General Information

General Information


Campers participate in 1 major and 1 minor each week, which allows them to specialize in two areas of interest each week and really develop their skills!  You should select your majors and minors for each week during registration.  If you wish to change any majors or minors subsequent to the camp week, please email [email protected] by the Monday prior to the start of the camp week.  Course changes are subject to availability.

Check out our Amazing Schedule of Majors and Minors Below:



Camp registration is completed online by visiting and clicking the “register now!” button on the top of our homepage.

To begin registration, create a login ID (your email address) and password so you can check your account and camp schedule with us at any time.  If you already have a Lavner Camps account, you can login using this information.  Once logged in, complete your household information, schedule your camp weeks and sessions, select any applicable discounts, complete your registration form, and submit payment.

If paying by credit card or by E-Check, please do so online.  Any payments by cash must be made in person at our year-round office, located at 229 Haverford Avenue, Narberth, PA 19072, and you will receive a receipt for payment.  Now that we accept E-Check, we do not accept payment by check in the mail.

There is a one-time $20 registration fee per child for the 2018 camp year.

If you have any questions or issues regarding registration, please call our year-round office (610) 664-8800 or email us at [email protected] for assistance.  If you choose to email us, please provide your phone number and the location/camp weeks you wish to register for (we will hold these spots for you for three business days).


Registration for camp is completed online (by clicking the “Register Now!” button at the top of the homepage on  When registering, you must complete the entire Camper Registration Form for each child, which contains a consent form that must be signed by the parent and/or legal guardian of the camper.  If you registered over the phone, our office will start your registration, but you still need to complete your registration online which includes completing/submitting the Camper Registration Form.  If you do not complete our consent form but send your child to camp, this is considered implied consent to the terms and conditions listed in our consent form.  If you are having trouble accessing online registration, you must print the consent form and scan/email it to [email protected] prior to your child attending camp.  The consent form constitutes the entire agreement and no section of the consent form may be waived by any other writings or methods of communication.


You may complete one of the medical forms provided below or you can provide us with the health form that was submitted to your child’s school for his/her current school year.  Please scan/email your form to [email protected]



Check out our 2018 camp tuition below.  The more weeks you register for, the more you SAVE per week!

Please note, there is also a one-time $20 registration fee per child for the 2018 camp year.


We offer an excellent variety of camp discounts and a very popular referral program!

Multi Week Discount – Big Savings!  SAVE anywhere from $20-$320 on camp tuition by registering for multiple weeks. See the graphic above!

  • The Multi Week Savings Discount can combine with either the Early Registration Discount or Additional Sibling Discount (if applicable).
  • The Multi Week Savings Discount combines with any referral fees awarded to you via the Referral Program (if applicable).

Additional Sibling Discount – SAVE $30 for each additional sibling (2nd, 3rd, 4th child etc…) attending at least one full week(s), full days only, (9:00am to 3:30pm) of Exploration Junior Specialty Camp.  The primary camper is the child booked for the most camp weeks.  Additional Siblings qualify for this discount even if they are attending a different camp or location.  All Additional Sibling Discounts are awarded as refunds within fourteen (14) business days upon submission of your registration and payment for camp.  This discount will be provided as a partial refund to your credit card or by check by our camp office, depending upon your payment method for camp.

  • The Additional Sibling Discount cannot be combined with the Early Registration Discount.  In this case, the highest discount value is awarded.
  • The Additional Sibling Discount is combined with the Additional Multi Week Saving Discount.


Receive a $50 referral credit in your Lavner Camps Account for the next camp season (Summer 2019) for each “new family” you refer who registers their child for at least one full week of Lavner Camps during Summer 2018  (Monday to Friday, full days only).

If you refer four (4) or more families, your referral fees increase from $50 per family to $60 per family!

A “New Family” is a family that has never registered a child for a Lavner Camps summer camp or year-round program.

The new family must list your name on the “referred by” line on their online camper registration form.  A new family can only list one referral source.

Two new families cannot refer each other – in this case, only one family can be awarded the referral fee.

To be eligible for a referral credit, you must also send a child to Lavner Camps in Summer 2018 for at least one week (full week, full days).

Referrals are unlimited and are awarded in October 2018 in your Lavner Camps Account.  You will be notified by email once your referral credit(s) are awarded!

The family tallying the most referrals for the summer of 2018 will receive one (1) free week of camp at any of our day camps for the Summer of 2019!

Referral credits are not transferrable and can only be used for Summer 2019 with a minimum booking of one full week (full days) of camp.

Additional details regarding our discounts and referral program:

  • Early registration and sibling discounts are not combined (the highest discount value will be awarded.)
  • Multi-Week Discounts are combined with other discounts.
  • Discounts are only valid for Full Week, Full Day Camp Weeks Only.  Discounts for Exploration Junior Specialty Camp cannot be combined with the Specialty Camps or TECH R3VOLUTION discounts.
  • Referral credits for “new camp families” are in addition to any discount you receive and are awarded as credits for summer 2019.


Families may pay with Visa, Discover, MasterCard, E-check, or Cash.

