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Innovators – Ages 7 to 10

Innovators – Ages 7 to 10

Campers can enroll for one or multiple weeks of camp, as our curriculum is created to ensure that campers progress throughout camp, whether they attend for one week or more!

The Innovators select one Major and one Minor each week from a wide range of course offerings listed below.  At camp, Innovators are further separated by age and skill level (i.e. beginner, intermediate, advanced), and curriculum is created so that campers have the ability to learn and succeed in a structured, challenging, and interactive environment.  Innovators are provided the tools to progress within our curriculum, and are able to choose courses for one week or multiple weeks.





(Ages 7 to 10)

Select 1 Major Each Week!

Robotics & Technology with LEGO® EV3®:

Welcome to the NOW and the FUTURE!  Robotics offers a great mix of experiential, hands-on learning through building, coding, participating in challenges, and more!  Utilizing the latest LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology, campers configure, program, and control their very own robots. The EV3® platform allows for hundreds of designs while our instructors provide limitless learning. Campers put their technical and creative skills to use by not only building and programming their own robots, but also competing in challenges and our ROBOWARS tournament! Open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced robotics campers.
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Hands-On Building, Learning & Refining Coding Skills, Working In A Team, Testing Your Skills In Challenges, Creative Builds, And ROBOWARS!

Robotics with Artificial Intelligence:

Welcome to the NEW and Exciting World of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence!  In our Robotics with Artificial Intelligence Major, we utilize pre-built robots in order to maximize our time (1) coding actions, tendencies, and behaviors, (2) building intelligence through hands-on training with the robots, (3) experimenting with voice commands and communication, and (4) testing our robots in numerous fun and exciting challenges! Campers will meet and work with our amazing robots Cozmo® and CHiP™, and also explore numerous computer programs with AI, like computer chess games that learn and adapt to your behavior.
Products Used: Cozmo, CHiP, Computer Programs using AI
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Learn How AI Works, Interact With Intelligent Robots, Discover Real-World Applications, Gain A Perspective On Artificial Intelligence, Train A Robot, And Work In A Team And Participate In Action-Packed Challenges!

Next Generation Minecraft™:

Set the stage for a challenging quest, a fast paced adventure, a legendary tale, and more when creating your own 3D world using Minecraft™! Campers team up to customize their own Adventure Maps and shape their own gameplay experience. Campers strategically tailor unique biomes that provide players with challenges and rewards, utilize Redstone to create secret tunnels, traps, and security features, build safe havens with resources that help players move successfully throughout the game, and learn how to install mods that allow campers to create distinct qualities within their Minecraft™ game. Campers can beta test and play each other’s games in single/multi-player mode where teamwork, constructive feedback and collaboration from the group inspires our game creators to improve and push their limits! Competitions take place throughout the camp week, and a major Friday Tournament takes place each week! Take your Minecraft™ Skills to the NEXT level in this awesome Tech R3volution® Major!
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesBuilding & Engineering, Installing Mods, Customizing Maps, Survival & Scratch Crafting Recipes, Improving Your Skills With Lessons in Redstone, Game Designing, Playing In Multi-Player Servers And Tournament Competitions!

National Minecraft™ Tournament Week:

Offered exclusively the week of August 6-10, this major gives campers the opportunity to learn and develop Minecraft™ skills for event and tournament play, with tournaments taking place each day.  Each morning, campers work on skills, followed by tournaments and events.  Events include Building Competitions (create detailed structures, utilize redstone), Arena Competitions (PVP (player vs. player) and TVT (team vs. team) – conquer the arena), Mini-Games (parkour, spleef, capture the flag and more…), and Survival Challenges (survive, gather resources, build a colony)!  

On Monday through Wednesday, local tournaments are held within camp, and National tournaments take place on Thursday and Friday.  
***Please Note: Innovators will compete in our tournament divisions according to age.

Valuable Learning Opportunities: Skill Development For Competitions, Building & Engineering, Working In A Team To Achieve Success, Exciting Redstone Projects, Action-Packed Events And Tournaments, And Compete Locally And Nationally!

Computer Programming with Python™:

Did you know that sites like YouTube®, Instagram™, and Dropbox™ are coded in Python™? In this major, campers learn how to program in Python™ and create awesome projects. During the week, campers create at least one smaller project like A Coin Flipping Simulator, A Magic 8 Ball, An Automatic Sentence Generator, A Weather Predictor App, or A Code Breaking Wizard, and one large project like a text based Escape Game, RPG Game or Adventure Game! Campers also learn how to program graphics and may learn about computer programs that use Artificial Intelligence! Campers learn how to think like professional programmers and Python™ helps them improve their logical thinking skills along the way.
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesCode With A Professional Programming Language, Develop Critical Thinking Skills, Create Two Or More Awesome Projects, Explore Programs Using Artificial Intelligence, Learn Text Based And Graphical Programming, And Showcase YOUR Projects At Camp!

