Red Tail Foxes – Ages 6 to 8

Red Tail Foxes – Ages 6 to 8

Red Tail Foxes

Ages 6 to 8

Red Tail Foxes are grouped by age and ability within their division during certain activities. Campers may request to be grouped together. The level of each activity varies upon the age and ability of each group.




Living in Nature: Learn basic safety and survival skills such as tying knots, identifying poison ivy/oak, using a compass, observing wild life, establishing a strong buddy system, what to do if lost (STOP: Stop, Think, Observe, Plan), and more!


Natural GreenFun Art: Campers use their creative abilities to craft art projects like mosaics, 3D paintings, and sculptures using materials found in nature!  These projects allow campers to explore their artistic skills while getting closer to nature!


Natural Science & Weather: Red Tail Foxes learn about different types of weather and natural occurrences on Earth.  From forces in nature like earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes, to identifying cloud formations in the sky, campers tune into weather events that impact life on Earth.


Sports & Team Building Games:  Red Tail Foxes engage in athletic activities that focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, and having fun in the outdoors! Activities may include soccer, basketball, wiffle ball, trust building games, relay races and more!


Green Thumb Gardening: Put your green thumbs to work in a real garden! From planting to harvesting, campers enjoy getting their hands “dirty” by participating in various gardening experiences as well as learning about the practical and health benefits of organic gardening, composting, recycling and much more.




Green Tech: Working with technology, Red Tail Foxes learn about solar and wind power, sustainability, and more! Campers have the opportunity to build and program robots that model sustainable functions and bring design and concepts to life!


Green Trend Designs: Red Tail Foxes mix duct tape, sticks, yarn, flowers, and other natural resources to design stylish necklaces and bracelets! Campers can bring these trendy pieces home to keep for themselves or share with friends, siblings, or parents.


Eco-Storybooks: Working with instructors, Red Tail Foxes write and illustrate a book with an eco-friendly theme. In this activity, campers create a storybook that is entertaining and educational for future readers!


Eco-Games: Campers create their own eco-inspired board games for campers to play and enjoy.  Board games incorporate environmental themes, concepts, and goals, and may include trivia, wordplay, and adventure!


The Fox Den: Through different interactive mediums, campers learn about different types of foxes, their characteristics, habitats, food sources, and more!


Green Inspired Scavenger Hunt: Red Tail Foxes participate in environmentally based scavenger hunts to improve their knowledge of their natural surroundings. Scavenger hunts improve listening skills and allow campers to work in teams to explore the outdoors!


Investigating Endangered Species in Temperate Climates:  Campers learn about temperate climates and animals like elk, finches, wallabies, pandas, and many more.  Campers learn about the characteristics that make a climate temperate, survival traits that animals need in this climate, and how ecosystems function in these areas.


Fun in the Sun: Playing outside, Red Tail Foxes build with sand to create projects like waterway systems, sand castles, and small cities.


Weekly Themes & Special Events: Exciting weekly themes and special events take place at camp.