If registering prior to April 1, 2018, you have the following payment options:

  1. In Full: Pay tuition in full.
  2. 50/50 Option: Pay the first 50% at the time of registration and the final 50% on April 1, 2018.  This option will activate an automatic pay on April 1, 2018.
  3. ⅓, ⅓, ⅓ Option:  Pay the first ⅓ tuition at the time of registration, ⅓ on March 1, 2018, and the final ⅓ on April 1, 2018. This option will activate an automatic pay on March 1, 2018 and April 1, 2018.

Please Note: If you choose to pay in installments, the Early Registration discount is only effective if all payments are received by the Early Registration deadline of March 1, 2018.  If your final payment is not processed by the Early Registration deadline on March 1, 2018, you are still eligible for Additional Sibling Discounts, Multi-Week Discount, and the Referral Program (if applicable).

If registering on or after April 1, 2018, payment in full is due upon registration.

Payments made by cash should be dropped off at our year-round office when registration is made, and a receipt will be provided.

Other payment plans can be arranged upon request (i.e. 50% payment, 25% payment, 25% payment) by calling our year-round office (610) 664 – 8800 or emailing [email protected]

Any payment made is considered “paid tuition” and falls under our Cancellation policy.


You may qualify for tax benefits through the dependent care credit for camp.  Don’t forget to check with your accountant to see if you qualify!



Cancellation on or before March 3, 2018: If you need to cancel your child’s enrollment, you must notify us in writing via email by March 3, 2018 to [email protected] in order to receive a partial refund of your camp payment.  Cancellations on or before March 3, 2018 will result in a partial refund of 90% of camp tuition paid.  Cancellations by March 3, 2018 are only accepted by request via email to [email protected]

Cancellation after March 3, 2018:  All tuition payments for camp are non-refundable after March 3, 2018 regardless of any reason for cancellation.  Camp payments include all payments toward camp including but not limited to regular camp hours, early arrival, extended day, private lessons, and lunch.

We do not provide make up days for missed days of camp, “no-shows”, or missed lessons regardless of reason.

Registration Fee:  The $20 registration fee for each camper is non-refundable once the registration fee is paid.


Changing Camp Schedule on or before May 1, 2018: If you wish to change your child’s camp week(s) on or before May 1st, 2018, Lavner Camps will accommodate this request for no charge, however the new camp dates requested are subject to availability.  We do our best to accommodate all requests.

Changing Camp Schedule after May 1, 2018: If you wish to change your child’s camp week after May 1st, 2018 there is a $25.00 change fee (per camp week) per child, and placement into a new camp week(s) is subject to availability.

A change of camp week pertains to either a change of dates, change of camp, or change of location.

A Change of Week must be made by the Tuesday (5:00pm) prior to the upcoming camp week to be granted.

Change of Camp Week requests must be made directly to our year-round office by emailing [email protected]

Change of weeks can only be made within the same summer (a camp week in Summer 2018 can only be changed to another camp week in 2018).


The Camp Packet will be available on our website by May 1, 2018.  An email announcement will be sent out to all camp families who are registered at the time the camp packet is placed on our website.  Camp packets include detailed information specific to Exploration Junior Specialty Camp.  Some information included in camp packets are: drop off and pick up information, sign in/out procedure, what to bring to camp, locational information, link to the map of each location, lunch, and more…


Regular Camp Hours & Drop Off/Pick Up Times:

Our regular camp day for Specialty Camps is from 9:00am to 3:30pm at all locations.

Our camp staff record your drop off and pick up times each day via sign in/out.

Early Arrival is from 8:00am to 9:00am at all camp locations.  If you drop off your child prior to 8:45am it is considered Early Arrival and your account will be billed for early arrival (if not previously registered for early arrival).

Extended Day at all locations is from 3:30pm to 6:00pm.  If you pick up your child after 3:50pm it is considered Extended Day and your account may be billed for extended day (if not previously registered for extended day).

EXTENDED HOURS – Early Arrival & Extended Day:

Early Arrival and extended day is provided at all camp locations.

Early Arrival – 8:00am to 9:00am (all camp locations)

Extended Day – 3:30pm to 6:00pm

If you would like to book Early Arrival, and/or Extended Day please do so by the Friday prior to your child’s upcoming camp week.  If  you need to add any of these options during the camp week, please send your request directly to [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate you (and will charge your credit card on file).

If your child attends Early Arrival or Extended Day and it was not previously scheduled and paid for, our office reserves the right to bill your account and charge your credit card on file.

While we do ask that you book in advance, we are flexible and will work to accommodate your requests for early arrival/extended day even if made during the camp week!


Families have the option of purchasing lunch or packing lunch for their child.

If a child has a food allergy, the child’s family is required to pack lunch each day for this child, and lunch may not be purchased through camp.  Our third party food service vendors are not able to guarantee that the lunches are free from food allergens and/or free from any cross contamination.

If you decide to purchase lunch you can do so online during registration or can log back into your account and purchase lunch until the Friday prior to the start of the camp week.  Depending upon the location, lunches are ordered from area restaurants, caterers, and/or the university or school cafeteria.

