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Dinosaur Discoveries

Ages 4-5

2022 Dinosaur Classes for Kids in Seattle WA at Tech Revolution!

Welcome to Dinosaur Discoveries! Are you a dinosaur enthusiast who wants nothing more than to dive into a prehistoric world?! Join your fellow paleontologists and go on a simulated expedition, learn about the lives of your favorite extinct animals by studying animals that are still around today, and use your creativity to show off your love for dinos. If you dig dinosaurs, then come dig in with us!

Dino Digs: Discover your very own fossils by using archaeological tools and tricks to carefully uncover dino remains! Our advanced paleontologists will use these bones to solve mysteries about our past!

Dinosaur Behaviors: By studying the behavior of living animals, we can theorize about the lives of extinct animals. We may not be able to watch a T. rex hunt, but by watching some of his modern cousins, we will get a sneak peek into dinosaur behaviors. 

Model Fossil Imprints: Use your crafty paleontologist skills to create your own clay fossil imprints that can join your collection of dinosaurs at home!

Create Your Own Dinosaur T-shirt: Share your love of dinosaurs by designing your very own T-shirt! We’ll teach you how to design your shirt, print it for you, and mail it to you after the course!

With tons of great activities, and plenty to learn about our prehistoric past, join us for Dinosaur Discoveries…and feel free to bring your favorite dinosaurs to class with you!


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“Best Camp Ever!” – Pepper G., Camper