution Online, we are always happy to help! Just call our educational specialists at 888.854.2267, send us an email, or chat with us online.

    Course Promotions! Right now, you can lock in savings of $100 per week and receive referral credits of $50-$100 when referring new families to our Virtual School Year! Check out our Promotions Page for all of our ways to save and details about each promotion.

    Spring Break Special Events & Camp Mascots: Special events/activities will take place at about the half way point of the camp session each day for 15-20 minutes. These activities give campers a chance to take a break and participate in fun group games, team building exercises, and more with other campers and staff. Some of our special events include things like Show & Tell, Talent Show, Red Carpet Events, STEM focused Trivia, and Super-Cool Dance Battles. We also hold a Tech Showcase at the end of the week on Fridays so campers can present their work and share their knowledge with the camp. Your child may also see Hero, our camp mascot, and other mascot “friends” jumping in and out of camp. They will be at camp to add excitement, ask quiz questions related to the subject matter at camp, and more. Make sure to give them a wave and say “hello”!

    We’ve Got You Covered. Our Spring Break Morning Tech Camps take place from 9am to 11am Eastern Time and our Spring Break Afternoon Tech Camps take place from 12pm to 2pm Eastern Time.  Campers can register for a Morning Camp, an Afternoon Camp, or Both!

    Private Lessons. If you are interested in private online lessons during the school year, please check out Lavner IQ, our online tutoring academy.

    Best User Experience. Our courses require a device with a stable internet connection. Compatible devices are listed on each course page. Students may also want to use headphones if their computer is not located in a quiet space. You may want your child to use a virtual background when logged into Zoom if you would like to block out the view of your child’s actual background – this is compatible with a wide variety of computers.

    Online Learning Resource Page: We have created a resource page to help our families prepare. To visit this page, click here.

    Registration Fee: There is a one-time $25 registration fee per child, per calendar year.

    Cancellation Policy: We reserve the right to cancel any camp/course with less than 4 students enrolled. If we cancel your camp/course, you may switch to another camp/course that is running, use your tuition towards private lessons, receive a 100% credit to your Lavner Education account, or a 100% refund back to your method of payment. If you cancel your child’s reservation at least 14 days prior to the first day of your scheduled camp/course, you will receive a 100% credit to your Lavner Education account. This credit can be used for any future camp, course, or lessons in 2021. If you cancel within 14 days of the first day of your scheduled camp/course, no refund/credit will be provided. All cancellations must be made in writing to info@lavnercampsandprograms.com.

    Welcome Email. You will receive an email approximately 4-5 days prior to the start of each session with details on how to connect for your course, software to install, accessing our tech support, and more! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

    The #1 Online STEM Camp Experience
    Discover A Passion.
    Build Your Skills.
    Unlock Your Potential.

    Spring Break Camp Schedule

    Regular Camp Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 11am Eastern Time and 12pm to 2pm Eastern Time (9am to 11am Pacific Time).
    Private Lessons: 2pm to 2:45pm Eastern Time (11am to 11:45am Pacific Time)
    Tuition & Discounts: The tuition in our calendar below includes any applicable discounts.

    Course Description:

    Welcome to Camp Tech Revolution Online!

    Welcome to our general information section for camp. Click on the headings to the right to access camp information by topic. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our camp specialists at Info@lavnercamps.com888.854.CAMP (2267), or the website chat in the bottom right.  We enjoy helping families plan incredible summer experiences for their children and look forward to assisting you!

    ***You can enroll for one or multiple weeks at any camp. If you enroll for multiple weeks in the same camp, you will move up in curriculum.  If you would like any assistance with scheduling camps for your child(ren), please let us know!***

    Camp Hours

    Virtual Summer Camps:
    Campers may register for one or more sessions of camp each week!

    Session 1 – 9am-12pm ET
    Session 2 – 1pm-4pm ET / 10am-1pm PT

    Each camp session meets Monday through Friday for 3 hrs/day and features all-live, online instruction & collaboration.

