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Engineering with littleBits

Ages 6-10

2022 Engineering Classes for Kids Available Worldwide at Tech Revolution!

Be the Next Great Engineer.

Have you ever wondered what’s happening inside devices like tablets, TVs, iPhones, and Apple Watches, or wanted to invent and build your own electronics? If so, enroll in Tech Revolution’s Engineering with littleBits and immerse yourself in lots of fun and exciting engineering concepts and hands-on projects. Learn about electricity, circuits, and programming while building with electronic blocks to create super cool projects.  Once your project is complete, beta test with other students, iterate your designs, and move them into final form…No prior experience required! 

LittleBits uses small magnetic circuit boards that snap together to make incredible electronic devices. Each “bit” has a specific function. Some bits include buttons, lights, and speakers. The variety of specialized bits means there are thousands of possible combinations allowing for countless unique inventions.

Using the code bit, you can learn to code your newly made hardware using drag and drop programming. This is a great way to learn the fundamentals of engineering and programming while having tons of fun! We’ll introduce real programming concepts such as variables, loops, logic, and functions and engineering concepts like force, electricity, and energy.

We’ll start off by teaching you the basics: the function of each bit, how to create a circuit, and how to program the powerful code-bit. Next, we’ll guide you through building some awesome projects like an electric guitar, a tug of war game, or a programmable car! Finally, we’ll give you the chance to be creative and make your own invention or adapt one of ours! Create something new and share it with the rest of the group! 

No prior experience is necessary. This camp is perfect for Beginner and Intermediate programmers.


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