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Robotics League with LEGO® Mindstorms®

2022 LEGO Robotics Leagues for Kids Available at Tech Revolution!

The Ultimate Robot-Battling Experience.

Do you want to design your own battle-robot and pilot it to victory in our epic Robowars competitions? Join us to design, build, customize, and battle robots!

Build Awesome Robots.  Students build and then battle and race their finished prototypes! Kids can build from a variety of instructions or design their own robots from the ground up.
Test Your Robot in the Arena.  Students will be able to compete in battles and other events such as races and obstacle courses. Take turns wirelessly controlling your robot while it battles or races against other robots. Competitions ramp up with new and exciting events each session. The Robowars Grand Finals take place at the end of the course!
Upgrade Your Robot.  After battles and challenges, students will have the opportunity to analyze possible ways to improve their robots. With instructor help, they can create add-ons, defenses, and upgrades to make their robots stronger, tougher, and/or faster.
Learn While Having a Great Time.  This course is action-packed with tons of excitement, competitions, and fun, and getting experience building, experimenting, and even coding makes for a great educational experience too. Students will learn physics concepts such as force and gear ratios, and will learn some coding too, so that robots can be automated during some of the events.

This course is great for kids of all experience levels, including those who have previous experience with LEGO® Robotics.


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