Explorers – Ages 5 to 6

Explorers – Ages 5 to 6

Major and Minor Options for Explorers (Ages 5 & 6):



Take your soccer game to the next level! During the camp day, campers will engage in instructional drills focusing on skills, footwork, and strategy. Action-packed “live” drills with gameplay reinforce lessons learned in drills.

Campers participate in a variety of friendly competitions throughout the week such as World Cup, Penalty Shoot-Outs, and More!

Our goal is to make YOU a better soccer player while making friends and having tons of fun!

Basketball (Minor only):

Dribble, Shoot, and Score as you work on developing and improving your Basketball Skills!  Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned veteran to the game, Basketball Camp will let you work on your skills and improve your fundamentals. The camp will focus on both individual and team offensive and defensive concepts while campers participate in a variety of drills and scrimmages.  Campers also participate in camp competitions that focus on free throw shooting, spot shooting, Around The World, dribbling and more!

See you on the court!

Next Gen Sports:

For kids who love sports, developing skills, and athletic games/competitions, Next Gen Sports is the perfect Major. Campers learn and develop skills in a variety of sports like Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Capture the Flag, Spikeball, Stick Ball and More!

All activities are approached with a focus on improving skill sets, exercising, teamwork, and excellent sportsmanship. Campers also engage in friendly competitions such as Home Run Derby, Free Throw Shoot Out, World Cup Games and More!

Cartooning (Major only):

Come create your own comic book! Campers storyboard, write, illustrate, and present their own unique cartoons.  Our curriculum provides step-by-step tutorials for drawing interesting cartoon characters that you can implement in your cartoon, or you can create your own! If you like to make your very own comic book, this camp is perfect for you… and who knows, you may create the NEXT big thing in comics like Peanuts, Superman, or Wonder Woman!

Acting (Major only):

Have tons of fun and improve your acting skills in an dynamic acting class! Campers work on acting methods, techniques, and speaking in front of others through the use of improvisation activities and games.  During the week, campers also learn important skills, adding lots of excitement to camp. At the end of the week, campers perform a short scene, and leave camp with news skills and added confidence!

Puppetry (Major only):

It’s Showtime! Campers design and create their own puppets, script puppet shows, learn lines, develop choreography, and work on set design!  A very fun form of acting, this is YOUR opportunity to combine lots of skill sets to put on a show.  Performances take place on Friday… this is your chance to take your show to a live audience!

Mural Making (Major only):

Have you ever drove or walked by a beautiful mural in Philadelphia and wished you could design and paint one yourself? Well now you can! Grab a paintbrush and design your very own mural – on oversize paper of course. Add your own signature style and ideas as your paint your masterpiece.  Campers can work individually or in groups… these murals will big BIG!  Murals can go on display at camp, and who knows, an Art Museum may come calling!

Wearable Technology – Sneaker & Hat Re-design (Minor only):

Express yourself in style! Sign up to customize and re-design your sneakers and hats. Campers work with LED lights and basic circuitry as they re-design their own sneakers and hats. Learn the basics of circuits and how to incorporate them into your very own, unique apparel. Trendsetters wanted!  Campers must bring in a pair of shoes and a hat for design purposes.

Junior Pastry Chefs (Minor only):

Put on your aprons and have fun learning and baking! Plus, eat what you make…  You may even improve your math skills without even realizing it! Campers learn how to bake various pastries and desserts throughout the week. On Friday, campers participate in a Bake-Off with judges and plenty of excitement.  Join us for a hands-on Culinary experience and improve your skills!

Robotics with WeDo:

Build, program, and customize robots in this hands-on, interactive robotics & engineering major. Campers work in small groups to build and program 2-3 robots during the week, and learn how to work with instructions and utilize logical thinking skills in creative builds. Once the robots are built, campers learn how to program their robots to complete different challenges.  At the end of the week, a mini competitions are held with fun and exciting events.  Through robotics we teach our campers the basics of how machines work… and as a huge plus, there’s coding too!

Little Engineers (Minor only):

Design, plan, and build! In Little Engineers, campers complete various hands-on construction projects such as, popsicle stick boats, designing and building their own city, bridges and more! This is the perfect camp for kids who love to build, and our activities contain the type of learning that help our campers to think like engineers!

