2016 Year Round Classes and Programs

2016 Year Round Programs include sports classes, tech classes, and art classes in Philadelphia PA, Main Line PA, and Cherry Hill NJ!  New Locations to be added in future seasons…!


*Space is limited! 


The Lavner Camps Store – 229 Haverford Avenue – 1st Floor, Narberth PA 19072


Winter Classes at the Lavner Camps Store:


Fashion Design Classes – Winter Handbag Design

*Ages 8 to 12


Bring out the designer in you by joining our winter Fashion Design Classes!

This winter, our focus is entirely on designing handbags for the snowy season. Throughout the session, students learn how to create two different handbags from start to finish. Students brainstorm ideas, sketch designs, select from a variety of fabric and accoutrements, measure, cut, and sew on a sewing machine.

In addition to the actual construction of the bag, students will learn about the latest fashion handbag trends for the season.

During the last class of the session, students will create and put on a fashion show for family members eager to see the latest in handbag design!

*All fabric, materials, and sewing machines are provided.   Each student has the opportunity to work on his/her own sewing machine.

Dates & Times:

All Saturdays from January 9 to February 27, 9:00am to 11:00am

Tuition: $379 (All 8 classes), $343 (7 out of 8 classes), $298 (6 out of 8 classes)

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Game Design with Minecraft™

*Ages 7 to 12


Welcome Minecraft™ and Game Design Enthusiasts! In this class, students create action packed games by developing storylines, customizing landscapes, designing characters, installing mods, utilizing Redstone, and much more, all while working together in shared worlds on our multi-player servers! Students engage in small and large challenges, implement cause and effect, and utilize teamwork to achieve success. In addition to creating games, students also beta test games through individual and team competitions (friendly competition, of course!) In this course, students call on a variety of Minecraft™ skills to design cool projects that others can play and enjoy!

*At the end of the last class, students should bring a flash drive to class to save all of their work.

*Students are required to have their own Minecraft™ account.

Dates & Times:  

All Saturdays from January 9 to February 27, 11:00am to 1:00pm

Tuition: $379 (All 8 classes), $343 (7 out of 8 classes), $298 (6 out of 8 classes)

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Coding Academy – Computer Programming with Python™

*Ages 11 to 14


Welcome to our coding academy and the exciting world of computer programming!

In this class, students work with Python™, a tremendously popular computer programming language, to create cool graphics, games, and even a fortune telling genie! Students benefit from clean syntax and other stream lined attributes within Python™ that provide a new approach to learning and understanding programming as a whole. With Python™, coders can often write code more quickly, allowing them to produce more project results in a shorter period of time.

In this class, our students learn new programming concepts and skills, develop logical thinking, and code impressive and entertaining projects!

We are excited to see all of the projects this winter!

Dates & Times:

All Saturdays from January 9 to February 27, 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Tuition: $459 (All 8 classes), $413 (7 out of 8 classes), $359 (6 out of 8 classes)

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*To Register for a Winter Class/Club, click on the Register Now! link, sign in, or create an account, and select “2106 Winter Classes” at your desired location. Once you choose your location, you can select your class(es), and complete your registration!

*Students may register for one or more sessions (e.g. Fashion Design Classes – Handbag Design, Game Design with Minecraft™) in the winter.

*Students may register for the full session, 7 out of 8 classes per session, or 6 out of 8 classes per session.

*Class Packets will be available by January 5th, 2016.  Class packets provide “need to know” information about each class session and the specific location.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:  After registering, there are no refunds for cancellations and/or missed classes regardless of any reason.

Behavioral Policy:

Lavner Camps emphasizes a safe, fun, and healthy club environment that fosters learning, friendship, and fun.  Appropriate behavior in class is essential to a great overall experience for everyone.

Lavner Camps reserves the absolute right to dismiss a student without refund for any behavior (1) that threatens or endangers the welfare and/or the safety of any student, instructor, or any other person involved with the club, (2) is disruptive to the overall club environment, which interferes with the beneficial use and enjoyment by students and staff, or (3) for any form of bullying of other students or disrespectful behavior to club authority.

*If you have any questions about our behavioral policy, please contact our camp office.