    Private Lessons – 8-8:45am ET, 4-4:45pm ET (1-1:45pm PT). $49/lesson.

    Camp Enrollment


    Camp enrollment is completed online. To access our enrollment portal, click on the “Enroll Now!” button on our website.

    Payment for camp may be made by credit card only.

    There is a one-time $40 registration fee per child for the 2022 year. This allows each child to register for any camps, courses, tournaments, private tutoring, or other programs during 2022.

    If you have any questions or issues regarding enrollment, please call our year-round office at 888.854.CAMP (2267) or email us at Education@lavnercamps.com for assistance.  If you would like to reserve your spots in camp and you choose to email us, please provide your phone number and the location/camp weeks you wish to enroll in (we will hold these spots for you for three business days).

    Payment Options

    Payment is accepted via credit card or cash.

    There is a one-time $40 registration fee per child for the 2022 calendar year.

    If enrolling prior to March 1, 2022, you have the following payment options:

    •  In Full: Pay tuition in full at enrollment.
    •  50/50: Pay 50% at enrollment, 50% on March 1, 2022.
    •  $100 Down Per Week: Pay $100 per week at enrollment, and the balance in equal monthly installments through April, 2022.
    • Customized: Contact our registration team for a customized payment plan.

    •  Selecting an option other than Pay In Full will schedule automatic payments for the remaining balance.
    •  Payments are applied equally to each camp week and cannot be transferred from one week of camp to another.
    •  Payments made by cash should be dropped off at our year-round office at the time of enrollment, and a receipt will be provided.

    Consent Form

    Enrollment for camp is completed online (by clicking the “Enroll Now!” button on the website).  When enrolling, you must complete the entire Camper Enrollment Form for each child, which contains a consent form that must be signed by the parent and/or legal guardian of the camper.  If you enrolled over the phone, our office will start your enrollment, but you still need to complete your enrollment online, which includes completing/submitting the Camper Enrollment Form.  If you do not complete our consent form but send your child to camp, this is considered implied consent to the terms and conditions listed in our consent form.  If you are having trouble accessing online enrollment, you must print the consent form and scan/email it to Info@lavnercamps.com prior to your child attending camp.  

    If you allow your child to attend camp without signing the camper consent form, this is considered implied consent and you agree to the following:

    • Remote viewing and control of camper computer. 
    • Your child’s image being used for promotional materials, etc.
    • Lavner Education is not responsible for any damage to personal property that occurs from camper misuse or poor setup
    • Likewise, Lavner Education is not responsible for any problems that occur pertaining to camp setup and installation of software from 3rd party sites.

    The consent form constitutes the entire agreement and no section of the consent form may be waived by any other writings or methods of communication.

    Minimum Grade Requirement

    The minimum grade requirement for our Virtual Camps is the completion of Kindergarten by June, 2022.

    Camp Tuition

    Please find your desired camp, which can be found in the virtual summer camp schedule, to view tuition.

    Private Lessons at Camp

    Private lessons are offered in many of our virtual camps.

    • Lessons are offered in the subject matter of your child’s camp and tailored to your child’s ability level.
    • Private lessons are only offered to campers in attendance during that camp week.
    • All lessons should be booked via online enrollment.  Spots are limited!

    Cancellation Policy

    Flex Enrollment Policy. You can enroll with confidence at Camp Tech Revolution Online. Click here to view our Worry-Free Enrollment Policy which outlines our policy for changes of weeks, cancellations, and postponements.

    Change of Camp Weeks

    Click here to view our Worry-Free Enrollment Policy, which contains our Change of Week policy.

    Welcome Letters

    You will receive a Welcome Email for each camp week approximately 4-5 days prior to the start of camp, which will include the link to connect to camp, required software to install before camp, and additional important information. Please make sure to add us to the “safe senders” list in your email so these emails do not end up in your Spam folder.

    Online Household Information

    When you create your online account with Lavner Education, please make sure to include your address and any important contact phone numbers (home, cell, work) and additional/emergency contacts.

