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Crypto Camps & Courses For Kids

The World’s #1 Crypto Camps & Courses for Kids!

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Financial Literacy
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2023 Crypto Camps & Courses For Kids Ages 8 to 15 Offered In-Person and Online!

At Lavner Education, we offer the hottest crypto camps and courses for kids/teens who want to dive into these topics.
Our in-person camps are held at prestigious university locations nationwide like Penn, UCLA, NYU, Rice, WashU and more!
Our mission is to empower students worldwide with the education tools for success now and in the future.

Check out the list of available camps/courses!

Bitcoin Camp – Cryptocurrency & Blockchain – Virtual Camp

Bitcoin Camp – Cryptocurrency & Blockchain – In-Person Camps Held Nationwide

Digital Art Camp with NFTs & Ethereum – Virtual Camp

Digital Art Camp with NFTs & Ethereum – In-Person Camps Held Nationwide

Financial Literacy Camp for Kids – Virtual Camp

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Tech Stocks & Digital Innovation Camp – Virtual Camp

Tech Stocks & Digital Innovation Camp – In-Person Camps Held Nationwide

Tech Startup Camp – Virtual Camp

Tech Startup Camp – In-Person Camp Held Nationwide

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#1 in Summer Enrichment Camps
Why Lavner Camps?

We Champion Your Champion.
At Lavner Education, we help campers build their self-confidence. Whether it’s coding an app or creating your own digital design for a pair of custom Converse sneakers, you’ll have the opportunity to substantially improve your self-confidence by completing your veery own projects!

Campers Can Develop Their Own Interests.
With over 60 different course offerings, we have something for everyone! Whether you to become a chef or a computer programmer, our expert instructors and unbeatable curricula allow you to grow in subject areas that you are most passionate about.

Succeed Through Hands-On, Experiential Learning.
Learn by doing. Whether it’s improving skills in athletics, building and coding a robot, designing a handbag, cooking lasagna, and much more, we believe in teaching you through project based learning. Our unique curricula and hands-on teaching methods give you the opportunity to learn through real-world experience. Our camps are designed by industry experts in education so you’re sure to improve your skills, learn a lot, and have fun!

Our camps Are Best in Class.
We offer cutting-edge opportunities that are unique, educational, and exciting. Our year-round team works passionately all year to keep our curricula on the cutting edge, so that you’ll get access to the latest educational technologies and advancements.

Family-Owned Organization and Founder-Led.
Lavner Education is a family-led organization that cares deeply about providing top-notch camp opportunities for all of its camp families.  Your success is our success.

What’s Included at Camp?

We offer a Staff to Camper ratio of approximately 1:4 to 1:8.
A 1:4 to 1:8 staff-to-camper ratio and multiple levels of curricula ensure that you’ll be able to grow at your own pace, are well supervised, and have fun.

Cutting-Edge Curricula.
Lavner Campers have access to our cutting-edge curricula developed by our in-house experts.

Premier Camp Locations.
Lavner Campers attend camp at premier private school and university locations.

Passionate Instructors.
We hire less than 3% of applicants.  We are devoted to staffing our camps with talented staff who are passionate about teaching and working with kids and teens.

All the Equipment You Need for an Awesome Week of Camp.
Lavner Camps provides the equipment needed to ensure an excellent learning environment where you’ll have the tools for success.

A Lavner Camps Certificate of Excellence, Official T-shirt, and more!
At the end of the week, you’ll leave with a Lavner Camps Certificate of Excellence, a limited edition Summer 2023 T-Shirt, and a VIP Lanyard. Most campers also take home a final project (like a 3D-printed masterpiece, a new app, etc.). You’ll also leave with incredible memories, new friends, and vastly improved skills!

Lots More…
There are many more great things that happen at camp. Join us at Lavner Camps for an awesome experience this summer and to find out more!

Optional Add-Ons:
We offer early arrival (8am to 9am) and extended day (3:15pm to 5:45pm) for families who want extra coverage for their child. We offer a catered lunch program for those who do not wish to pack lunch from home. We even offer private lessons before and after camp which allows you to go beyond what is offered in the course curricula.

Why is Lavner Education the Leader in Specialty Camps?

At Lavner Education, success starts here. Lavner Camps was build by team members with educational backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Harvard University Graduate School of Education and more. Our best-in-class programs, top-tier instructors/camp managers, prestigious camp locations, and over 60 unique course offerings, have allowed us to remain the global leader in STEM education for kids.

What is ACA Accreditation and Why is it Important?

The American Camp Association has hundreds of guidelines for accreditation covering health, wellness, operation, safety and more, which are strictly enforced through regular site visits. We are accredited by the American Camp Association in PA and NJ and carry similar standards to other states. We invest in ACA accreditation because our camp families deserve the best!

Unique Minecraft Experiences Built by Lavner Engineers!

Our Game Design Engineers build and code unique experiences/events that you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you are just starting to learn the ropes of Minecraft or have logged many hours working on your craft, we have a Minecraft camp for every kid out there. Make sure to check out 3D Minecraft, Harry Potter Minecraft, Minecraft Channel for YouTube, Minecraft World Builder, Vanilla Coding in Minecraft, and our National Minecraft Tournaments!

Master the World of Roblox!

Roblox offers a world of opportunity in game design, coding, multiplayer collabs and more! Join us for Roblox with Game Design, Roblox & Custom Obbys, Roblox with Lua Coding, and our National Roblox Tournaments. Roblox learning and fun is going to heat up this summer!

Customize Your Own Converse or Vans Shoes at Our Graphic Design Camps!

Bring your creativity to life and expand your technical design skills as you personalize your very own Converse sneakers & t-shirt, Vans shoes & socks, or mask & hoodie! Gain invaluable industry insight behind the processes of graphic design and how you can create eye-catching pieces that will engage your audience and tell your story, all through personalized project-based learning.

Crypto Camps & Courses for 2023!

Dive into the exciting world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with our Bitcoin Camp. Learn all about the what, who, and why of cryptocurrencies, the ins and outs of trading, and its financial, environmental, and cultural impacts across the globe. Also check out our Digital Art Camp with NFTs & Ethereum if you are interested in the future of digital art and collectibles, and our Financial Literacy for Kids camp!

Calling All Future Medical Professionals!

This summer, immerse yourself in the rapidly growing field of technology and medicine. Explore some of the latest advancements in technology and how they have played a pivotal role in changing the world of medicine. Put the concepts you have learned into practice through applicable hands-on activities such as 3D modeling a prosthetic, performing a simulation surgery, optimizing a model for patient flow-through in hospitals, writing code, and much more.

Learn to Code and Set Yourself up for Success!

At our 2023 Coding Camps, our next generation of coders learn valuable computer science skills through project-based learning that will set them up for success in the future. It’s a digital world and everyone should learn how to code. Learn Scratch, Python, Java, C++ and more this summer. With our expertly designed curriculum and 20+ hours of coding instruction each week, we go far deeper than an after school club or hour of code program, and have tons of fun at the same time!

Build Your Digital Footprint!

Dive into the rapidly growing world where art and cryptocurrency collide as you create your own unique digital art masterpiece. Gain a deeper understanding of NFTs, how they work, and why they are changing the world of art. Learn about some of the world’s most popular NFTs, why some of these digital art pieces are selling for thousands or even millions of dollars, and how smart contracts can be executed on Ethereum!




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