The Spotted Owls – Ages 9 to 10

The Spotted Owls – Ages 9 to 10

The Spotted Owls

Ages 9 to 10

The Spotted Owls are grouped by age and ability within their division. Campers may request to be grouped together. The level of each activity varies upon the age and ability of each group.


Survival Skills:  Spotted Owls experience nature and see what it takes to survive. Campers learn how to read a map, identify different types of animals and plants, utilize safety skills, recognize weather patterns, tie knots and so much more!

Green Energy & Design: Think water, wind, and solar power! Our Spotted Owls learn about various types of green energy and how structures in society incorporate green design to contribute to a more environmentally friendly world!

Ecological Art Creations: Spotted Owls express their creativity by using nature in art.  Campers make cool projects like lightboxes, dioramas, reusable grocery store bags, and more!

Sports & Team Building Games:  Engaging in exciting athletic activities that focus on teamwork, fundamentals, and sportsmanship, campers have fun in the outdoors! Activities include soccer, basketball, wiffle ball, trust building games, relay races and more!

Green Thumb Gardening: Experience the joys of gardening first hand and gain an appreciation for what is involved in growing fruits and vegetables organically. Campers explore how “at home” habits can contribute to improving the environment and organic gardening experience through the use of rain barrels/water conservation, composting and recycling. This is truly a “growth” experience!


Eco-Games: Spotted Owls create their own board game with exciting wildlife themes, and incorporate items found in nature. Best of all, campers share and play their games at camp!

Green Tech: Working with technology, Spotted Owls build and program robots that contribute a greener society.  Campers use their imagination to build model size robots that are environmentally friendly and function efficiently.

Exploring Global Warming: Campers learn about global warming, what causes it, how to prevent it, and investigate real world examples! Campers then work as a group to develop potential solutions and share their ideas in discussion format.

Creative Writing ~ Eco-Books: Working with instructors, Spotted Owls create a comic book and/or creative informational book with an emphasis on the environment.  Campers create original plots and share them!

Investigating Endangered Species in the Rainforest: Campers learn about the world of endangered species. As investigators on the subject, campers identify the causes and work to discover thought provoking solutions to prevent extinction of these species.

The Owls Nest: Campers examine these amazing nocturnal creatures – from their habitat, diet, benefits to the environment, nocturnal rituals, and more! While rarely seen but often heard, this is sure to be a “hoot!”

Magnifying Our World: Inspecting plants, leaves, flower petals, and more under a microscope, campers learn how to better identify their characteristics and gain an appreciation for their make up on a microscopic level.

Creating an Eco Friendly Law in the US: In groups, campers create new, eco friendly laws for the United States. Campers share their proposed legislation, discuss costs and benefits, and explore the potential impact of their laws on the United States…and the world!

Eco Abstract Art: Using various artistic mediums like paint brushes and actual paint, campers learn how to extract the colors of fruits, vegetables, and plants, and implement them into art!

Weekly Themes & Special Events: Exciting weekly themes and special events take place at camp.