    Behavioral Policy

    Lavner Education reserves the absolute right to dismiss a camper without refund for any behavior (1) that threatens or endangers the welfare and/or the safety of any camper, instructor, or any other person involved with the camp, (2) is disruptive to the overall camp environment, which interferes with the beneficial use and enjoyment by campers and staff, or (3) for any form of bullying of other campers or disrespectful behavior to camp authority.

    Lavner Education emphasizes a safe, fun, and healthy camp environment that fosters learning and friendship, and appropriate camp behavior is essential to a great overall experience for everyone involved.  It is imperative that every camper feels included, safe, and part of our camp community.

    Internet Connectivity

    Internet Connectivity:

    Campers are required to have an internet connection with speeds of at least 25 megabytes per second.

    Work Space Requirements

    Parents/guardians are solely responsible for making sure that their children are taking the online camps, courses, and lessons in a clear open space free from any hazard that could cause harm.

    Project Completion

    We strive to have every camper complete the project minimums for each camp per the camp descriptions, however, this also requires the active participation and attendance of the camper.

    Account Balances

    If your child arrives at camp and you have an account balance, Lavner Education reserves the right to process your credit card on file for the camp week. If after attending camp you still have an account balance, Lavner Education reserves the right to process your payment method on file during scheduled billing cycles.

    Tax Benefits

    You may qualify for tax benefits through the dependent care credit for camp.  Don’t forget to check with your accountant to see if you qualify!

    New and Amended Camp Policies & Camp Descriptions

    To help ensure a safe and productive camp environment, Lavner Education reserves the right to add or amend camp policies at any time. Lavner Education also reserves the right to amend any camp description, which includes but is not limited to changes in curricula, camp projects, hardware/software used at camp, login accounts that campers are required to have for camp, and computers/devices for camp.  All current camp policies can be found at www.lavnercampsandprograms.com in real time. All current camp descriptions can be found on each respective camp description page on this website. Please feel free to check back on our website at any time for updates.

    Contact Information

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have!

    Office: 888.854.CAMP (2267)

    Email: Info@lavnercamps.com

    Website Chat!

    Camp Tuition & Discounts

    Camp Tuition is provided on the Tech Revolution Online page in the camp schedule. There is also a one-time $40 registration fee per child for the 2022 calendar year. This allows each child to register for any camps, courses, tournaments, private tutoring, and other programs during 2022. We offer lots of great discount programs during the year that may change at any time.


    •  Promotions are tallied on a per-camper basis.
    •  Promotions apply to full weeks of camp only (Monday to Friday).
    •  Promotions apply to STEM/Technology and Arts camps only.
    •  Promotions do not combine with any other promotions and/or discounts. The highest monetary discount at the time of enrollment will be applied.
    •  Promotions do not apply retroactively. Promotions are only available when live on our website and enrollment is completed at this time.
    •  If you qualify for a promotional discount it will apply in your cart at checkout.
    •  Please email us with any questions!


    You may qualify for tax benefits through the dependent care credit for camp.  Don’t forget to check with your accountant to see if you qualify!


    You can enroll with confidence at Camp Tech Revolution Online. Click here to view our Worry-Free Enrollment Policy which outlines our policy for changes of weeks, cancellations, and postponements.

    We do not provide make up days for missed days of camp, “no-shows”, or missed lessons regardless of reason.

    Registration Fee: The $40 registration fee for each camper is non-refundable once paid.


    Change of Camp Weeks: If you would like to change your child’s camp week, you may do so free of charge if you provide us with at least 30 days written notice prior to the start of the camp. Any requests made within 30 days of the start of the camp will incur a $25 change of week fee (per camp week).

    The new camp or camp dates requested are subject to availability.  We do our best to accommodate all requests.