Electrical Engineering for Kids:

Come learn the basics of electrical engineering and electronics as you work hands-on with kid friendly circuits, switches, and more! Campers can work on projects like a radio, alarms, doorbells and more!  Using Snap Circuits, there are lots of great projects for every level!

App Design:

Now is YOUR chance to create your very own App!  Using Clickteam Fusion 2.5, campers start from scratch to design their very own game/app.  Campers get to design, build, and program as they learn the basics of app design. At the end of the week, campers get to take their app home with them.  Apps can be exported to both Android™ and/or iOS devices, and are playable on a PC.  If exporting to an iOS device, please note that the playability on an iOS device requires approval from the apple store.

Coding with ScratchJr:

Calling all future coders! Come experience the basics of computer science as you code your own interactive games complete with customized characters, interactions, and story line! Campers utilize ScratchJr, an easy to use word based coding software developed for kids, to express their creativity as they create their own unique projects.  This Minor is the perfect way to get your five/six year old started in coding!

Digital Photography (Minor only):

Capture life’s moments! Come hone your photography skills as you learn how to take beautiful digital photos and edit them using kid friendly software! Campers capture pictures like portraits, landscapes, action shots, and architectural photographs. Campers also participate in a fun and exciting photo scavenger hunt each week!

Physics for Kids (Major only):

Two atoms were walking across a road when one of them said, “I think I lost an electron!” “Really!” the other replied, “Are you sure?” “Yes, I’m absolutely positive.” Do you get it?

Welcome to the world of physics! In this Major, campers conduct lots of fun and interesting Physics experiments, and learn important concepts along the way… Test out different laws and theories relating to speed, inertia, gravity, magnetism, friction and electricity in this fun and exciting camp… At the end of the week, you may be coming up with Physics jokes of your all your own!

Spanish Immersion (Major only):

Bienvenidos! Come learn a new language in a fun and interactive way! Campers gain experience in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish as well as learning about the culture and traditions of a variety of Spanish speaking countries.  It’s never too early to start your path on becoming bilingual, and always a fun time to immerse yourself in another language!

Math Boost:

School is out, but that’s no reason to get rusty on your math skills!  As a way to bridge the “summer learning gap,” Math Boost is meant to keep your math skills sharp in a fun and mathtastic atmosphere!  This major hits on different areas of math through interactive word problems, challenges, trivias, “real-world” simulations, and camp game shows.  With a focus on fun, and practical math skills, the goal of this major is to foster each camper’s love for math and to help them build skills over the summer!

Some areas include – math in sports, business math, quick tricks for calculating, cool statistics, brain teasers & word problems, and much more!

Reading & Writing Boost:

Boost your love for reading and writing!  In this major, campers engage in a variety of activities that immerse them in the wonderful world of reading and writing.  Some projects include daily journal writing, poetry, writing commercials, silent reading time, group readings, fun with grammar, rhyming games, vocab trivia, and more!  While keeping activities fun and interactive, campers to develop their skills in reading, writing, and even public speaking!

Geography and Mapmaking (Minor only):

Learn the world around you!  Each week, campers select a region of the world and learn about countries, climate, terrain, culture, national products, and more…  And now, for the geographer in you, draw a colorful map of your region with countries, major cities, and 3D illustrations specific to each country that brings the map to life!

Entrepreneurship for Kids – The Lemonade Stand Challenge (Major only):

You see them every summer. Lemonade Stands set up along the road with eager kids ready to make some money. But what makes it successful?

Come learn the basics of starting and running your own business as you design, develop, and start your own Lemonade Stand. Campers will experience firsthand running a business as they work in groups to start up their own stand.  Develop delicious lemonade through research, trial and error, and blind taste tests.  Lemonade is not going to sell itself!  Create homemade business cards, flyers and signs, and get ready to sell!  Through some good old fashion hard work, and real hands-on business experience, learn how to make your Lemonade stand a success.  The lemonade stands will be open for business for campers and staff during Thursday and Friday’s snack time, and all proceeds go to a charity of each team’s choosing!

Brain Building Games – Chess, Stratego, Risk and More:

Join us for lots of brain building fun!  Use your brain to strategize and outwit your opponents in games like Chess, Stratego, Risk, and more! Learn new strategies, tips, and tricks on some of your favorite games.  A chess tournament takes place with the end of each week, and yes, we will bring the time clocks!

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