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AI Robotics with Cozmo and Sphero Bolt

Ages 7-10

2022 Artificial Intelligence Classes for Kids at Tech Revolution!

Welcome To The Ultimate AI Experience.

In this action-packed course, build your tech skills by using Cozmo robots and Sphero BOLT to carry out a series of fun missions and save the world! Text-based and drag-and-drop programming is available, making this course appropriate for kids of all levels.

• Artificially Intelligent Programs: Before working with Super-Cozmo himself, we’ll show you the many forms of AI! Get hands on experience with AI and learn how these programs are coded, how they adapt, what makes them intelligent, and what all of this can be used for! These programs span everything from Chess engines to Chat bots, and digital assistants to music-composing AIs.

• Artificially Intelligent Robots: Once you are ready, we’ll introduce our intelligent AI heroes: Super-Cozmo and BOLT the Bot Wonder! Gain hands-on experience and learn how to program these robots using drag and drop programming. Advanced students can also learn how to use Python to program Cozmo and BOLT for more complex behaviors such as voice command, color sensing, and conversational speech.

• Scratch AI programs: Use the power of Scratch and artificial intelligence to create tools to monitor problems around the world and keep everyone safe. Experiment with other AI programs to gain hands on experience with how simple AI is programmed.

• Program your own virtual battle bot: Of course, Cozmo and BOLT always solve problems peacefully whenever possible, but when defending the innocent is needed, the world needs an AI that’s unbeatable. Use Java code to design your own behavior for your robot and then watch it battle in simulations against other premade robots and robots from other campers. Who’s robot will be the last one standing in the ring?

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“Best Camp Ever!” – Pepper G., Camper