    •  A change of camp pertains to either a change of dates, change of camp, or change of session time.
    • A Change of Week request must be made by the Tuesday (5:00pm ET) prior to the upcoming camp week.
    • A difference in camp tuition may apply. Refunds are not issued for campers who switch into a less expensive camp.
    • Change of Camp Week requests must be made directly to our year-round office by emailing Info@lavnercamps.com.
    • Change of weeks can only be made within the same summer (i.e., a camp week in Summer 2022 can only be changed to another camp week in 2022).

    A Sample Day at Camp

    Camp days are fun and exciting, and no day is just “typical” at Tech Revolution Online. Our schedule is optimized for specialized learning, socialization, and fun.

    Below is a sample schedule for our campers attending Tech Revolution Online:

    Regular camp hours for Virtual Summer Camps are 9am to 12pm East Coast Time and 1pm to 4pm East Coast Time (10am to 1pm West Coast Time).

    2022 Sample Daily Camp Schedule –

    10:00am to 10:05am – Morning Group (Attendance & Review of Daily Activities)

    10:05pm to 11:00am – Specialized Camp Activity (e.g. Game Design, Coding, Minecraft, etc…)

    11:00am to 11:05am – Break Time 1

    11:05am to 11:50am – Specialized Camp Activity

    11:50am to 12:10pm – Break Time 2 with optional fun games, challenges, and collaboration

    12:10pm to 12:55pm – Specialized Camp Activity

    12:55pm to 1:00pm – Afternoon Group (Review of Daily Accomplishments & Next Day’s Schedule)

    The schedule for each camp session follows the same 3-hour schedule as above.


    • No non-camp programs or browser windows may be run on the computer during camp time. 
    • Campers may not use their phones or other devices during camp time, except during scheduled breaks or in the case of an emergency.
    • No contacting other campers in ways inaccessible to the instructor (e.g. private chat).
    • No recording camp sessions or any camp materials provided.
    • No inappropriate or violent images in video capture (e.g.posters or TVs in the background, camper shirts, campers must be appropriately clothed at all times) 
    • No inappropriate language from the camper or background noises such as music.
    • Campers must be respectful towards their instructors and other campers, and listen while the instructor is speaking. No bullying of any kind. 
    • Campers may not request or gain access to other campers’ computers.
    • Campers must share their screen upon instructor request.
    • No distribution of session login links or passwords.
    • Campers must keep their computers on and signed in to the session during camp hours (they may turn off their webcams and microphones during breaks). 
    • Campers must be at their computers and visible at all times except during breaks.

    Other Parties

    • No recording camp sessions or any camp materials provided.
    • No inappropriate language, background noises such as music, visuals, or imagery while around the camper’s workstation.
    • No attending camp if you are not signed up.
    • No distribution of session login links or passwords.

    Consent Form

    • Remote viewing and control of camper computer. 
    • Consent to image being used for promotional materials, etc.
    • Lavner Education is not responsible for any damage to personal property that occurs from camper misuse or poor setup
    • Likewise, Lavner Education is not responsible for any problems that occur pertaining to camp setup and installation of software from 3rd party sites.


    All campers should have the following by the time camp begins:

    • All programs required for camp installed and run once.
    • Webcam, microphone, and speakers or headphones set up and connected.
    • Quiet space.
    • Nothing inappropriate in the background.
    • Computer must be able to run the aforementioned programs effectively.
    • Stable internet connection.
    • Must provide any additional hardware required for camp.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our camp families ask us many great questions about our summer camps.  Below are a list of questions that are frequently asked. If you have a question that is not listed, please send it our way!  

    Question #1:  What makes Camp Tech Revolution Online so unique?

    Answer:  Camp Tech Revolution Online is the only camp which utilizes the proprietary Tech Revolution curricula along with state-of-the art online technology to provide a dynamic and engaging camp experience no matter where you are!

    Question #2:  What are your staff to camper ratios?

    Answer:  We guarantee a max staff-to-camper ratio of 1:5 to 1:10… or better!  We strive to create a camp environment where campers receive excellent supervision and high levels of attention during instructional periods.

