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2019 Fortnite Camps in Philadelphia PA, Main Line PA, Lower Gwynedd PA, Bucks County PA, Cherry Hill NJ, Montclair NJ, NYC Manhattan, Long Island NY, Wilmington DE, Washington DC, Towson MD, St. Louis MO, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, Berkeley CA & Los Angeles CA!

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Ages 13 to 15 – Space is Limited, Register Now!

Excel in one of the most popular esports games in the world!

Fortnite has taken the world by storm and it’s more than just a fun game. If you want to improve your skills, learn how it was created, and have endless fun with other kids who love the game as much as you do, then this is the place to be!

Our Fortnite camp has 4 major components:

1. Safe Practices: Sensitivity Training and Schedule Optimization – At the start of camp, campers participate in sensitivity training for gaming, ensuring that they the difference between fictional game play and the real world. Additionally, campers learn how to come up with a playing schedule that allows for mental and physical breaks. Campers learn about a variety of stretches and exercises which can help to optimize game play performance and reinforce best practices for healthy gaming.

2. Level design with Unreal Engine – Work with Unreal Engine, the development environment used by professional game studies to make Fortnite as well as games such as Street Fighter V, Kingdom Hearts III, Mass Effect 2, and many more. Design your own Fortnite style level with gameplay features and take home your project at the end of the week!

3. Improving Skills and Strategy – Fortnite is more that just running around, finding items, and surviving – there’s a lot of fascinating strategy involved! At camp, you’ll work on improving mechanical skill – your building speed and repertoire, aim, and strategic planning – starting out in the best areas, farming resources optimally, learning when to engage or run, pathing, and awareness. The goal is to improve your game sense and performance through lessons and tips developed through our strategic research, in addition to practice, play, and analysis of your gameplay. Not to mention working together in person as squads – there’s distributing resources, coordination, callouts, and so much more!

4. Action packed gameplay and competitions! – Get live Fortnite tournament experience by putting your skills and hard work to the test and competing in our competitions at camp! You have the option to play both solo and in camper squads.

Valuable Learning Opportunities:

Safe Practices: Through sensitivity training, educational awareness, schedule regimen, and stretches and exercises learn how to take a healthy approach to gaming.

Game Design: Learn programming and how to work with the powerful tools in Unreal Engine through level design. Take home your own level and learn additional game design techniques.

Teamwork: When you are playing squads, how well you work together and share ideas can be the difference between winning and losing. Campers will learn that teamwork and communication can go a long way to achieving success and at camp, you have the opportunity to collaborate with your teammates live and in person.

The Value of Practice: See first hand how working to develop skills and practicing together as a team can improve your level of success in real games and competitions, and your overall skills as a player.

College Scholarship or Career: Some colleges are now giving scholarships for esports. Additionally, there are professional esports teams and leagues, and the industry is growing. Will you be the next esports star or go to streamer? Get your start at the Lavner Camps Esports Academy!

Have Fun: Have a great time working with friends, competing for victories, and building your way to the top!


Please Note:

• Fortnite is rated PEGI 12 (suitable for ages 12 and up) and T for Teen by the ESRB (suitable for ages 13 and up).


• Your level cannot be imported into Fortnite for gameplay, however, in creating it, you can improve your game design skills

• Campers must come to camp with a Fortnite Account and Login information


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Fortnite Camp is also offered at Camp Tech Revolution in Los Angeles (UCLA), Berkeley (UC Berkeley), San Francisco (SFSU), Long Island (NYIT), Chicago (Lake Forest College) and West Chester PA (WCU).

2019 Summer Camps

Specialty Camps
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