If you are packing a lunch, please make sure all food items are nut-free.  Lunches can be refrigerated upon request (just ask one of your child’s camp instructors or the camp director).


For the safety of our campers, we are a Nut-Aware camp.  Please do not send any nut products to camp with your child.  While we are a “Nut-Aware” camp, we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment.


A recess period is offered in each camp following lunch.  Recess can consist of indoor and/or outdoor games that are both structured and unstructured.   An optional free swim period is offered at the Katz JCC and Germantown Academy.  Swimming is not available at other locations.


In order for an individual to pick up  and sign out your child from camp, he/she must (1) be listed on your online Camper Registration Form as an authorized individual to pick up your child and (2) present a valid  driver’s license or government issued photo ID.  The Camper Registration Form is the form you completed during online registration, and the question pertaining to Authorized Individuals to drop  off/pick up is on  the first page of this form. All Authorized Individuals  must be listed on  your  Camper  Registration Form by the Friday prior to your child’s  upcoming camp week.  All  amendments of authorized individuals (additions or deletions)  must be made by the  primary account holder on the Camper Registration Form.  To login  to your account, visit and click on the “Register  Now!”  button at the top of  the website.


If you would like to authorize our staff to  apply sunscreen on your child, you can do so on your online Camper Registration Form.  Authorization must be made by the Friday prior to your child’s upcoming camp week and campers must bring their own sunscreen to camp.  Your child’s sunscreen must have his or her name and application instructions attached.


We ask many important questions regarding your child on his/her online Camper Registration Form.  Please make sure all information (e.g. medical information, grouping requests, authorized individuals to drop off/pick up, emergency contact information) that you want current for the camp week is updated on your child’s Camper Registration Form by the Friday prior to  the start of the upcoming camp week.  If you need to add any information after the Friday prior to the upcoming camp week, you must (1) add it to your child’s online Camper  Registration Form and (2) email this information to both our Central Office  ([email protected]) and the onsite camp director at your location.


For the safety of our campers, all drugs (medications) are stored under lock and key except when in the controlled possession of the person responsible for administering them.  For prescription drugs (medication), they are given only under the specific instruction/directions of a licensed physician.  For nonprescription drugs (medication), they are given under the signed instructions of the parents or legal guardian or signed instructions from the camper’s physician.


When you create your online account with Lavner Camps, please make sure to include your address and any important contact phone numbers (home, cell, work) and additional/emergency contacts.


Campers have access to water breaks as needed. Instructors ensure that our campers are taking ample water breaks throughout the camp day.


Free t-shirt:  Every camper receives one white “Lavner Camps!” t-shirt.

Additional Lavner Camps apparel t-shirts (red, white, and light blue) and hats (white) are available for purchase through


Lavner Camps reserves the absolute right to dismiss a camper without refund for any behavior (1) that threatens or endangers the welfare and/or the safety of any camper, instructor, or any other person involved with the camp, (2) is disruptive to the overall camp environment, which interferes with the beneficial use and enjoyment by campers and staff, or (3) for any form of bullying of other campers or disrespectful behavior to camp authority.  Lavner Camps emphasizes a safe, fun, and healthy camp environment that fosters learning and friendship, and appropriate camp behavior is essential to a great overall experience for everyone involved.  It is imperative that every camper feels included, safe, and part of our camp community.


Campers are not permitted to use cell phones, personal computers, or any other electronic devices that connect to the internet while at camp except for camp owned computers used for camp purposes.  “While at camp” pertains to all times that a camper is on location at camp.   If you would like to get in touch with your child during the camp day, please contact our onsite camp director.  The onsite camp director’s contact information (name, phone, and email) will be placed on the chalkboard at the sign in location.  During the camp week, you may also contact our central office ([email protected] or 610 664-8800) to obtain the contact information for the onsite director.  Additionally, if your child would like to contact you during the camp day, he/she may contact you through the camp director or camp instructor.


To ensure a safe and productive camp environment, Lavner Camps reserves the right to add or amend camp policies at any time.  All current policies can be found at in real time.


Campers may bring personal items/equipment to camp, but Lavner Camps is not responsible or liable for any personal equipment that is lost, stolen, or broken.


Lavner Camps is not responsible or liable for any personal items/equipment that is left behind at camp.  Lost and Found items/equipment may be held at camp until the last day of camp.  Any remaining Lost and Found items/equipment will be discarded/recycled at the end of the camp season.


If your child arrives at camp and you have an account balance, Lavner Camps reserves the right to process your credit card on file for the camp week.  After attending camp, if still have an account balance, Lavner Camps reserves the right to process your payment method on file during scheduled billing cycles.


We strive to have every camper complete the project minimums for each camp per the camp descriptions, however, we do maintain that this also requires the active participation and attendance of the camper.


We are Always Happy to Assist You!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have!

Office: (610) 664-8800

Email: [email protected]


Mailing:  Lavner Camps  –  229 Haverford Avenue – 1st Floor, Narberth, PA 19072

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