    Question #3:  Who are your instructors?

    Answer:  Our instructors are the very best out of a large pool of qualified applicants we consider. We hire less than 3% of applicants. Typically, our lead instructors consist of teachers, college professors, undergrad/grad students from top-tier/Ivy League colleges/universities, and the occasional superstar student entering college in the fall. Assistant instructors typically consist of accomplished rising seniors. Our instructors are extremely knowledgeable in the subject area, passionate about working with kids, highly responsible, and all have cleared background checks. Instructors go through a rigorous orientation and training prior to the summer camp season and have constant support from on-site camp directors and our central office. We put them in a position to succeed… and they do!

    Question #4:  Do campers usually attend for one week or more than one week?

    Answer:  Camper attendance varies.  Most campers attend for multiple weeks, and can move up in curriculum if selecting the same course for more than one week.  All of our courses have multiple levels of curriculum and lots of additional activities and projects for all skill levels.

    Question #5:  How do you group the campers at camp?

    Answer: Campers are grouped by age and ability. We run multiple levels of curriculum in each camp, allowing for campers to attend camp with us at any time during the summer, even if they are beginners. Our campers can sign up for any week and be placed appropriately in camp. This provides our camp families with maximum flexibility.

    Question #6:  Do campers improve their skills at camp?

    Answer:  Yes! Campers receive approximately 12.5 hours of concentrated time in their camp activity per week. This, combined with our cutting-edge curriculum and high level instructors, allows our campers to improve a lot! They are also attending with other campers who share similar interests, which fosters learning through peer to peer interaction.

    Question #7:  How do you keep camp fun?

    Answer:  We hire fun and dynamic instructors! Campers are also selecting subjects that interests them. We offer a great balance of specialized activities, socialization, competitions, and much more! 

    Question #8:  Do you have a camp director?

    Answer:  Yes!  A camp director manages the Tech Revolution Online experience! The director is trained to ensure the daily operations at camp are running smoothly and that campers are having a great time and learning a lot. Our camp director is available to answer your questions by phone and email if you need to communicate with him/her during the day.

    Question #9: Who invented this type of Virtual Tech Camp Concept? 

    Answer: Lavner Education!

    Question #10:  Why should we choose Lavner Camps and Camp Tech Revolution Online?

    Answer:  At Camp Tech Revolution Online, we bring the magic of Camp Tech Revolution into your home.

    Attention to Safety

    Maximum Convenience

    Great Social Distancing Option

    Excellent Staff

    Innovative Specialty Offerings

    “Cutting Edge” curriculum

    A camp office that believes in excellent customer service and communication with our camp families

    Extremely high retention rate of campers and growing each year, especially through word-of-mouth referrals

    Incredible media coverage – local and national!

    Expert Leadership Team – dedicated year-round to researching, developing, and delivering cutting-edge Specialty Camps. Our Expert Leadership Team has backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Cornell University, Brandeis University, Villanova University, Columbia University, Harvard University – Graduate School of Education and more, and drives excellence in everything we do!

    A proven track record of thousands of campers who succeeded and love Lavner Camps!

    and so much more…!


    Additional Questions:  If you have any additional questions, please email us at Info@lavnercamps.com, call our year-round office at 888.854.CAMP (2267), or send us a message on our website chat.  We welcome your questions and are happy to provide you with informative answers!

    Top 10 Reasons to Attend Camp Tech Revolution Online!