Digital Movie Making for YouTube® ~ Create Your Own Minecraft™ Channel:

Do you want to be a YouTube® caster, have your own Minecraft™ YouTube® Channel, and vlog like a pro?! If so, this major will help you take your skills to the next level!  Learn many aspects of the digital movie production industry: ideating and creating content, researching, scripting, filming, screen captures, using special effects, promoting your channel, gaining likes and shares, and lots more!  Gain experience with Windows Story Remix and OBS Studio software – we’ll even provide you with a headset for your show! Some project ideas include Let’s Plays, Walkthroughs, Mod Reviews, PvP tips, and How To’s! You can also collaborate on projects with other aspiring YouTubers.  Sound cool?  Not only is this major super fun, you will gets lots of learning in too!
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesConcept Creation For A Minecraft™ YouTube® Channel, Production Meetings And Scripting, Acting, Filming, Learn Editing And Screen Capture Software, Creating Special Effects,  Researching/Presenting Topics Of Interest, And Collaborating With Other VLOG Enthusiasts At Camp!

Game Design:

Using the powerful and wildly popular Fusion 2.5 program from Clickteam.com, campers can learn programming logic and design skills, and create a variety of different games – Brick Breaker, Space Invaders, and Platform Adventure Games (Space Adventures, Jungle Escapes, Race Cars, Snowboarding Sports, Laser Domes) and many more! Skillful instructors work with campers throughout the entire learning process, ensuring an educational and engaging experience. At the end of the week campers take home their finished products on a CD with a cool cover design and may choose to add marketable descriptions of each game. For beginners, intermediates, and advanced campers.
Program: ©Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Get Your Start In Game Design Or Improve Existing Skills, Design Beautiful Games, Code Actions And Interactions, Use Creativity, Beta Test Projects, And Don’t Just Play Games – Create Them!

3D Printing & Modeling:

Welcome to the exciting world of 3D Printing! You can change the world with 3D Printing technology and get YOUR start at Tech R3volution!  In this major, you will use Autodesk 123D Design and cutting-edge 3D printers to create model prototypes that can change society, with a focus on impact and scalability. With this in mind, we ask campers to design two main projects: (1) A Model Vehicle – the car industry is already starting to 3D Model and Print Cars, and (2) a Tool or Gadget for Astronauts – an item astronauts can print at zero gravity (just in case they forget something!).  As a bonus, campers can also 3D print a favorite item or resource from Minecraft™!
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Make An Impact, Understand Scalability, Explore 3D Modeling, Learn The 3D Printing Processes, Care For The 3D Printer, Create Cool Prototypes That Have Societal Value, Showcase And Present Your Projects To The Camp!

Graphic Design ~ Apparel & Customized T-Shirts:

YOU can create the NEXT BIG BRAND!

This is your chance to design your own clothing brand and produce two customized T-Shirts.  Learn the technical skills needed to create designs that communicate messages and leave lasting visual impressions.  Learn about typography, use pure design elements like colors, shapes, and images, and use design skills to create clean and effective work products.  Each week, create a logo and designs that can be placed on hats, t-shirts, hoodies, socks and more.  On Friday, showcase your portfolio to the camp!
Once your designs are complete on Friday, your instructor will upload them to our Central Office and you will receive two of your printed t-shirts in the mail (please allow 10-14 business days)!
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Ideate A Brand Concept, Create A Look And Feel, Learn Technical Design Skills, Combine Art And Technology, Be a Project Manager By Setting Goals And Deadlines, Create YOUR Very Own Clothing Line!

Web Design 101:

Create YOUR Very Own Website! Learn skills in web design and HTML coding to build the website of your dreams…  First, create a concept for your website – e.g. small business, tech forum, gaming site, food blog, portfolio website, hobby website and more. Then, Select a template, customize it, and add text. Next, learn HTML code and use it to build your site.  There’s more… learn how to use plugins to add the “bells and whistles” to your site. At the end of camp, you will participate in a a website showcase where others campers and staff can beta test the offline versions and enjoy your website!
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesDevelop Your Outlining Skills In The Planning Process, Use Visual Design, Learn HTML Code, Work With Plugins, Research Content, And Create Your Own Site!
Please Note: If registering for Web Design 101, you agree to the following: Campers are required to come to camp with a verified WordPress.com account and the login information for this account. Once the URL is selected for the website and it is initiated, campers will make their website private but will be able to edit/build their site during the week. Once the website is private, campers must keep their website private during the entire camp week. Once a camper establishes his/her website, the website is owned/managed completely by the camper and his/her legal guardian, and is unaffiliated with Lavner Camps. If the camper would like to make his/her website live when the camp week ends, it is at the camper/legal guardian’s option to publish/manage the site only after camp is over. By registering for this camp, you agree to the above terms & conditions.




Select 1 Minor Each Week!

Spy Tech:

Are you ready for your next mission? This high energy course teaches campers about the history of international spies, their tactics, and how modern-day technology has transformed the industry. Campers learn spy tactics and work with spy technology using drones/drone simulators, spy bots, Surveillance and traps in Minecraft™ using Redstone, Encryption/Decryption with Ciphers via Python™ or Scratch, and Morse Code. On Friday, campers engage in Spy Competitions! Fascinating, challenging, and fun… your mission awaits!
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesSpy History, Drones, Spy Capabilities Via Robotics, Spy Simulations In Minecraft™, Encryption/Decryption, And Spy Challenges Incorporating Many Spy Skills!

