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2017 RPG Game Design Camps in Philadelphia PA, Main Line PA, Lower Gwynedd PA, NYC Manhattan & Long Island NY! 



Ages (8 to 12)

Welcome to the world of fantasy and adventures… The Quest Continues in Summer 2017…  

Have you ever dreamed of being an action hero who possesses a legendary strength to conquer and bring peace to the world? Have you ever imagined embarking on exciting adventures throughout landscapes, towns, and civilizations, navigating challenging worlds while interacting with interesting characters, and accomplishing goals for the common good? If this sounds fun and exciting, then join us to learn how to create RPG games (Role Playing Games)!

In this camp, campers use RPG Maker™ to create an RPG game where the protagonist is a destined explorer set on a journey to discover new lands and inhabitants. In this game, campers customize their landscapes, storylines, character profiles, character interactions, dialogues, challenges, score/health, and other features that drive the game. As campers progress, they can incorporate more advanced topics such as “Advanced Programming using Custom Events”, “Public Events and Variables”, “Customizing Scripts and Maps,”  “Advanced Battle Scripts,” and more to improve the level of functioning and intricacy within the game. Campers with one week of experience or more are able to make additional types of RPG games within our curriculum!

Valuable Learning Opportunities:

Learning how to create RPG Games can enable you to…

Materialize Your Ultimate Dream: You are in charge of creating your own characters, storylines, maps, and events throughout the entire game development process, and have the opportunity to express your creativity! Once completed, you can export and share your game with all of your friends. How cool is that?!

Professional Planning Skills: You get to develop your planning skills that will help you execute character interactions and plots within your RPG game. By using Flow Chart as a tool, you present different scenarios and branch out your storylines according to various user choices throughout the games.

Organization and Programming Mindset: As you implement your ideas into the game, you get to improve your logical thinking skills to achieve strong organization, which is important in enhancing game quality. By utilizing programming concepts such as Variables, Loops, Conditional Statements, and more, you can improve your problem solving and organizational skills.

Be an Artist: Unlock your artistic potential and creativity when designing custom Maps and Worlds in your game. You can also add music and sound effects to further enhance the game playing experience!

RPG Lingo Master: As you progress throughout camp, you will become more familiarized with the keywords and phrases used in popular Role Playing Games. What is EXP? What is an NPC? How does the LVL Curve work? After camp, you should be able to explain these cool concepts and more to family and friends!

At the end of camp, campers receive a Lavner Camps t-shirt and a CD/CD Cover with their game(s).

This camp is for beginners and intermediates.

*Campers are shown how to install the trial version of RPG Maker™ VX Ace and continue their coding project at home. Please note that the software and projects done in RPG Maker™ are exported as EXE files and compatible with Windows running computers only.

Our 2017 RPG Game Design Camps are located at Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary ~ 816 Norristown Rd, Springhouse PA 19477, Rosemont College ~ 1400 Montgomery Avenue, Rosemont PA 19010, University of Pennsylvania ~ 3417 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, Waldron Mercy Academy ~ 513 Montgomery Avenue, Merion Station PA 19066, New York University ~ 60 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012, NYIT ~ Northern Boulevard at Valentines Lane, Old Westbury NY 11568.

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2017 RPG Game Design Camps in Philadelphia PA, Main Line PA, Lower Gwynedd PA, NYC Manhattan, Greenwich Village & Long Island NY!