    There are many reasons to attend Camp Tech Revolution Online!  Here are our top 10 (in no particular order):

    1. We are passionate about our camp families and want to ensure your child has a great summer!
    2. We value safety, learning, friendship, fun, and excellent camp quality. Our campers have the opportunity to make friends with similar interests and passions in a safe and dynamic environment.
    3. We provide a wide variety of uniquely specialized courses that allow our campers to focus on areas of interest or try something new!
    4. We develop innovative and cutting-edge curricula that put our campers in a position to succeed.  We ignite passion and learning at your child’s pace! Join us to see why thousands of campers love to participate and thrive at Camp Tech Revolution Online!
    5. We hire talented staff who are passionate about teaching, knowledgeable in the subject matter, and highly responsible. We hire the best because our campers deserve the best!
    6. We offer high quality camps at a great value. Camp is an investment in your child. At Camp Tech Revolution Online, our campers learn in-demand skills, make friends, and are put on a track for success in school and in life.
    7. The Convenience of Camp, Wherever You Are. Your child can have an awesome camp experience from the comfort and convenience of your own home, workplace, or anywhere else with an internet connection!.
    8. Excellent communication with camp families. We want to communicate with you to make sure your child gets into their desired camps, and to ensure that the camp experience is a great one.  Reach out to us any time…we are here to help!
    9. We employ a full-time Technology Department dedicated year-round to researching, developing, and delivering cutting-edge Specialty Camps. Our Expert Leadership Team has backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Cornell University, Brandeis University, Villanova University, Columbia University, Harvard University – Graduate School of Education and more, and drives excellence in everything we do!
    10. It starts at the top! Justin and Michael Lavner, and our entire Leadership Team, are extremely hands-on and passionate about offering our camp families the best experience possible. Justin and Michael attended camp for many years as children, worked at camps, and eat, sleep, and breathe Lavner Camps! We are organization that loves learning and fun, and are dedicated to your child’s success and happiness!


    Why Camp Tech Revolution Online?

    We Champion Your Champion.
    At Lavner Education, we help campers build their self-confidence.  Whether it’s coding an app or competing in Roblox competitions, campers have the opportunity to substantially improve their self-confidence by completing projects of their own!

    Campers Can Develop Their Own Interests.
    With over 50 different course offerings, we have something for everyone! Whether a camper wants to become a game designer, computer programmer, or esports champion, our expert instructors and unbeatable curricula let campers grow in fields they are passionate about.

    Succeed Through Live, Experiential Learning.
    Learn through doing.  Our unique curricula and live online instruction give campers the opportunity to learn through doing.  The camps are designed by industry experts in education and our campers improve their skills, learn a lot, and have fun!

    Our Camps Are Best in Class.
    We offer cutting-edge opportunities that are unique, educational, and exciting. Our year-round team works passionately all year to keep our curricula on the cutting edge, so that campers get access to the latest educational technologies and advancements.

    Family-Owned Organization and Founder Led.
    Lavner Education, a family-owned camp organization, cares deeply about providing a top-notch camp experience for its campers and camp families.  Your success is our success.

    What’s Included at Camp?

    1:4 to 1:8 Staff to Camper Ratio
    A staff to camper ratio that guarantees personal attention, along with multiple levels of curriculum, ensures that all campers are able to grow at their own pace, are well supervised, and have fun.

    Cutting-Edge Curricula.
    Camp Tech Revolution Online campers have access to our cutting-edge curricula, all developed by our in-house experts.

    Live Instruction.
    All Camp Tech Revolution Online courses feature live instruction from our expert instructors!

    Passionate Instructors.
    We hire less than 3% of applicants.  We are devoted to staffing our camps with talented staff who are passionate about teaching and working with kids and teens.

    Lots More…
    There are many more great things that happen at camp. Join us at Camp Tech Revolution Online for an awesome experience and to find out more!

    Optional Add-Ons:
    We offer private lessons which allow campers to go beyond what is offered in the course curriculum. You can learn about our virtual private lessons here.

    Why is Camp Tech Revolution Online #1 in Technology & STEM Camps?

    We have a constant and relentless commitment to providing the best technology courses possible, coupled with personalized attention and an emphasis on safety and fun. Our in-house experts, have educational backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Columbia University, University of Chicago and more, work year-round to develop/deliver the best educational programs for our students. Our cutting-edge courses and proprietary curricula, in conjunction with talented and passionate camp instructors, prestigious camp locations, and over 50 unique offerings, have allowed us to remain the global leader in technology camps and STEM education for kids.