Please Note: At UCLA, we only use digital drone simulators due to campus restrictions. 

Model Rocketry:

In this minor, YOU get to build and design model rockets and engage in exciting launches!  Learn aspects of Aerospace Engineering that factor into the build of a rocket, the launch, and the aerodynamics of flight. Build your own rockets and customize them for optimal flight. Experience learning and fun to the max!
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Aerospace Engineering, Building, Customization, Trial & Error, And Launching Model Rockets!

Please Note:  For Campers at UCLA – Due to restrictions on UCLA’s campus and off campus, campers will learn how to build a model rocket but will not launch the rocket at camp.  These campers will also get to do an additional activity of 3D Modeling and Printing a small replica of a rocket in place of the launch.

Digital Animation & Coding:

Do you want to learn how to create cool animated projects? If so, minor with us in Digital Animation to let your ideas and inspirations come to life on screen! Using Scratch, campers script a short animated film, design characters and backgrounds, and learn coding to bring it all together. Campers complete one animated film and a Film Screening Event will take place on Friday. Campers also leave with their projects at the end of the week!
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Coding, Animation, Storyboard Ideas, Create And Customize Characters, Add Music, And Create YOUR Own Animated Film!

Game Design ~ Heroic RPG Games:

Welcome to theexciting world of game design in the Role Playing Game genre! When creating an RPG game, YOU can customize a detailed landscape, creating an awesome backdrop for adventure and exploration with impressive graphics. You can also create characters like heroes, neutral civilians, enemies, as well as items for survival and trade, elements of magic, random environmental events, a fantastic storyline, and do all this while learning programming logic along the way! Beta test your work with other campers and take your game to new heights! Leave camp with your NEW RPG GAME and impress family and friends!
Program: RPG Maker® VX Ace
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Outline & Storyboard Concepts, Create An Enchanting Fantasy World, Customize Characters And StoryLines, Utilize Design, And Try A Niche!

Digital Music Production:

Do YOU want to make your own digital music tracks?  Learn and develop the skills to create incredible music using Music Maker Jam and Pro Tools® First.  Work with hundreds of musical options in an innovative experience where you can drop tracks like a pro.  Create, Mix, and produce songs in a variety of genres – house, country, hip hop, classical and more… and yes, you can be a songwriter too!  Can’t fit six different large instruments in the car on the way to camp?  We’ve got you covered.  For this minor, let’s go digital, and do BIG things!  Studio jam sessions take place during the week, and campers drop their final tracks on Friday at our Music R3volution Showcase!  Leave camp with your work and continue to create music at home!
Programs: Music Maker Jam and Pro Tools First
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesCreate Music Digitally, Explore Multiple Genres Of Music, Learn Loops And Sound Customizations, Work On Songwriting, Collaborate In Jam Sessions, And Perform On Friday!

Super Sports:

Do You want to excel in a technology major, but have an athletic option as a minor?  If so, sign up for our super sports minor!  The goal of Super Sports is to play a variety of sports, have fun, and get in some good exercise!  Although campers get outdoor time during recess each day, this is a way to add to the fun!  Some example of the sports we may instruct and play include Soccer, Basketball, Spikeball, Frisbee Golf, Capture the Flag, Badminton, Croquet, Wiffle Ball, and Run the Bases!  In the event of rain, campers change gears for the day and learn about the use of advanced analytics in professional sports while drafting fantasy baseball teams and implementing their own statistical strategies!
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Sports Instruction, Great Mix Of Tech & Exercise, Teamwork, Skill Building, And Fun!

Green Tech:

Green living is a lifestyle that tries in as many ways as it can to bring into balance the conservation and preservation of the Earth’s natural resources, habitats, and biodiversity with human culture and communities.  How can we use technology to enhance green living and improve our environment here on Earth?  What technologies can we use or invent to reduce our footprint?  These are all topics that you will explore in this minor.  In addition, the main project of the camp week is to produce and film a PSA (Public Service Announcement) focusing on a technological invention that you want to create to improve green living on Earth.  Script, Film, Produce, Edit, Add Special Effects, and more. All PSAs are presented at our Friday PSA Showcase.  Let’s make the world a better place!
Valuable Learning OpportunitiesLearn How Tech Can Help The Environment, Ideate An Invention, Create A PSA, Present At A Friday Showcase, And Possibly Discover The Next Big Idea!

Cyber Security and Cryptography:

With the amazing advances of technology and the world becoming more digital, there is a greater need for cyber security and digital protection. With a Cyber Security and Cryptography minor, you can learn how to keep information and websites secure. Learn about encryption and decryption and program your own cipher in Scratch! Find out what makes passwords, websites, and networks secure. At the end of the week take home your own cipher program so you can send and receive secret messages to and from your family and friends!
Valuable Learning Opportunities: Encryption/Decryption With Ciphers, Preventing Cyber Attacks And Hacks, Password Security!

Please Note:  Although rare, some of the activities in the course descriptions above may be subject to change at the option of Lavner Camps due to various factors.

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