Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our camp families ask us many great questions about our summer camps.  Below are a list of 10 questions that are frequently asked.  If you have a question that is not listed, please send it our way!  


Question #1:  Why is the Major/Minor format essential to the Exploration Junior Specialty Camp Concept?  

Answer:  Lavner Camps is the leading Specialty Camp organization in the United States.  As a way to get our younger campers started in Specialty Camps, we are offering Exploration Day Camp as a “Junior Specialty Camp” where campers specialize in 1 major and 1 minor each week, in addition to participating in Weekly Themes and “all camp” Events.  The major/minor format allows each camper the necessary time to truly immerse in exciting subject areas and experience quality learning and skill building, while still attending a camp that offers the types of fun themes and events you may find at a typical day camp.  What’s great is that you can choose different majors and minors each week, so there is plenty of opportunity to try out many subject areas during the summer, but done in a way where hands-on, experiential learning is robust and impactful.  In addition, campers have the benefit of learning from passionate instructors, working within excellent curricula, and learning in a fun and friendly environment!  Through this format, campers will develop their interests and passions, and can continue the experience in our Specialty Camps in future summers!

Question #2:  Are your camps accredited?

Answer:  Yes, we are ACA accredited.

Question #3:  What are your instructor to camper ratios?

Answer:  It depends upon the camp, but typically our ratios are 1 instructor to 8 campers… or better.  We strive to create a camp environment where campers receive excellent supervision and high levels of attention during instructional and recreational periods.

Question #4:  Who are your instructors?

Answer:  Our staff is excellent and are the very best out of a great pool of applicants we consider each year.  Typically, our lead instructors consist of teachers, specialists (like ITs, Fashion Designers, etc…) undergrad/grad students from excellent colleges/universities, and the occasional superstar student entering college in the fall.  Assistant instructors typically consist of accomplished rising seniors.  Our instructors are extremely knowledgeable in subject areas, are passionate about working with kids, highly responsible, and all have cleared background checks.  Instructors go through a rigorous orientation prior to the summer camp season and have constant support from onsite camp directors and our central office.  We put them in a position to succeed… and they do!

Question #5:  Do you have an onsite camp director?

Answer:  Yes!  Our onsite camp directors manage each camp location.  They are trained to make sure that daily operations at camp are running smoothly.  Camp directors are available onsite to answer your questions, and are available by phone and email if you need to communicate with them during the day.  You may also communicate with staff from our central office.  These positions are highly sought out, and we hire the best.  Camp directors also work directly with our camp office, communicate on a daily basis, and offer great support to campers and instructors each day.  Our central office also allocates camp directors from our leadership team who visit each week to help ensure a high quality camp environment!

Question #6:  How is a typical day structured at camp?

Answer:  Campers get a great mix of instructional activities and recreation each day!  To view the schedule for a typical day at camp, click here.

Question #7:  How do you group the campers each week?

Answer:  First, we group campers by age into two different divisions:  The Explorers (Age 5 & 6) and the Adventurers (Ages 7 & 8).  Campers are grouped a bunk within their division, where they start the day, eat lunch, interact in our daily afternoon activities, and end the day.  During Majors and Minors, campers attend with other campers who have selected the same majors and minors.

Question #8:  How do you keep camp fun?

Answer:  We hire fun and dynamic instructors, offer exciting activities, provide ample time for recreation, and create a camp environment that is welcoming and exciting!  All of our campers are valued members of our camp community, and we are passionate about providing them with an awesome summer experience!

Question #9:  How do you create a safe camp environment?

Answer:  Camp safety is our number one goal.  We work hard all year long to make sure our camp safety is top notch.  We are ACA accredited and follow guidelines, we hire very responsible staff and train them (which includes a test of our detailed handbook/procedure guide), employ procedures that promote safety and supervision, and are in constant communication.  We also implement a behavioral policy that is strict but fair, and requires that all campers exude good behavior, do not engage in bullying, and contribute to a safe and welcoming camp environment.

Question #10:  Why should we choose Lavner Camps?

Answer:  At Lavner Camps, you will “experience the difference.”  Our mission is to provide the best camp experience available… and we do.  Here are some of the things that we offer to provide a great camp experience:

  • Accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA)
  • Attention to Safety
  • Top-Notch Camp Locations
  • Excellent Staff
  • Expert Year-Round Leadership Team with lots of summer camp experience and backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Cornell University, Brandeis University and more!
  • Innovative Specialty Camps
  • “Cutting Edge” curriculum
  • A camp office that believes in excellent customer service and communication with our camp families
  • Camp owners who are passionate and hands on!
  • Extremely high retention rate of campers and growing each year, especially through word of mouth referrals.
  • Incredible media coverage – local and national!
  • A proven track record of thousands of campers who succeeded and love Lavner Camps!
  • and so much more…!


Additional Questions:  If you have any additional questions, please email us at [email protected] or call our office at (610) 664-8800.  We welcome your questions and are happy to provide you with informative answers!


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